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11/15/2010 12:19:21 AM
Hi! New poet in town!:) I'm new to this site, I love poetry, so I thought I would throw myself in the "soup". I look forward to reading your poems and hope you will take the time to read some of mine.
11/15/2010 1:10:12 AM
THE SHELTER It rambles too much for me...About half way through my mind was wandering. A poem should have a more defined theme or story and reach out and grab the reader.
11/15/2010 1:17:13 AM
i need your honest opinion There are way too many typo errors and misspelled words to even think about the real message. Try correcting it, maybe give it an old fashion poem look instead of like a paragraph. I see great potential here and I'd love to see what you are really saying. Be sure and proofread your work before you post it.
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