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Contest Judged:  8/19/2019 11:10:00 AM
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Contest Description



Great to be back fulltime on PS everyone! I've been inactive for a long while, writing poetries elsewhere. 

What to Submit?

One poem with the themes of love, dream, or a childhood memory. The poems are to be made up of multiple Haiku poems. As to how many haiku you want to write to form your poetry, there is not a number limit but must consist of minimum 2 haikus. An example is 'I love you more than' written by me below. You may also include a writer's statement that comes with your poem, like my example below. Note that this will not effect the contest outcome. 

I love you more than
spring’s resplendent azure sky
there is a passion

I love you more than
summer’s brilliant waterfalls
I have a passion

I love you more than
autumn’s leaves of gold and red
I hold a passion

I love you more than
winter’s frosty tears of dew
you are my passion.
_______WRITER'S STATEMENT_________

My poem 'I love you more than" is based on the theme of love. I believe that love itself should be everlasting just like seasons (in a way, I meant love should be always there, repeating over years and years and years... everlasting like seasons). The usage of seasons also act as a metaphor for lover's feelings, since I believe love should also have different emotions. What I mean is that at times, a happy couple may feel sad, depressed, angered, just like the big weather changes of different seasons. But whatever they have gone through, it won't be everlasting as they will be happy together afterwards again, just like any harsh and icy winters will always end up as the bright and brilliant spring. 



First Prize, Glory
Second Prize, Glory
Third Prize, Glory
Seven Honorable Mentions 

Preparing Your Entry

Submit one copy of your poem online. Format your poem. Please make your entry easy to read — no illustrations or fancy fonts. 

English Language

Poems should be in English. Poems translated from other languages are not eligible, unless you wrote both the original poem and the translation. 

A Note to Poetry Contestants

Everyone are welcome to enter this contest. May the force be with you :D