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Itch, witch, glitch or twitch

Contest Judged:  11/1/2019 6:10:00 AM
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Contest Description


Write me a BRAND NEW rhyming poem please about an itch, a witch, a glitch or a twitch. Simple, but there a couple of very important rules :-)


THE RULES - For this contest, I am going to be ruthless with my disqualifications!


Sorry to shout, but - I WILL DISQUALIFY ANY POEMS POSTED LESS THAN 24 HOURS AFTER THIS CONTEST IS POSTED!* Why? I want you to write the poem, then sit on it for a day or two. Keep coming back to it. Tease out those forced rhymes and awkward rhythms. I get frustrated by early contest entries which are clearly rushed. Give your poem some LOVE!


PLAIN formatting please and that means left aligned, no double spacing, no bold or italics, unless used for emphasis within the poem. Do not let your formatting, of your poem or your footer, let me know who you are!


Watch your rhythm! I simply do not enjoy poems with poor rhythm, so if yours is off, you are unlikely to place. If you want to max out on homework and suck up to the judge, check out my blog about the sort of rhythm I enjoy by cutting and pasting the link below:



I am more liberal about rhyme - here’s my blog about what I enjoy in terms of rhyme:



I look forward to reading your lovingly crafted poems. But not for at least 24 hours!!



*This contest was posted just before 1200 in the UK / 0700 in New York / 1630 in Mumbai on Friday 11 October