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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
1/4/2013 Bleeding Is My Heart Romanticismangst,confusion,depressio
1/4/2013 The Love I Hold For You Romanticismboyfriend,devotion,fear,l
2/6/2011 I'm Sorry-A Poem for my kids-Jani, Billy, Josh, and Kristin Free verseangst,devotion,family,for
8/12/2010 How was I to ever know?Part 2 I do not know?angst,for childrenchildre
8/12/2010 How was i to ever know?Part 1 I do not know?angst,for childrenme,me,
4/29/2010 Personal sadness Romanticismangst,hope,love,passionpe
4/29/2010 I am her, the one Romanticismhope,love,passion
4/14/2010 Simply be Romanticismhope,love,passionlove,tog
3/8/2010 Words to finally live by Free versevisionary
1/7/2010 Crying in the night Romanticismangst,confusion,depressio
1/7/2010 Read between my lines Romanticismangst,confusion,depressio
1/7/2010 Written words Romanticismangst,confusion,depressio
1/7/2010 Tormented tortured heart Romanticismangst,confusion,depressio
1/6/2010 The one to make you smile Romanticismangst,devotion,hope,love,
1/4/2010 Breathless Romanticismangst,confusion,devotion,
11/11/2009 Where's my rainbow after my storm Romanticismangst,dedication,depressi
8/10/2009 Shards of pain Romanticismdedication,friendship,hap
7/27/2009 Living angels Light Poetrycaregiving,friendship,ins
7/27/2009 Shattered Light Poetryfaith,happiness,life,loss
7/22/2009 What about me? Romanticismangst,confusion,depressio
7/20/2009 The key Romanticismangst,confusion,depressio
7/19/2009 Walk away Romanticismangst,devotion,hope,lost
7/17/2009 Never let you fall Romanticismangst,devotion,hope,lost
7/13/2009 You're way back home Romanticismangst,confusion,devotion,
7/12/2009 One night, one day, and now Romanticismangst,confusion,depressio
7/9/2009 At long last Romanticismangst,confusion,hope,lost
7/8/2009 Memories of the future Romanticismangst,hope,lost love,love
7/7/2009 It will always be me Romanticismangst,confusion,hope,lost
7/1/2009 Innocence of love Romanticismhope,love,passionheart,he
6/23/2009 Willingly and wholly Romanticismconfusion,devotion,hope,l
6/1/2009 Search, seek, and find Romanticismangst,fantasy,hope,life,l
3/19/2009 Erase Romanticismangst,confusion,devotion,
3/17/2009 I'm back Romanticismangst,hope,lost loveme,lo
3/12/2009 Moonlights mysterious enchanting embrace Romanticismangst,confusion,lost love
2/13/2009 My turn Light Poetryangst,confusion,happiness
2/10/2009 Try Romanticismangst,hope,life,loss,lost
2/7/2009 Deserve Dramatic Verseangst,hope,loss,lost love
2/3/2009 Will always be only you Romanticismangst,hope,lost love,love
2/3/2009 The one Romanticismangst,devotion,hope,lost
2/3/2009 Touch Romanticismangst,lost lovelove,
2/2/2009 Move on Romanticismangst,hope,lost love,love
1/28/2009 One single bit Romanticismangst,devotion,hope,lost
1/27/2009 Remain the same Romanticismangst,devotion,hope,lost
1/27/2009 It's her...after all Romanticismangst,devotion,hope,lost
1/21/2009 Wild heart Free verseangst,depression,lost lov
1/21/2009 Eventually Romanticismangst,hope,lost love,love
1/20/2009 Everything real comes straight from the heart Romanticismangst,devotion,hope,lost
1/19/2009 Hoping my words will find their way Romanticismangst,devotion,hope,lost
1/17/2009 Please forgive me Romanticismangst,devotion,forgivenes
1/17/2009 Loves' painful and pleasure endeavor Romanticismangst,depression,devotion
1/13/2009 Voices Romanticismangst,hope,lost love,love
1/12/2009 Don't Romanticismangst,lost love,love,pass
1/12/2009 From a long time ago Romanticismangst,confusion,lost love
1/12/2009 Stand Romanticismangst,confusion,depressio
1/11/2009 The rise and fall Romanticismangst,hope,lost love,love
1/8/2009 What will I do without you Romanticismangst,devotion,hope,lost
1/7/2009 With my heart broken and soul tore Romanticismangst,confusion,devotion,
1/6/2009 My definition of love Romanticismangst,lost love,love,pass
1/3/2009 The beauty of you and me Romanticismangst,devotion,hope,lost
1/1/2009 Wedding vows Romanticismangst,devotion,hope,lost
12/31/2008 My dear Romanticismangst,devotion,hope,lost
12/31/2008 From my pain Romanticismangst,hope,lost love,love
12/29/2008 Being in love Romanticismlost love,love,passionlov
12/29/2008 Writing my words Romanticismangst,depression,hope,los
12/29/2008 Tears won't continuously fall Romanticismangst,hope,lost love,love
12/29/2008 Eternity Romanticismangst,depression,devotion
12/28/2008 Gyspy rose Romanticismlost love,love,nostalgia,
12/28/2008 Look deeply into my eyes Romanticismangst,hope,lost love,love
12/21/2008 Loves' open shore Romanticismangst,hope,lost love,love
12/21/2008 My everything Romanticismdevotion,lost love,love,p
12/20/2008 Turn you away Romanticismangst,devotion,hope,lost
12/19/2008 Standing here Romanticismangst,devotion,hope,lost
12/18/2008 Remembrances of you Romanticismangst,depression,devotion
12/18/2008 The key Romanticismdevotion,love,passionme,l
12/17/2008 Enchanted love Romanticismhope,lost love,love,passi
12/17/2008 Changing seasons Romanticismdevotion,lost love,love,p
12/15/2008 Season miracle Romanticismangst,hope,life,lost love
12/15/2008 No getting over me Romanticismangst,devotion,hope,lost
12/13/2008 Emmitte Acrostichope,lost love,loveme,
12/12/2008 Passion to witch the red rose grows Romanticismangst,devotion,hope,lost
12/12/2008 Goodbye Romanticismangst,confusion,hope,lost
12/9/2008 Weighted ground Romanticismangst,depression,devotion
12/9/2008 The petals and the vine Romanticismangst,hope,lost love,pass
12/8/2008 Sweet Gypsy Romanticismangst,devotion,hope,lost
12/4/2008 Long run Romanticismangst,depression,hope,los
12/4/2008 Another year Romanticismangst,hope,lost love,pass
12/4/2008 Spells Romanticismangst,hope,lost love,love
12/2/2008 What is love Romanticismangst,devotion,happiness,
12/2/2008 Inside your darkness Romanticismangst,dedication,devotion
12/1/2008 Lust Romanticismangst,depression,hope,los
11/25/2008 Blind Romanticismangst,devotion,hope,lost
11/25/2008 Wrong or right Light Poetrylovewords,dark,dark,love,
11/25/2008 Very true Romanticismangst,confusion,hope,lost
11/25/2008 Only but a dream Romanticismlove
11/24/2008 Hole in my heart Romanticismangst,confusion,devotion,
11/20/2008 Bitten by your love Romanticismangst,depression,devotion
11/19/2008 Intense Romanticismangst,devotion,hope,lost
11/18/2008 Love signs Romanticismhope,lost love,love,passi
11/13/2008 Wicked Romanticismangst,devotion,lost love,
11/13/2008 Rain Romanticismangst,dedication,depressi

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Untitled.. Free versedepression,hope,introspec
Fourteen Rhymededicationpeople,life,peo
The Romantic Past Quatraindedicationromantic,heart,

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