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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
5/15/2014 I Am the Rose That Blooms Free verselife,nature,
4/21/2014 How Can I Keep From Singing Free versejoy,spiritual,
2/11/2014 One Day in The Life Free versebird,spiritual,
1/16/2014 Out, Out Brief Candle Free versehumorous,
2/12/2013 A Philodendron Cradles its Young Free versenature,
1/29/2013 Snow Falling on Tree in Winter Free verseintrospection,nature,tree
11/27/2012 Leaves fall in the Fall Free versenature,
11/21/2012 Only In Passing Free verseart,
11/1/2012 John Donne Strikes Again Free verseintrospection,
10/31/2012 Listening for Footsteps Free versechildhood,loss,
10/29/2012 Who Am I Free verseintrospection,
10/25/2012 Word, Dearest Tetractyson writing and words,
10/22/2012 What Now Free verselife,
10/20/2012 A Sundae for Balzac Free versefood,
10/12/2012 A Singular Act of Splendor-Producing Makeup Application Free verselife,
10/12/2012 A Ripe Peach Free verseintrospection,
10/9/2012 Writing Free verseinspirational,
10/9/2012 Allow the Muse to Take You Free verseintrospection,
10/9/2012 A Many Splendored Thing Free verseintrospection,
9/28/2009 Beckleigh -for Lenny Free verseanimals,childhood,imagina
1/27/2009 I Wonder Free verseimagination
12/30/2008 La Belle et La Bête (Beauty and the Beast) Narrativeallegoryprayer,sea,life,p
12/23/2008 The Call of the Words I do not know?on writing and words
12/18/2008 The Word is Love, is Life Free verseinspirational,introspecti
12/3/2008 Flow Gently, Sweet Amazon Free verseimagination,inspirational
11/25/2008 For Wanda DeWitt Free versesocialmoon,
11/10/2008 Blessedness Speaks in the Morning Free verseinspirational,introspecti
9/30/2008 The Valley Stream Bells Are Tolling Free verseinspirational,introspecti
9/20/2008 A Thief in the Day Free verseintrospection
5/3/2008 Don't You See? Free verseinspirational,introspecti
4/20/2008 Mall-Walking Free verseimagination,inspirational
4/17/2008 Adventure Homeward Free verseimagination,inspirational
4/8/2008 Clothes Shine of It Free verseinspirational,introspecti
4/5/2008 The Heavens Say So Free verseinspirational,
4/2/2008 Piranha Free verseadventure,nature,
3/20/2008 I Saw Spring Today Free versenature,me,
3/17/2008 No, No Nonet Nonetfunny,happiness,happy,hap
3/17/2008 You See Free verseinspirational,introspecti
3/14/2008 The Importance of Wearing Gloves Blank versedeath,loss,mother,
3/13/2008 Give Yourself Away Free verseimagination,inspirational
3/12/2008 Leaves Free versedeath,introspection,life,
3/8/2008 Will You Write for Me? Free verseimagination,inspirational
3/8/2008 Will You Write for Me? Free verseimagination,inspirational
3/7/2008 Rigoletto Tells All Free verseintrospection,
3/7/2008 Starlight's Touch at Midnight Free verseinspirational,uplifting,
1/25/2008 Mount Hope Free verseinspirational,introspecti
1/9/2008 2:00 a.m. Free verseimagination,inspirational
12/27/2007 River Conch Free versefunny,
9/11/2007 Congratulations,Gratitude, and Goodbye I do not know?thank you,
8/19/2007 Stopped by Life On a Sunny Day I do not know?imagination,introspection
8/19/2007 Bernadette Soubirous I do not know?inspirational,
8/19/2007 Twilight Cinquainimagination,
8/19/2007 Lightning Cinquainlife,nature,
8/18/2007 Sunday-Night Vigil Free versefood,introspection,
8/18/2007 Acupuncture Cinquainhealth,
8/18/2007 Cafe Cinquainfood,funny,
8/18/2007 Trust the Wind I do not know?imagination,introspection
8/18/2007 Beeches I do not know?introspection,nature,
8/18/2007 Be Like a Fan I do not know?introspection,
8/18/2007 Tennyson and Mrs. Beck's Hot Chocolate I do not know?life,children,
8/18/2007 Is Cinquainintrospection,
8/18/2007 Crows Cinquainnature,
8/16/2007 Poetry Cinquainuplifting,
8/16/2007 As Day to Day Rolls By I do not know?inspirational,introspecti
8/15/2007 Flowers, Flowers, Flowers (1969) I do not know?introspection,
8/15/2007 Like a Blossoming Flower I do not know?introspection,
8/15/2007 The View From Arnold Park I do not know?introspection,snow,snow,
8/15/2007 In Stillness I do not know?introspection,
8/15/2007 A.M. Blues Minus One I do not know?funny,
8/15/2007 Repose I do not know?introspection,night,night
8/15/2007 Peaches Cinquainfood,
8/14/2007 Comets Cinquainnature,science,
8/13/2007 Cinquain Cinquainon writing and words,
8/9/2007 Seneca Nation Free versenative american,
8/9/2007 Each Encounter is It Free verseinspirational,introspecti
8/9/2007 Tell Me of the Morning Air I do not know?introspection,me,me,
8/9/2007 Mansions I do not know?introspection,
8/8/2007 Last Chance Poetry Stop Free versefunny,uplifting,poetry,
8/8/2007 Live Free verseinspirational,uplifting,
8/8/2007 In the Garden of Bodhisattvas Free verseinspirational,introspecti
8/8/2007 Fresh, Isn't It? Free verseintrospection,
8/8/2007 The Amazon Free verseintrospection,on writing
8/7/2007 There Was a Young Master of Zen Limerickfunny,
8/7/2007 There Was a Young Poet from Amherst Limerickfunny,
8/7/2007 The Music Goes Round and Round Free versedeath,funny,
8/7/2007 The Flight From Egypt Free verseintrospection,
8/7/2007 Taking it All Down Free verseintrospection,on writing
8/7/2007 When We're Called Free versedeath,inspirational,intro
8/7/2007 Not I Free verseinspirational,introspecti
8/5/2007 Freedom in Exile/Why Moses Wandered 40 Years in the Desert Free verseintrospection,
8/5/2007 The Cradle of Civilization Free verseimagination,
8/5/2007 We Must Live Free versehope,inspirational,intros
8/5/2007 Incommunicado Free verseinspirational,introspecti
8/4/2007 Die Forelle. . .with apologies I do not know?funny,storm,
8/4/2007 An Ear to the Ground Free verseon writing and words,
8/4/2007 Go and Proclaim Free verseinspirational,introspecti
8/4/2007 This is My Religion Free verseintrospection,social,
8/3/2007 Carnal Knowledge Free verseimagination,introspection
8/3/2007 Hey, Walt Free verseimagination,
8/3/2007 Man Overboard Free versefunny,imagination,introsp

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