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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
2/10/2007 face I do not know?angst,faith,sad,me,
2/10/2007 RADAR I do not know?computer-internet,thanksg
2/10/2007 Dr.DOOM virus & Amegeddon too!(a FICTIONAL PIECE) I do not know?death,life,
2/4/2007 passage 37 I do not know?death,introspection,life,
2/4/2007 Suzy,a pure BRIGHT and DELIGHT Odehappiness,hope,life,love,
2/2/2007 Are you in the mood for a little GLOBAL WARMING? I do not know?allegory,life,social,visi
1/28/2007 dancing on a SNOW FLAKE in August I do not know?imagination,inspirational
1/27/2007 POET MAN ENDS HIS REIGN I do not know?death,introspection,loss,
1/25/2007 A Vampire is kissing my neck..YECH!! Narrativedeath,imagination,parody,
1/24/2007 AN OLD MAN(0F 37 YEARS)TRYING TO FIT INTO HIS JOCK-E-SHORTS Narrativechildhood,introspection,l
1/24/2007 No One Around My Shoulder(My World has gotten colder) I do not know?introspection,me,
1/21/2007 SOUL GONE I do not know?death,introspection,loss,
1/21/2007 my MADNESS(or Stupidity) I do not know?sad,
1/21/2007 Summer Isle I do not know?life,nature,
1/14/2007 TEARS of a dying Sweetheart Child I do not know?death,family,loss,lost lo
1/14/2007 I Remember AUNT B Narrativechildhood,family,introspe
1/13/2007 Beethoven or Antoinette from Heaven I do not know?music,music,music,
1/8/2007 STAY little flower I do not know?death,life,loss,lost love
12/30/2006 A brief IN BETWEEN SEASON scene I do not know?seasons,
12/29/2006 myTIME I do not know?time,
12/28/2006 My old Brain I do not know?death,life,sad,old,old,
12/28/2006 Time calls I do not know?time,time,
12/21/2006 I SAT UPON IT Odefunny,
12/20/2006 SAGGING BALLS Epitaphangst,life,time,old,old,
12/20/2006 my POOR dog keeps a crying Odenature,pets,lost,lost,
12/19/2006 LET ME scum I do not know?angst,death,life,
12/19/2006 stinking of such a dirty feeling Epitaphdeath,loss,sad,me,sky,
12/17/2006 not so well of ME I do not know?angst,sad,me,
12/12/2006 An oldie but a goodie RAP from an 80's reject Odeparody,
12/11/2006 Angel For Eyes I do not know?introspection,life,
12/11/2006 Death GRINS I do not know?death,body,
12/11/2006 DANCE OF THE BOOGEYMEN(An unusual Halloween hors d'oeuvre) Odedeath,imagination,parody,
12/6/2006 eye of the Advancing X'er Epitaphlife,philosophy,time,
12/5/2006 POEMS within a poem Odeon writing and words,
11/27/2006 NIGHT TERRORS Odeangst,childhood,introspec
11/25/2006 WHERE THE SIDEWALK WALKS AND DISPLAYS DIRTY TALK I do not know?on writing and words,
11/25/2006 TOLEDO FLATS(A Fictional work of uneasy decay) I do not know?funny,
11/25/2006 The Cuckoo still Lives in his nest I do not know?loss,sad,
11/24/2006 Pain of the INSANE I do not know?angst,life,philosophy,tim
11/24/2006 heard I do not know?inspirational,introspecti
11/23/2006 staring in such Empty Space I do not know?introspection,life,myster
11/23/2006 i do not sing(on this Thanksgiving spring) I do not know?loss,thanksgiving,
11/22/2006 One lonely Little Lady eating her ice cream Odelife,people,places,sad,sy
11/18/2006 LonelyMAN Odepeople,lonely,me,
11/18/2006 I came upon a THANKSGIVING night Odefriendship,inspirational,
11/18/2006 PUSSY cat Odepets,me,
11/18/2006 indigo I do not know?introspection,life,love,
11/14/2006 ravings of a PIANO PLAYER(Sad Composers say too much) Light Poetryfunny,parody,philosophy,
11/13/2006 shade of gray Odelove,peace,philosophy,tim
11/12/2006 Far EYE I do not know?philosophy,me,
11/12/2006 brief I do not know?introspection,life,philos
11/12/2006 BUZZARD:an endangered pretty bird Odenature,
11/11/2006 Brush of the Winter Sweep(A Fictional Poem) I do not know?faith,
11/9/2006 poorDORK I do not know?angst,
11/7/2006 piss ant I do not know?allegory,angst,life,parod
11/7/2006 Love handles I do not know?funny,
11/7/2006 deadbeat Epitaphdeath,
11/6/2006 A LEFT ON RED(HAS MADE ME DEAD) I do not know?death,me,
11/6/2006 global WARMING I do not know?nature,
11/3/2006 MADAME GOD Narrativefaith,god,god,planet,
11/2/2006 Her Last Supper I do not know?death,devotion,faith,life
11/2/2006 ugliness ME I do not know?allegory,angst,
11/2/2006 DID I DIE? I do not know?death,life,
11/2/2006 Weary eyes Epitaphallegory,angst,
11/2/2006 Some LIFE ago I do not know?introspection,life,
10/29/2006 Goodbye Sighing Starlights Epitaphdeath,
10/28/2006 convict me Dramatic monologueangst,introspection,visio
10/28/2006 what my poems are all about I do not know?introspection,
10/26/2006 MY TURN TO BURN I do not know?death,
10/26/2006 me and the gun(a FICTIONAL poem) I do not know?death,me,
10/25/2006 Wally and I cried( for The little Kitten who suddenly died) I do not know?death,friendship,love,pet
10/25/2006 hold an old friend's hand I do not know?faith,friendship,world,ol
10/22/2006 talkin' about THE FIRE I do not know?introspection,life,philos
10/21/2006 DEAD MEAT Epitaphallegory,death,
10/21/2006 We're not out of the woods JUST YET Epitaphdeath,may,
10/20/2006 Wandering brother I do not know?life,mystery,time,lost,lo
10/20/2006 human bleed I do not know?allegory,angst,confusion,
10/19/2006 Our side of the Peninsula(from the N.Korean perspective) Dramatic monologueallegory,death,philosophy
10/18/2006 Superman and Clan(felled by LEX LUTHOR'S hand) Narrativedeath,funny,
10/18/2006 ON TO BIGGER AND DEADLIER THINGS Epitaphdeath,
10/18/2006 coming of NUCLEAR age Epitaphallegory,angst,death,
10/17/2006 How do you handle a HUNGRY BOMB? Epitaphdeath,
10/17/2006 underground BANG Epitaphdeath,
10/17/2006 call me PARANOIA Epitaphdeath,
10/17/2006 (requiem for a NUKE BOMB)A Planet is a beautiful one to waste Epitaphdeath,planet,
10/17/2006 declaration for WAR Epitaphallegory,angst,death,loss
10/16/2006 AMISS I do not know?loss,lost love,autumn,me,
10/16/2006 ..and the CRAB will face-the bulging FLAB!! I do not know?funny,
10/16/2006 hate them LOVE HANDLES Limerickfunny,
10/15/2006 there can be no SEX in my life I do not know?faith,introspection,
10/14/2006 Doctor PLUTONIUM Epitaphdeath,
10/14/2006 the devil within 2 leaders Epitaphallegory,angst,death,
10/8/2006 come DEATH with me Epitaphallegory,angst,death,paro
10/8/2006 BAMM,BAMN, upon this volatile Earth Epitaphallegory,angst,death,
10/7/2006 send over a WMD if you please(could you SUPERSIZE it?) Epitaphdeath,
10/7/2006 Armageddon over Gentile U.S.of A Limerickdeath,funny,loss,
10/7/2006 rising tensions Epitaphangst,death,
10/7/2006 the coming MUSHROOM Epitaphdeath,loss,visionary,
10/7/2006 DANG! PYONGYANG is ready for a little BANG Epitaphallegory,angst,death,

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