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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
3/25/2017 fifty mental pains of darkness Bioabuse,anti bullying,bully
3/25/2017 biforals tears Bioabuse,betrayal,birthday,b
3/21/2017 Hair In My Drain Bioabuse,anxiety,bullying,ci
3/21/2017 Planted Evidence on butter butterfly knife Bioabuse,anxiety,bullying,di
3/1/2017 Bids For Slavery Bioabuse,bullying,celebrity,
3/1/2017 Amazing, Photograph Bioabuse,bio,celebrity,chris
2/21/2017 face of my face Bioabuse,celebrity,corruptio
2/21/2017 American Bank Robbery in zoin of Roy, ut Biobullying,celebrity,corrup
2/12/2017 I wrote that, where is my award I do not know?anti bullying,celebrity,f
1/16/2017 Happy Happy Birthday Mr Martin Luther King Jr Balladbirthday,black african am
12/3/2016 Santa Ho Ho Ho's Lyricchristmas,december,fantas
9/13/2016 Kissing ME Bioabuse,age,boyfriend,crush
9/13/2016 Broken Toys Bioabuse,black african ameri
9/13/2016 helps, not on its way Bioabuse,anxiety,betrayal,bi
3/21/2013 Stroke-out in a rant I do not know?confusion,education,war,m
3/2/2013 A world of Words I do not know?christian,education,growi
3/2/2013 Chains of invisibility I do not know?pain,political,war,
2/27/2013 Fill Her Up Lyricadventure,boyfriend,busin
1/28/2013 Fin My Next Life I do not know?dark,death,lost love,roma
1/26/2013 Acts murder Limerickdeath,me,me,murder,time,
1/26/2013 Bully Me This, Bully Me That , Who's Afraid Limerickdeath,me,me,
1/9/2013 To Farm A Sea I do not know?death,
1/9/2013 To Farm A Sea Two I do not know?black african american,de
1/9/2013 the Winn that killing the Sun I do not know?black african american,su
12/2/2012 Me and Me too I do not know?devotion,friendship,girlf
11/8/2012 The Way You Torture Me Lyriclost love,romance,heart,t
10/19/2012 Got Glue to the Lungs I do not know?caregiving,death,fear,son
10/10/2012 Tricky Ricky, Sneaky Fire Alarm Guy 10,9,2012 I do not know?death,funeral,religion,wo
9/18/2012 New Ways To Kill I do not know?political,war,me,me,
9/15/2012 I Now Know Why The Call You The Devil I do not know?caregiving,faith,fear,pol
9/15/2012 Some Bully Have Cars I do not know?black african american,ca
9/15/2012 If Only I do not know?caregiving,sorry,
9/15/2012 I Can Not Winn - win I do not know?black african american,ca
7/16/2012 Emotional lies: So Must I Lie For You I do not know?lost love,
7/16/2012 Smoke Detector of Sewage I do not know?fear,
6/22/2012 Pus On My Soul I do not know?fear,me,
6/21/2012 Smith's and Alzheimer's I do not know?death,fear,health,politic
6/9/2012 Not Short Enough and Not So Sweet I do not know?devotion,political,uplift
6/7/2012 Inalienable Fundamental Rights I do not know?political,slam,war,light,
4/6/2012 Me And My Teddy Bear I do not know?childhood,political,song-
2/19/2012 SOS, I Have Anthrax I do not know?death,fear,health,life,po
2/3/2012 Kisses from a Religious Con-Man I do not know?business,fear,political,w
1/1/2012 Fire engine Scarlet red 12-31-11 I do not know?death,education,funeral,h
10/1/2011 The Conman Ate, Two Plates of Ty I do not know?political,song-lyric,
8/3/2011 How: coercive persuasion, mind abuse, thought control, or thought reform I do not know?confusion,history,me,
5/15/2011 The Constitution of a Aging Veggie Eater I do not know?food,funny,holiday,imagin
4/20/2011 Incantations of A Dancing Marionette, Dancing Nighttime directional Vapor of Death I do not know?war
4/19/2011 The Lyrical Hold, A Million Dollars Story, Danced by a Marionette Dramatic monologueangst,political,warme,me,
4/17/2011 Lyrical Cirrhosis, Chronic dancing Liver Disease I do not know?political
4/16/2011 Tremor of the Liver I do not know?political
4/6/2011 Not So Private Prays I do not know?political
4/6/2011 Civil Private Prays I do not know?hope
4/4/2011 Few Would Believe The Truth I do not know?loss,wartruth,
3/20/2011 Lubricated Descriptions Of Motorcycle Angels I do not know?brother,devotion,funeral,
12/30/2010 In Blood and Decay I do not know?death,hope,lifename,name,
12/30/2010 Its Not My Imagination, I Just Dare To Write Real Life I do not know?computer-internet,death,l
12/29/2010 I See You I do not know?love
12/29/2010 For They Are Many And Legion Is There Name I do not know?business,death,funeral,he
12/29/2010 The Boogieman wears white I do not know?black african american,bu
12/19/2010 Because Its Inspection Day 12-22-2010 I do not know?motherday,
12/18/2010 Come Empty Handed, Leave Full I do not know?black-african amerwords,g
12/6/2010 For the Price of Freedom I do not know?political,religion,warbet
12/3/2010 The Poisonous Womb I do not know?warlife,me,life,me,
12/2/2010 Dreams of A Second-class Citizen I do not know?socialdream,dream,freedom
11/29/2010 Stop Inducing Me I do not know?life
11/24/2010 Enslaved by Love I do not know?girlfriend-boyfriend,song
11/24/2010 Nourishing Bread Line I do not know?business,caregiving,dedic
11/23/2010 Determination of the Soul I do not know?depression,health,warme,m
11/21/2010 Wallpapered, Soloed Nudity I do not know?lost love,love,passion,sy
11/16/2010 My last night I do not know?black african american,de
11/15/2010 It won't be long now I do not know?black african american,de
11/11/2010 Say No! To Blinds, that could Kill up too, One Child a Month I do not know?childhood,daughter,death,
11/9/2010 Fortune Cookies For Two Please I do not know?anniversary,food,girlfrie
10/31/2010 Enhancements of a Constructed Contract killing I do not know?black african american,de
10/21/2010 The Dumb Mother Award Gos Too I do not know?childhood,devotion,health
10/20/2010 Who Are You ? I am Nobody! I do not know?death,loss,war,
10/17/2010 "Nightmares On Halloween" I do not know?fantasy,holiday,imaginati
10/13/2010 Letters of Enslavement to Mr.President Obama I do not know?health,history,loss,polit
6/20/2010 I Have Not and Will Never Receive I do not know?black african american,sa
6/18/2010 Colorless, Sweet-Smelling Mind Control I do not know?black african american,ed
6/5/2010 "I Only Write About Sins, I Am Not A Sinner " I do not know?black african american,re
6/3/2010 "Encyclopedia of an villainous Air Gun" I do not know?black african american,li
5/25/2010 kiss of death from the Hair Gun I do not know?black-african amerme,
5/25/2010 "Leprosy utah" I do not know?black african american,lo
5/24/2010 "The last Episodes of a Vintage slave" I do not know?life,loss,mystery,science
5/24/2010 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_MKULTRA I do not know?death,health,life,loss,po
2/2/2010 "Lyrical Lyrics in Valentine" I do not know?dedication,holiday,love,p
2/2/2010 "Pee-Pee Lyrics in Valentine" I do not know?funny,health,history,scie
2/2/2010 "HAPPY NEW YEAR" 1/1/10 I do not know?anniversary,holiday,hope,
11/17/2009 Tuna Creamed burger I do not know?food
11/17/2009 "No Wrap Egg Role" I do not know?caregiving,family,food,fr
11/15/2009 "Communicate by Statement" I do not know?caregiving,family,friends
11/12/2009 December 2012 (MMXII) I do not know?black-african amer
10/14/2009 "Jiffy Pear, No Egg Cake" I do not know?caregiving,computer-inter
9/21/2009 Tears on Black Water Dramatic Verseblack-african amerme,
9/14/2009 "This Poem" I do not know?anniversary,dedication,gi
8/5/2009 "A Lullaby for Daddy's Little Girl" I do not know?family,for children,song-
6/13/2009 "Some Understanding of How I was made" I do not know?life,loss,mystery,sad,urb
6/6/2009 "Anthrax, and a lover called Cipro" I do not know?history,hope,mystery,poli
5/10/2009 "Someone Been Digging ME A Grave" I do not know?death,health,history,life

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