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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
10/21/2017 An adventure Rhymepsychological,
8/5/2017 B C A Flame Rhymedeath,
7/15/2017 So many moments reflecting Refracting so many experiences Rhymedaughter,
5/17/2017 Sounds that Echo Rhymelove hurts,
5/9/2017 Healing Free versehumanity,
5/5/2017 Journeys Rhymeperspective,
4/26/2017 Nowhere Men Rhymeintrospection,
4/15/2017 The Light Rhymespiritual,
4/7/2017 A Journey Rhymeperspective,
4/2/2017 Pink Rhymewoman,
3/14/2017 A Mother Rhymemother,
3/1/2017 Essondale, the Riverview Rhymemental illness,
2/23/2017 Heavenly Influences Rhymeuniverse,
2/1/2017 AN End Rhymedaughter,
1/16/2017 Melanie where is she September 2nd, 2016 Melanie, found herself Free versedaughter,
12/31/2016 The New Year Rhymehumanity,
11/10/2016 Ones Time Upon this little blue planet Free versephilosophy,
11/2/2016 The Ghost Dance Rhymenative american,
10/28/2016 A journey Rhymelife,
10/28/2016 All that remains, for some of us Rhymelife,
10/19/2016 Possible Futures Free verselife,universe,
10/11/2016 Karma That is life Rhymelife,
10/11/2016 Discerning Eyes Rhymebeautiful,women,
9/28/2016 Journeys Rhymelife,
9/21/2016 The fallacies in the lives of disableds Rhymediscrimination,universe,
9/7/2016 Riverview Rhymenature,
9/2/2016 Melanie where is she Rhymedaughter,drug,
7/21/2016 Bridges burning Rhymedaughter,drug,
5/22/2016 China Fading Free versedestiny,
4/29/2016 Missed moments Rhymephilosophy,
4/4/2016 A Place of Creation Rhymehome,
4/3/2016 Welcome to your new Home Rhymehome,house,
4/2/2016 History's moments Rhymedeep,emotions,
3/3/2016 Valentines Rhymelost love,
1/14/2016 No other way Free verselife,
1/3/2016 Swan Song Rhymelost love,
12/29/2015 Lost Soul Troubled Spirit Melanie Melanie Melanie Rhymeaddiction,daughter,
12/24/2015 Lifes companions Rhymelost love,
12/2/2015 Fentanyl and All Grim Reapers on call Rhymedaughter,drug,
11/10/2015 Questions Rhymelife,
10/2/2015 Unfulfilled Dreams Rhymelost love,
9/29/2015 Last thoughts Rhymelost love,
8/19/2015 Exotic, Oriental, Beauty Rhymelost love,
7/23/2015 The world of Invasions Rhymepower,
7/22/2015 The strangest Creature On this little blue planet Rhymemen,planet,
7/12/2015 Upon the Winds Rhymedestiny,
6/5/2015 The faces of Duality Rhymepeople,
5/5/2015 Images of a mind Rhymefamily,
5/4/2015 Propitious is Auspicious Rhymejourney,
4/23/2015 A Moment to Cherish Rhymeheartbreak,
4/22/2015 Essondale Rhymedepression,
4/10/2015 Heart Beat Rhymenative american,
4/6/2015 A Night with Stars Rhymesocial,universe,
4/2/2015 EASTER Rhymereligion,
4/2/2015 A dream Rhymedream,
3/27/2015 An end reached Rhymecelebration,
3/25/2015 Reminiscing Rhymelost love,
3/25/2015 Last great Adventure Journeys End Rhymelove hurts,
3/24/2015 An unexplored Adventure I know what will be Rhymelove hurts,
3/23/2015 So much do I want - Fulfilment of - Desire Free verselove hurts,perspective,
3/22/2015 You - I - With you - I would Free verselove hurts,
3/21/2015 An unclaimed Gift Free verselove hurts,universe,
3/20/2015 Reverie Saturday in the arms of Mother Nature Free versedesire,
3/20/2015 The morning after Monika : Prose Poetrylove hurts,
3/20/2015 A rising on Valentines Resur e rection Rhymepassion,
3/19/2015 Thoughts Rhymelove hurts,
3/19/2015 In the final Analysis Rhymelove hurts,
3/18/2015 Reflections Free versephilosophy,
3/17/2015 Women A point of view Free versewomen,
3/17/2015 Lost Dimensions Rhymelove hurts,
3/16/2015 Acceptance Rhymelove hurts,
3/16/2015 Dragons Monsters Daemons Ghosts Free verselove hurts,
3/15/2015 Masks Free verselove hurts,
3/13/2015 A Shroud Rhymelove,
3/13/2015 A Dream Monica Reality Rhymelove hurts,
3/13/2015 A seldom desired spice Free verselove,
3/12/2015 Declining Desire Free versefriendship,universe,
3/12/2015 Tapestry Rhymefriend,
3/12/2015 The birth of pathological Liars Free verseabuse,childhood,
3/12/2015 As I see it As I have heard it Rhymefriend,
3/11/2015 Necessity the Mother of Invention Free versecar,
3/11/2015 Evenings Light Free versenature,
3/11/2015 COMING Free verseloss,
3/11/2015 A Desire For the Lost Free verseage,
3/11/2015 Days Free versenature,
3/11/2015 Age s toll Rhymemen,
3/10/2015 Numbers 3 13 What significance do they hold for me Rhymefamily,friend,
3/10/2015 Rae Free versefriend,
3/9/2015 Holographic Pieces make Depressions Hole Rhymemen,
3/9/2015 A Song Quiet Sorrow Silent Tears Rhymedaughter,
3/7/2015 Tomorrows Rhymeintrospection,
3/7/2015 Tooth and Nail Rhymeintrospection,
3/6/2015 Women of age Rhymefriend,
3/1/2015 Shirley I am Part three Rhymeme,
3/1/2015 Shirley I am Part two Rhymeme,
3/1/2015 Shirley I am Part one Rhymeme,
2/27/2015 Shirley BEEEEE You Rhymefriendship,
2/27/2015 Miss Poetry E P J Rhymecousin,
2/27/2015 The Dues I Pay Rhymelife,
2/26/2015 An old man s Dream Life Happens Rhymelife,women,

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