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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
5/23/2015 TWO MONKS AT THE TEMPLE GATE IN ANJI Free versechildren,image,imagery,re
3/30/2015 BANGING Rhymeallegory,life,love,
3/24/2015 ENTICEMENT Rhymejoy,life,love,
3/24/2015 HOPELESS Rhymelife,lost love,
3/19/2015 RAINY DAY QUEST children's poem Rhymechildhood,nursery rhyme,
3/4/2015 BLACK AND WHITE PHOTOGRAPHY for contest Rhymeart,introspection,love,pe
3/4/2015 NIGHT BEFORE DAWN musette Rhymebeauty,bereavement,death,
3/3/2015 GET ROMANTIC for contest Tankanature,romance,
3/3/2015 AURORA AND AVALANCHE for contest Senryubeauty,betrayal,life,moun
3/3/2015 THE Gift OF BEAUTY Rhymeart,beauty,life,
2/20/2015 MOUNTAIN FEVER Senryumountains,nature,
2/16/2015 WATER COOLER KISS Free versebutterfly,kiss,life,
2/7/2015 WINTER'S TOAST Rhymelife,love,sea,seasons,
1/22/2015 LOQUACITY Free versebeauty,blessing,imagery,p
1/6/2015 WINTER Acrosticloneliness,winter,
1/5/2015 WINTER'S PAIN Haikuallegory,dark,december,wi
12/14/2014 MEADOW SWEET Sapphic stanzabeauty,daughter,environme
12/7/2014 FIRST STORM OF WINTER Senryulife,winter,
11/30/2014 MORNING PRAYER Free versejewish,joy,morning,
11/25/2014 REALITY OF WAR Musette Rhymewar,
11/22/2014 Talking to the Stars Haikulove,
11/20/2014 ODE TO HISTORY Odeeducation,history,war,
11/20/2014 QUIET SOLDIERS Rhymelife,soldier,war,
11/18/2014 Tuneless Tango Rhymelife,love,sensual,
11/17/2014 HAMBURGER Acrosticallegory,food,football,
11/17/2014 ALONE Acrosticallegory,cheer up,encoura
11/17/2014 JOY Acrosticjoy,life,love,
11/16/2014 Humming Green Free verseallegory,beauty,color,mou
11/16/2014 Veritable Love Sapphic stanzaallegory,love,passion,
11/16/2014 The Perfect Storm Free versebeauty,ocean,symbolism,wa
6/10/2014 Shadows Reversed Free versefeelings,love,romantic,se
2/26/2014 COME BY THE SWORD, DIE BY THE SWORD Free versedeep,
2/26/2014 Husbands are in heaven whose wives scold not Quintain (English)absence,death,irony,miss
2/9/2014 FALLING FROM THE WALL Dodoitsufun,humor,writing,
2/9/2014 THE FOX DOWN THE LANE drinking song Light Poetrydrink,lyric,
2/9/2014 THE MONEY GAME Rhymemoney,
2/8/2014 THE DARK LINE Free verseconflict,life,
1/19/2014 Contest Canceled Haikulife,
1/12/2014 WHAT I WOULD GIVE BUT TO RELIVE Rhymelove,sexy,
1/3/2014 LETTING GO Sonnetleaving,life,
1/3/2014 ARCTIC WINTER BLUES Rhyme royalbeauty,hope,winter,
1/2/2014 PASSION UNFETTERED Free versehope,love,passion,
12/30/2013 DOGSLED IN THE SNOW STORM Haikudog,nature,winter,
12/30/2013 KISS OF CHEMO Free versebody,introspection,life,
12/30/2013 FIRST GLANCE EMBRACE Rhymebeautiful,business,fantas
12/24/2013 LONELY SEARCH OF WORDS Rhyme royalart,beauty,language,
12/24/2013 Question for the Groom Rhymemarriage,memory,
12/23/2013 AFTER THE STORM Coupletfaith,hope,
12/23/2013 STAGES OF LOVE Rhyme royalage,life,love,
12/22/2013 THE SELFISH LOVER'S SEASIDE REQUEST Free verselife,love,sea,
12/21/2013 THE SUICIDE NOTE Rhyme royaldepression,desire,life,lo
12/21/2013 Impatient Lover Sapphic stanzalife,love,passion,woman,
12/19/2013 WINTER ALONE Haikuhope,
12/17/2013 A WALL FLOWER'S LEAP sapphic stanza Sapphic stanzapassion,
12/2/2013 ALASKAN FRIENDSHIP OF WINTER Free versefriendship,nature,sea,
11/26/2013 INTERRUPTION OF SOLITUDE Haikubeauty,peace,winter,
11/19/2013 ADVICE TO A CLOUD Haikutime,wisdom,
10/21/2013 REJOICE NEW JERUSALEM Sapphic stanzaplaces,together,violence,
10/21/2013 LOVE IMPLORES THE BREEZE Free versefantasy,hope,magic,muse,m
10/13/2013 HOW DID THAT MAN GET INTO MY BED Rhymefunny,satire,science,trib
10/2/2013 KING OF KINGS Coupletfunny,
10/2/2013 BEYOND ALL GREEN Free versecolor,
10/2/2013 THE TASTE OF YOU Rhymelife,passion,
9/27/2013 GENETIC MEMORY Rhymeboat,spring,
9/27/2013 CRADLE KILLED LOVE Coupletlife,love hurts,native am
9/17/2013 SEX ON A CLOUD Free verseimagination,passion,
9/16/2013 MATHEMATICAL EQUALITY OF SEX Couplethumor,introspection,satir
9/16/2013 INEXORABLE FATE Coupleteulogy,grief,life,passion
9/16/2013 PASSION OF CONVENTION Rhymelife,passion,
9/16/2013 Lucky Kid's Dogs Rhymechildhood,dog,
9/11/2013 FORGIVENESS Haikuforgiveness,life,
9/11/2013 STORM'S LOSS Haikulife,longing,nature,
9/3/2013 JOY OF LIFE JUST NINE LINES contest Rictameterjoy,love,
9/3/2013 NIGHT for contest Sapphic stanza Sapphic stanzanight,passion,
9/3/2013 THE LONELY SEARCH METRICAL FORM for contest Rhymeart,beauty,love,words,
9/3/2013 HORSE acrostic Acrosticanimal,beauty,
8/29/2013 PLEASING THE MOONLIGHT Free verseintrospection,irony,life,
8/22/2013 THE LOVER WITH CROOKED WINGS Rhymejudgement,life,truth,
8/22/2013 ODE TO SUMMER Free versebeauty,color,nature,
8/22/2013 THE SWEET SKY Balladbeauty,image,joy,life,lov
8/22/2013 MISPLACED Rhymejourney,life,
8/14/2013 THE GLORY HUNT Sapphic stanzalove,soldier,war,
8/14/2013 FOGGY LOVE Rhymehope,life,love,
8/12/2013 SELF PORTRAIT DEDICATED TO LEON TROTSKY contest Free verseallegory,art,political,
8/2/2013 SORROW PIT Coupletlife,passion,
8/2/2013 CRUEL LESSONS Coupletlife,
8/2/2013 STEALING FROM A GODDESS Free versemythology,passion,power,
8/2/2013 A SEARCH FOR LOVE'S COMPANION for contest Terza Rimahope,life,love,
7/24/2013 DARK KISS for contest Coupletbetrayal,evil,
7/24/2013 LOVE BIRDS Rhymelife,
7/16/2013 FORGOTTEN NORTH Free verse 
7/15/2013 SAPPHO'S SISTERS Sapphic stanzaepic,life,soldier,war,
7/10/2013 CRIES UNHEARD Free verselife,war,
7/10/2013 DEATH OF LOVE Free verselife,
7/9/2013 DOWN THE TRAIL Haikuheartbroken,
7/9/2013 HUNTER acrostic Acrosticpeople,
7/9/2013 A PARANOID CHILD'S BEDTIME PRAYER Rhymechildhood,courage,
6/28/2013 WHITE NIGHT LOVERS Haikujoy,life,love,lust,memory
6/20/2013 CALLING DOWN THE AVALANCHE revised Haikuheartbroken,

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