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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
2/22/2017 Poetry is not an easy art I do not know?poetry,
10/16/2016 ''My Poem That's So Well-Writ'' I do not know?fun,funny,hilarious,humor
10/16/2016 Gloom and Deep Despair on a Bipolar Night: Ultra Expanded Version I do not know?conflict,dark,depression,
10/14/2016 Meter, Rhythm and Swing I do not know?drink,epic,magic,music,po
10/11/2016 A Beast No More Sonnetbest friend,crush,devotio
10/8/2016 ''Styx'' Sonnetdark,death,fear,metaphor,
10/1/2016 Gloom and Deep Despair on a Bipolar Night I do not know?death,mental illness,nigh
9/30/2016 A Dirge for Dear Mother Elegybereavement,conflict,deat
9/29/2016 Of Your Repute Lyricbest friend,for her,frien
9/25/2016 A Promise to a Maiden I do not know?angst,anxiety,best friend
9/24/2016 ''What Thou Art to Me'' Revisited Lyricbest friend,for her,frien
4/7/2016 At First a Bipolar Night, Then a Joyful Morn Elegaic Lyricdark,depression,hope,joy,
2/2/2016 Thoughts on a Jezebel I do not know?corruption,heart,introspe
1/31/2016 Second Coming Blank versebible,future,imagery,jesu
1/31/2016 Rude Awakenings No Longer Deferred Sonnetdeath,destiny,fear,future
1/31/2016 Drowning in Jezebel's Absinthian Beauty Sonnetcorruption,lust,metaphor,
1/24/2016 ''A poet of gracious words feeds the soul'' Italian Sonnetbetrayal,hate,poems,poets
1/24/2016 ''To Rose, the One that Sleep Eludes'' I do not know?anxiety,best friend,dark,
1/24/2016 ''What Thou Art to Me'' Lyricbest friend,for her,frien
1/21/2016 ''A cunning linguist is my Romeo'' Sonnetbody,candy,for her,love,l
1/18/2016 ''The Essence of a Best Friend'' I do not know?best friend,forgiveness,f
1/15/2016 ''I know a girl: her name is Rose'' I do not know?best friend,celebration,f
1/13/2016 Essence of a Poet Tankainspiration,poetess,poetr
1/13/2016 How Hast Thou Shaped Me Sonnetbest friend,for her,frien
12/20/2015 Me Tankadepression,fear,introspec
12/16/2015 A Fork in the Road of Life Sonnetchristian,depression,fait
10/26/2015 To Rose, a Beloved Twin Sonnetfeelings,friend,friendshi
10/24/2015 To Rose I do not know?angel,best friend,friends
10/23/2015 Into the Tempests of a Wrathful Squall I do not know?adventure,allegory,imagin
9/23/2015 The Bittersweetness of a Precarious Friendship I do not know?best friend,friend,friend
9/19/2015 To a New Friend I do not know?best friend,friendship,ro
9/19/2015 Along Came a Rose I do not know?best friend,friendship,ro
8/24/2015 ''The colors of man are colorless--'' Sonnetcolor,future,humanity,peo
8/22/2015 ''It is true art to conceal art'' I do not know?art,imagery,lyric,mystery
8/17/2015 ''When bipolar I sometimes feel like God'' Sonnetdepression,life,pain,psyc
8/17/2015 White or Black Sonnetamerica,childhood,conflic
8/16/2015 Ode to Lobster Lyrichumor,humorous,lyric,ocea
8/12/2015 Attar of Roses and Lavender I do not know?humor,love,lyric,romance,
8/10/2015 ''Art is long, life is short'' I do not know?imagery,inspiration,metap
8/4/2015 ''Why do you fester like a gash to me'' Sonnetbetrayal,heart,heartbroke
7/26/2015 ''Poetry's a Difficult Art'' revised Rhymeart,heart,love,poems,poet
2/27/2015 Queen Elizabeth I: a condensed sonnet Sonnetdaughter,england,father,f
2/27/2015 A Lesson from My Life: a condensed sonnet Sonnetchristian,faith,god,jesus
2/27/2015 Matters of Global Priority: a condensed sonnet Sonnetearth,philosophy,poverty,
2/26/2015 ''Whose corpse this is I think I know'' I do not know?dark,death,funeral,grave,
2/25/2015 ''Love, love, love, what is love'': a condensed sonnet Sonnetencouraging,faith,love,me
2/24/2015 ''Know that I worship you on bended knee'' Sonnetdesire,longing,love,lust,
2/23/2015 The gift of poetic genius Free versephilosophy,poetry,poets,t
2/20/2015 A Poet's Manifesto Free verseheart,inspiration,irony,t
2/19/2015 ''La Femme Ideal'' I do not know?beauty,fantasy,loneliness
2/13/2015 A Bipolar Cliche Sonnetdepression,
2/12/2015 Life, Breath and Hope Abide Sonnethope,irony,life,loss,love
2/9/2015 ''A genius is a lofty kind indeed'' revised Sonnetinspiration,inspirational
2/3/2015 ''For Our Remission'' I do not know?faith,grief,happiness,hop
1/28/2015 ''Who doubts the tender love of a Parent'' Sonnetchild,children,daughter,f
1/27/2015 Two Souls, One Body I do not know?desire,heartbreak,longing
1/24/2015 My Muse Coupletinspiration,lyric,muse,po
1/22/2015 ''Believe it or do not, life is a gift'' Sonnetdepression,happiness,hope
1/21/2015 Regret, or ''How the memory of her sluttish face disgusts me'' Sonnetmemory,sin,woman,
1/20/2015 ''A friend with benefits is no true friend--'' Sonnetbest friend,betrayal,desi
1/18/2015 Quantum Mechanicals I do not know?humor,humorous,rap,word p
1/17/2015 Despair at First, but Hope at Last Sonnetdepression,happiness,hope
1/14/2015 ''glacier-like, the ice falls--'' Haikubeauty,ocean,power,sea,
1/13/2015 ''In Hades flows a Stygian river'' Sonnetdepression,grief,hope,jes
1/13/2015 ''River of sorrows'' Haikudepression,grief,happines
1/13/2015 ''O sycamore seed--'' Haikuimage,imagery,nature,symb
1/10/2015 ''Coitus'' Haikudesire,for her,for him,lo
1/9/2015 ''Caught and caged between my love and my lust'' Sonnetdesire,fantasy,feelings,l
1/9/2015 Lobster Rhyme Lyricdeep,imagery,ocean,sea,
1/8/2015 ''When dark, depressing moods consume the joys'' re-revised Sonnetcheer up,depression,happi
1/1/2015 ''Does life restrain me from thoughts on your mind'' Sonnetappreciation,friend,frien
12/29/2014 ''In the bitterness of sorrow there's an afterglow'' Prose Poetrydepression,faith,loneline
12/29/2014 ''Like the tide'' re-revised I do not know?depression,emotions,encou
12/29/2014 ''Beat, Flow and Meter'' I do not know?poems,poetry,
12/29/2014 Bipolar I do not know?depression,
12/28/2014 ''Poetry's a difficult art'' Rhymeart,poetry,poets,
12/23/2014 ''If I won't sleep and skip my med's tonight--'' Sonnetpsychological,self,sick,
12/21/2014 A Life in Bemoaned Retrospect, and a Life in Happy Prospect Sonnetage,grief,life,loneliness
7/8/2014 ''The muse inspires her inmost poet'' revised Sonnetinspiration,muse,poems,po
6/27/2014 Elegy: ''Dear Mother'' Elegybereavement,death,loss,mo
4/25/2014 ''The sweltering night life--'' Free versenight,sensual,
3/31/2014 To have loved and lost Tankaheaven,lost,love,
3/8/2014 Unfaithful Muse Sonnetbereavement,inspiration,l
3/7/2014 ''Why must we suffer hardships and disease'' Sonnetdepression,faith,god,hope
3/5/2014 The One Free versehorror,love,metaphor,
3/5/2014 ''Muse'' Coupletmuse,mythology,poetry,
2/28/2014 ''Being bipolar is like a rose'' Tankadepression,hope,metaphor,
2/28/2014 A Portrait of the One I Once Loved Tankabetrayal,drug,friend,love
2/25/2014 ''Betrayal'': a True Story Senryubetrayal,friend,friendshi
2/23/2014 ''pot'' pies Senryuaddiction,
2/23/2014 ''Crack Mom'' Senryuaddiction,baby,mom,mother
2/22/2014 ''Majesty is He'' Senryujesus,
2/20/2014 ''Garden of Eden'' Haikubible,creation,garden,god
2/20/2014 ''Incorruptible'' Haikudeath,nature,
2/20/2014 Sexual Attraction Haikumoon,nature,sexy,
2/20/2014 The Son Haikunature,sun,
2/20/2014 Dinner Haikuanimal,
2/20/2014 The Monsoons Haikunature,rain,
2/20/2014 '--the sweat of lovers' Haikubody,love,lust,red,rose,s
2/19/2014 'Little Sparrow' Personificationbird,child,childhood,grie

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-Inspired by magestic impowering words Free verseepic,
Love of a Rose Romanticismdevotion,girlfriend-boyfr
An Ode to the Angel of Death Romanticismdeathme,
Staccato Heart Free verseconfusion,loss,
Rainbow Verseinspirational,

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