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Ancient History

Blog Posted:9/1/2012 8:54:00 AM
In preparation for the start of a new year, teachers would send around their best test answers from the previous year. With the internet, we get to share a whole lot more of them now. This is a sneak peak at what our youth learn in school. That is learn, not what they are taught.

1. Ancient Egypt was inhabited by mummies and they all wrote in hydraulics.They lived in the Sarah Dessert and traveled by Camelot. The climate of the Sarah is such that the inhabitants have to live elsewhere.

2. The Bible is full of interesting caricatures. In the first book of the Bible,Guinessis, Adam and Eve were created from an apple tree. One of their children,Cain, asked, “Am I my brother’s son?”

3. Moses led the Hebrew slaves to the Red Sea, where they made unleavened bread which is bread made without any ingredients. Moses went up on Mount Cyanide to get the ten commandments. He died before he ever reached Canada.

4. Solomom had three hundred wives and seven hundred porcupines.

5. The Greeks were a highly sculptured people, and without them we wouldn’t have history. The Greeks also had myths. A myth is a female moth.

6. Actually, Homer was not written by Homer but by another man of that name.

7. Socrates was a famous Greek teacher who went around giving people advice. They killed him. Socrates died from an overdose of wedlock. After his death, his career suffered a dramatic decline.

8. In the Olympic games, Greeks ran races, jumped, hurled the biscuits, and threw the java.

9. Eventually, the Romans conquered the Greeks. History calls people Romans because they never stayed in one place for very long.

10. Julius Caesar extinguished himself on the battlefields of Gaul. The Ides of March murdered him because they thought he was going to be made king. Dying, he gasped out: “Tee hee, Brutus.”

11. Nero was a cruel tyranny who would torture his subjects by playing the fiddle to them.
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Date: 9/2/2012 4:46:00 AM
rib-tickling, joann!... enjoyed your puzzles of hemlock, concubines,javelin, hieroglyphics, etc..more!.:) huggs
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Date: 9/1/2012 3:11:00 PM
Loved all of them! LOL
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Date: 9/1/2012 3:02:00 PM
LOL I better watch out for #7!!! Light & Love
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Date: 9/1/2012 2:00:00 PM
LOL, love it : )
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Date: 9/1/2012 1:20:00 PM
i like it...pd
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Date: 9/1/2012 11:54:00 AM
hahaha. Good ones, and very believable that they would think this way. Have you ever seen Jay Leno's jaywalking segment? People not even realizing Mexico lies on the border with CA!!
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Date: 9/1/2012 10:28:00 AM
yes sadly this is probably what some of them really think, it was cute thanks for sharing
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Date: 9/1/2012 9:25:00 AM
I have read these before, but they always make me laugh. Thanks for sharing, Joann.
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Date: 9/1/2012 9:23:00 AM
Thanks Joanne.. I really love these. especially #8. Those Greeks really knew how to have a good time. Love Joyce
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Date: 9/1/2012 9:08:00 AM
Love these, this is what we need a good bit of fun, well done more is required, life is hard sometimes and a smile repairs and builds more bridges than anything else, just going to read these to hubby you will hear the laugh xx
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