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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
11/26/2014 Fathers being robbed Lyricfathers day,inspirational
11/19/2014 Wedlock Lyrici love you,wedding,wife,
11/12/2014 A heart transplant I do not know?first love,heart,i love y
11/12/2014 The language of each lick I do not know?sensual,
11/11/2014 The people remember I do not know?remember,
1/15/2014 Life without you Lyriclost love,
12/12/2012 Teacher's love Lyricteacher,teacher,education
12/12/2012 Medicine for pain Lyriclove,
12/12/2012 Medicine for pain Lyriclove,
12/12/2012 Stop hating my blackness Lyricinspirational,me,hate,hat
12/12/2012 Spirit of my joys Rhymelove,
12/12/2012 Soul comforter Rhymeinspirational,heart,heart
5/9/2012 A real woman Lyricpassion,romance,woman,
5/9/2012 A real man Lyricpassion,romance,
5/2/2012 Feeling for you Lyriclove,love,
5/2/2012 Walking by faith Lyricfaith,me,
5/2/2012 Mold me, make me Lyricinspirational,religion,me
4/25/2012 Sounds of your love Lyricpassion,write,sound,love,
4/25/2012 Breakfast in bed Lyricpassion,
4/25/2012 Finger full sweetness Lyricpassion,
4/25/2012 Teasing before pleasing Lyricpassion,sensual,
4/25/2012 G-Spot Lyricpassion,
4/24/2012 Blessed with a booty Lyricromance,me,me,
4/24/2012 French kiss to knickers Lyricromance,
4/24/2012 Let it flow Lyricromance,write,write,sensu
4/24/2012 My initial kiss Lyriclove,
4/24/2012 My platinum jewel Lyriclove,
4/9/2012 Romancing in a man's mind Lyriclove,
4/4/2012 Depth in her eyes Lyriclove,
4/4/2012 The Imperfect love Lyriclove,heart,faith,heart,lo
3/14/2012 Satisfaction of my eyes Lyriclove,lost,lost,
3/14/2012 Treasures of my heart Lyriclove,me,
3/12/2012 Inspired feelings Lyricinspirational,love,heart,
3/12/2012 Let me study you Lyriclove,education,me,
3/5/2012 When you need me Lyricfriendship,
3/5/2012 Our friendship Lyricfriendship,
3/5/2012 You are always on my mind Lyriclove,lost,lost,
3/3/2012 I'll aim to Lyriclove,me,drug,
3/3/2012 This woman's work Lyricmother,strength,
3/3/2012 Breathtaking love Lyriclove,me,love,me,
3/3/2012 Erotic loving Lyriclove,longing,
3/3/2012 Your sex and my mind Lyriclove,
2/26/2012 Teach me to love you Lyriclove,me,love,me,
2/26/2012 Pleasure you Lyriclove,
2/24/2012 Poetry I'm loving you Lyriclove,me,name,love,me,name
2/22/2012 Refreshing appetite Lyriclove,me,body,me,
2/22/2012 Love lifted me Lyriclove,love,drug,
2/21/2012 Loving rain Lyriclove,me,rain,love,me,rain
2/21/2012 My vow my dream Lyriclove,love,
2/21/2012 Pleasure after dark Lyricromance,me,
2/14/2012 Happy Valentine Lyriclove,love,
2/12/2012 A Whitney Houston tribute Lyricinspirational,love,
2/9/2012 In you eyes Lyriclove,
2/9/2012 Open my heart Lyriclove,heart,heart,love,me,
2/9/2012 Beautiful one Lyriclove,me,me,
2/9/2012 Love unknown Lyriclove,love,
2/6/2012 Open my heart Lyriclove,heart,heart,love,me,
2/5/2012 When she smiles Lyriclove,smile,
2/5/2012 As you sleep Lyriclove,
2/5/2012 Wondering mind Lyricpassion,me,me,sensual,
2/5/2012 Seduction Lyriclove,passion,
1/26/2012 How I think of you Lyriclove
1/26/2012 If tomorrow never come Lyricinspirational
1/26/2012 Truly a beauty Lyricloveme,beauty,beauty,me,
1/26/2012 I'll see you later Lyricdeath
1/26/2012 Favourite Lady Lyriclove
1/26/2012 Mother and Queen Lyricloveme,me,
1/25/2012 Chocolate love Lyriclove,chocolate,
1/25/2012 Before you came along Lyriclove
1/25/2012 Mother you are Lyricloveme,
1/25/2012 Make you feel my love Lyriclove
1/22/2012 Do you understand my passions for you Lyricpassionlove,
1/22/2012 Hope for you Lyriclovehope,me,
1/22/2012 The thoughts of your flesh Lyricpassion
1/22/2012 Beautiful love Lyriclovebeautiful,beautiful,m
1/19/2012 Before you came alog I do not know?love,
1/17/2012 Romantic Dining Romanticismlove,
1/17/2012 5 Senses that awaits you I do not know?introspection,love,me,bea
1/17/2012 One last night I do not know?fantasy,
1/17/2012 My flower's you Romanticismlove,
1/17/2012 Sweet lady Lyriclove,
1/17/2012 Your love makes me weak Romanticismlove,me,
1/17/2012 The moment we touched Romanticismlove,
1/9/2012 Craving a kiss I do not know?fantasy,
11/28/2011 Orchid beauty Romanticismlove,beauty,light,beauty,
11/23/2011 Your fruity pleasures Romanticismromance,me,
11/23/2011 Sexy sleep Romanticismpassion,me,me,
11/23/2011 Embrace your lust Romanticismpassion,me,lust,me,
11/23/2011 Sexy Sweat I do not know?passion,
11/23/2011 Wild Night Romanticismpassion,
11/23/2011 My inspiration's you Light Poetryinspirational,inspiration

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