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the unroyal family
Date Posted: 2/10/2013 4:26:00 PM
Date Posted: 4/2/2012 11:53:00 AM
Amazing news !!!
Date Posted: 2/1/2012 3:00:00 PM
Just wanted to say...........
Date Posted: 12/21/2011 6:53:00 AM
writer's block
Date Posted: 11/24/2011 8:29:00 PM

My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
6/21/2014 Affliction of Assyria Rhymereligion,
1/13/2014 War and Peace Rhymelove,
4/15/2013 Have You Ever Rhymelife,lost,lost,
4/1/2013 Fool's Gold Rhymelove,love,time,
3/6/2013 Being In Love Rhymelove,autumn,love,
1/28/2013 Delusion Rhymemoon,moon,
1/2/2013 Darkness Rhymelove,
12/4/2012 Upside Down Rhymefunny,song,song,
11/16/2012 Cry of the City Rhymelife,prayer,time,drug,uni
11/8/2012 Night Comes Rhymetime,
10/21/2012 You Rhymelove,
10/11/2012 Interlude Rhymelost love,
9/26/2012 Shadows Rhymeangst,
9/13/2012 Benediction Rhymefaith,love,time,
8/27/2012 Regret Free verseloss,me,me,
8/21/2012 Still Waiting Rhymelove,me,me,
8/12/2012 Yesterdays Free verseangst,
7/20/2012 Another Face Rhymelost love,
7/14/2012 Love Filled Dreams Rhymelove,love,sensual,
7/3/2012 A Moment Rhymefaith,
6/20/2012 The River Rhymelife,boat,journey,river,
6/10/2012 Love Passing By Rhymelove,love,pride,
6/5/2012 His Eyes Free verselove,
5/29/2012 Autumn Memories Rhymeseasons,me,
5/15/2012 Life Rhymelife,
5/9/2012 Spring Reverie Rhymeseasons,spring,spring,
5/3/2012 How Great the Cost Rhymelife,lost,lost,
4/26/2012 Winds of Autumn Rhymelife,lost,autumn,lost,pow
4/18/2012 Cecilia Rhymelove,love,
4/6/2012 I Will Forget You Rhymelost love,lost,lost,love,
3/22/2012 Come to Me Rhymelost love,me,lost,lost,lo
3/17/2012 The Battle Rhymelove,woman,love,time,
3/3/2012 Complaint Rhymelife,earth,sad,
2/17/2012 A Place Rhymelife,dark,dark,daffodils,
2/11/2012 Night Meets Day Rhymeangst,time,light,light,ti
2/6/2012 Emptiness of Living Rhymelife,men,
2/1/2012 Great News about my book Epicadventure,name,name,
1/25/2012 Need for Love Rhymenostalgia,light,light,lov
1/20/2012 Moonlight Magic Rhymeseasons,light,light,silve
1/13/2012 Tears to Weep Rhymehope,
1/6/2012 Ancestry Rhymelife,
1/2/2012 Trust Rhymehappiness,me,
12/27/2011 A New Year Rhymeholiday,peace,peace,
12/25/2011 Autumn Reverie Rhymenostalgia,autumn,flying,
12/16/2011 Samson and Delilah Rhymepassion,strength,
12/15/2011 Splendor Rhymelost love,love,
12/13/2011 Evening Dew Rhymenature,
12/10/2011 Lost Memories Rhymelost love,sweet,lost,autu
12/7/2011 Magic Rhymelove,heart,song,green,hea
12/5/2011 Can We Know Rhymelove,
12/2/2011 Neurosis Rhymeconfusion,
11/30/2011 Dance of the Seasons Rhymelost love,me,me,
11/28/2011 Song of Songs Rhymereligion,me,sweet,love,me
11/27/2011 Woman of Sorrow Rhymesad,words,sea,sea,
11/25/2011 Hands of Time - Sonnet Rhymelove,time,
11/23/2011 The Dance Rhymeimagination,music,lonely,
11/22/2011 Snowdrops Rhymenature,winter,winter,
11/21/2011 Hope Rhymelife,heart,heart,
11/17/2011 Done Deed Rhymedeath,
11/14/2011 The Dream Rhymelove,ocean,
11/12/2011 A Path Rhymelife,
11/10/2011 Conscience Rhymelife,heart,heart,
11/9/2011 Change Rhymelife,change,life,love,
11/7/2011 Eternity of Tears Rhymelost love,me,
11/6/2011 Over the Edge Rhymeloss,men,
11/4/2011 Only Make Believe Rhymelost love,me,sweet,me,swe
10/31/2011 Waiting For You Rhymelove,
10/30/2011 Indian Summer Rhymeseasons,autumn,autumn,lov
10/28/2011 Haiku Haikuimagination,
10/28/2011 Who Are the Men Rhymewar,
10/26/2011 When I Meet You Rhymelove,
10/25/2011 Separate Ways Rhymeloss,love,
10/24/2011 Memories Rhymenostalgia,
10/22/2011 That Place Rhymeloss,heart,heart,love,i l
10/16/2011 Bless My Beer Rhymefunny,
10/15/2011 Ocean's Lullaby Rhymesea,
10/14/2011 Destiny Rhymeloss,me,time,me,time,
10/12/2011 Aspiration Rhymelife,world,me,sad,
10/10/2011 The Renegade Rhymeadventure,horse,
10/9/2011 October Rhymeseasons,lost,lost,
10/8/2011 In Between Rhymetime,
10/5/2011 His Nose Rhymefunny,dark,dark,time,
10/4/2011 You Live In Me Rhymelove,memory,memory,
10/2/2011 A New Day Rhymelife,day,
10/1/2011 When He Came Rhymelove,me,me,
9/30/2011 Clouds Passing Rhymelost love,
9/30/2011 Lover's Knot Rhymelove,fear,love,me,
9/29/2011 I'll Need Time Rhymelost love,heart,heart,me,
9/28/2011 Time to Go Rhymeloss,time,love,sad,time,
9/28/2011 Trust Rhymelife,me,love,me,trust,
9/27/2011 Under September skies Rhymeromance,moon,september,ti
9/26/2011 Reason To Be Rhymelife,
9/23/2011 Lives to Live Rhymelife,sweet,autumn,love,so
9/23/2011 Introspection Rhymelove,words,love,
9/22/2011 Phantoms Rhymeimagination,me,sad,
9/21/2011 Love's Tribulation Rhymelove,longing,love,
9/19/2011 Love Me More Rhymelove,me,hope,love,me,
9/19/2011 Side By Side Rhymefunny,
9/19/2011 The Feast Sonnetlove,drink,
9/18/2011 Interlude Rhymelove,silver,

My Photos

Fav Poems

Love Never Lost Rhymelife,lovetime,time,
Dead End Versesad
State of undress Free versepassion,romance,
Hillbilly Frankenstein Rhymefunnyme,
visions in REM Rhymelovedream,time,body,dream
The Passing Of A Day Rhymenature
THE ITCH Rhymefunny
The Salsa Dancer Rhymefantasy
If We Are All Just Dreaming and Life Has No Meaning Rhymeintrospection,life,life,
The Fairy of Motherhood Rhymecaregiving,love,mother,fa
Every Twist and Turn Lyriclife,sad,sweet,love,sad,s
Sonnet 26 Sonnetfriendship,
The Knight's Tale of the Night's Tail Light Poetryfunny,happy,night,happy,n
A Letter to Elizabeth Free versefriendship,words,me,
The Ides of March Light Poetryfunny,
Standstill Rhymebrother,death,friendship,
Dullahan Rides Balladadventure,death,imaginati
What Am I Personificationme,nature,
Eulogy for a Poet Light Poetryon writing and words,word
Singing in the Shower Light Poetryfunny,sweet,home,sound,vo
The Birds and the Bees PG13 Light Poetryfunny,dad,dad,me,
Beer Keg Legs Limerickgirlfriend-boyfriend,
To Her, With Love Dizaindedication,friendship,hap
Grand Canyon is Waiting Free verseimagination,love,
Excrushitting Haikufood,funny,nature,
sunrise: multi coloured bands Haikunature,
My good name Rhymevisionary,me,name,betraya
She O'the Morrow Rhymeadventure,mystery,words,r
wizard Balladadventure,me,
THE AUTHORITY Quatrainangst,confusion,life,on w
Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain Rhymepolitical,people,people,
Clip Joints Rhymeloss,people,social,house,
Tribute to a Polished Stone Rhymelife,love,
Measures Verseon writing and words,me,o
Gold-Trochee Rhymefunny,sports,me,race,
Elizabeth's Words Sonnetdedication,poetess,
SUCCUBUS Quatraininspirational,self,joy,se
Who let the Dogs Out Limerickgrowing up,religion,god,e
Between You and Me Rhymeintrospection,
The Magic of September Wind Rhymeinspirational,magic,natur
Back Home Blues Rhymeintrospection,lost love,m
Scars Left Behind Rhymenostalgia,school,life,sch
Ewmer Fudd the Easter Gwinch and Dis WEALLY Buggs Me - Narrativefunny,holiday,me,
It Rhymeadventure,
The ABCs of Being Human Coupletintrospection,
The Meaning Of Life Bioinspirational,life,philos

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