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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
12/1/2013 IN SEARCH OF THE LIGHT Rhymedepression,emotions,mirac
9/17/2013 I'm yours Rhymegirlfriend,love,romance,r
9/17/2013 A scoop of flavored aroma Rhymeemotions,girlfriend,love,
1/15/2013 Sometimes I ask Rhymechild,hope,people,
1/7/2013 Onions, Salt, and limes Rhymelife,
1/5/2013 Father, Please Rhymefather,god,spiritual,day,
1/4/2013 Real Life Fairytale Rhymelove,happy,fairy,happy,me
1/4/2013 Mercy Rhymedepression,fear,hope,
1/4/2013 A Life Full of Maybe Rhymedepression,faith,hope,day
12/14/2012 AS A FLOWER SHE STOOD Rhymefaith,flower,love,nature,
12/14/2012 Old Man Winter Rhymeseasons,
4/28/2012 Poker Game Rhymelost love,
7/28/2011 PURSUE OF HAPPINESS Rhymephilosophy,day,
7/28/2011 OUT IN THE COLD Rhymelost love,love,i love you
7/27/2011 ROAD OF MIRRORS Rhymelife,hate,
7/27/2011 I CHOSE TO FIGHT Rhymeuplifting,me,me,
7/27/2011 I CHOSE TO FIGHT Rhymeuplifting,me,me,
7/27/2011 I CHOSE TO FIGHT Rhymeuplifting,me,me,
7/24/2011 AUTUMNS COMING I do not know?naturebeauty,beauty,life,
7/19/2011 I'D RATHER I do not know?lost lovelove,
7/18/2011 ALL THIS TIME I do not know?lost lovetime,time,
7/17/2011 WHEN LOVE ENDS I do not know?lost loveworld,heart,voic
7/14/2011 THE LEAST I CAN DO I do not know?faithme,love,me,
7/14/2011 WHAT'S BETTER I do not know?faithlife,life,
7/14/2011 YOUR PRESENCE I do not know?faithme,me,
7/14/2011 I NOW SEE I do not know?religionme,light,light,me
7/14/2011 WIHING UPON A DARK STAR I do not know?depressionday,me,
7/13/2011 YOU WERE THE BEST I do not know?lost lovepain,truth,
7/13/2011 YOU SAY I SAY I do not know?love
7/7/2011 SERENE STORM I do not know?nature
7/6/2011 POWER IN WORDS I do not know?philosophy
7/6/2011 POWER OF THOUGHT I do not know?philosophyfreedom,
7/5/2011 THE PILLAR I do not know?philosophyfreedom,
7/3/2011 THE PUPPET I do not know?lost love
7/3/2011 NEW GRASS I do not know?sad
7/3/2011 THE MOUNTAIN I do not know?nature
7/3/2011 HIDDEN ANGER I do not know?sad
7/3/2011 TIRED I do not know?socialworld,
7/3/2011 THIEF I do not know?timetime,body,time,
6/28/2011 MORE THAN A MOTHER'S Rhymereligionbetrayal,life,
6/27/2011 POWERFUL BEAUTY Rhymepeopleheart,beauty,beauty
6/27/2011 DIFFERENT FISHES I do not know?peoplefish,
6/27/2011 TWO TORN LIVES Rhymeinspirational
6/26/2011 MYSTICAL SPRING I do not know?naturebeautiful,spring,be
6/26/2011 FAITH I do not know?faith
6/26/2011 My favorite addiction I do not know?loveaddiction,
6/26/2011 DROWNING IN POISON I do not know?faithlife,ocean,
6/26/2011 TAINTED WITH DARKNESS I do not know?lifehate,
6/26/2011 BIG AND SMALL COURAGE Rhymephilosophycourage,
6/26/2011 THE BEAUTY OF WATER I do not know?naturelife,beautiful,beau
6/25/2011 THE SILENT MOON Rhymelove
6/24/2011 PRETENTIOUS AND DESTRUCTIVE Rhymepeoplenature,nature,unive
6/24/2011 IF JOY DOES RETURN Rhymesad
6/24/2011 LOVE AND I Rhymelovelove,
6/21/2011 Tape and Glue Rhymedepressionme,together,
6/20/2011 IF ONLY I Rhymelost loveme,
6/20/2011 AN INIGMA: END AND BEGINNING Rhymephilosophy
6/20/2011 LIFE'S AROMA Rhymelifeold,life,old,
6/20/2011 LIKE SNOWFLAKES Rhymepeople
6/20/2011 EVERLASTING DEVOTION Rhymelove
6/20/2011 WE ARE RIVERS Rhymelifeocean,
6/18/2011 REALITY CHECK Rhymelove
6/18/2011 SHE WALKED Rhymelost loveme,me,
6/17/2011 THE BEST UNKNOWN ACTOR Rhymedepressionme,me,
6/15/2011 THE PATHS Rhymelife
6/15/2011 REAL LIFE MONTER Rhymelost loveheart,heart,love
6/14/2011 THE TREE AND THE MAN Rhymenaturetree,tree,
6/14/2011 CORNERED Rhymelife
6/13/2011 FLY ON Rhymeinspirationalsky,
6/11/2011 UNDER THE KNIGHT SKY I do not know?nature
6/8/2011 MY ROSE I do not know?wifebeautiful,beauty,rose
6/8/2011 IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STORM I do not know?loveworld,love,storm,
6/6/2011 Trust not the night I do not know?naturenight,light,light,n
6/6/2011 THE EMPTY GLASS I do not know?sad
6/3/2011 LIVE HER I do not know?life
6/3/2011 WINTER I do not know?seasonsnature,heart,heart
6/2/2011 THE BURDEN OF TEARS Rhymedepression
5/30/2011 BARE BODIES IN THE NIGHT Rhymeloveme,love,me,
5/30/2011 DISTINCTIVE WORLDS Rhymewar
5/30/2011 ERASING YOU WITH HER Rhymelost loveheart,heart,
5/30/2011 PIECES OF MYSELF Rhymeteen
5/30/2011 STUPID BY NATURE Rhymepeople
5/30/2011 A LOOK INTO MY SOUL Rhymeintrospection
5/29/2011 THE WALL Rhymelost loveheart,heart,
5/29/2011 THE FIRST Rhymelovelove,me,
5/29/2011 FLY WITHOUT ME Rhymeloveme,
5/28/2011 How to love again I do not know?lost loveheart,heart,love
5/28/2011 Frozen Doubt Rhymesad
5/27/2011 THE PLEASURE OF CUTTING I do not know?sad
5/27/2011 LOVE LUST I do not know?lovelove,time,
5/27/2011 THE WORST OF ME I do not know?sadme,
5/25/2011 FROM RABBIT TO HOUND I do not know?life
5/8/2011 LOVE AND THE HEART I do not know?love
5/8/2011 LOVE AND THE HEART I do not know?love
5/8/2011 LOVE AND THE HEART I do not know?love
5/8/2011 THE FAR END I do not know?philosophyworld,
5/2/2011 THE COWBOY'S WAY I do not know?life
5/2/2011 DREADED LOVE SONG I do not know?lost lovesong,love,song,
5/1/2011 LOVE STORY I do not know?lost lovebeautiful,memory
5/1/2011 PICTURE OF HEARTBREAK I do not know?lost love

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