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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
3/19/2016 Being Bullied: My 5th Grade Nightmare Bioanniversary,bullying,cry,
3/19/2016 Ignorance Is Way Too Bliss Epicsociety,
3/10/2016 Rush Hour Traffic Epicwriting,
2/23/2014 Downtown Dallas Epiccity
7/20/2013 Religion Over Healthcare Dramatic monologuehealth
2/26/2013 In The City Epicadventure,on writing and
2/26/2013 Urban Legends 101 Epicscience,science fiction,p
2/21/2013 Beautiful Redhead aka: Irish Princess Sonnetepic,girlfriend,love,work
5/20/2012 The Seven Deadly Sins Epicepic,on work and working,
5/18/2012 Soft Music 101 Epicmusic,music,music,
5/8/2012 My Love for a Hispanic Girl---Spanish version Sonnetgirlfriend-boyfriend,love
5/8/2012 Hispanic Girl's Love Poem---Spanish version Sonnetgirlfriend-boyfriend,happ
4/19/2012 Chicken and Waffles Epicepic,food,on work and wor
3/10/2012 Controlling Men: Physically, Mentally, and Verbally Abusive Men Prose Poetrydepression,epic,girlfrien
3/4/2012 Full Moon 101 Epigramepic,mystery,on writing a
3/4/2012 The Metropolitan Area Epicadventure,epic,on writing
3/2/2012 Teen Pregnancy 5: Out-Of-Control Teen Mothers Dramatic monologuefamily,father,for childre
2/26/2012 Keys to the Suburbs Epicadventure,car,
2/21/2012 The Silver Anniversary Epicanniversary,anniversary,a
12/20/2011 I Have No Girlfriend Epicdepression,girlfriend-boy
11/26/2011 Maurice Glenn Turner and Randy Thompson: Fallen Heroes Biodeath,dedication,epic,fam
11/26/2011 Statutory Rape 101 Epicdaughter,epic,father,moth
11/25/2011 Teen Pregnancy 4: The Cradle Robbers Epicfamily,father,mother,on w
10/29/2011 Jessica McCord: Selfish Assassin Biodaughter,death,father,fun
10/28/2011 Teen Pregnancy 3: The Reasons Why I'm Against Teen Pregnancy Epicepic,on work and working,
10/2/2011 Don't Let It Go To Your Head by Fefe Dobson and Jordin Sparks Epicmusic,song,music,music,ne
9/29/2011 I Have Autism 3: Still Human Epicdedication,epic,inspirati
9/27/2011 I Am Victorious Epicdedication,epic,inspirati
9/9/2011 Loving A Bleach Blonde White Girl Romanticismepic,girlfriend-boyfriend
9/9/2011 Love Songs of the 1970s Epicgirlfriend-boyfriend,love
8/24/2011 Epiphany Epicepic,forgiveness,hope,ins
8/23/2011 Ex-Best Friends Dramatic monologueforgiveness,friendship,gi
8/20/2011 Enough Is Enough Dramatic monologuedepression,epic,on writin
8/20/2011 Steroid Use Epicepic,health,on writing an
8/16/2011 Heartache After Heartache Dramatic monologuedepression,epic,on writin
8/14/2011 Canadian Rock Music Epicepic,music,on writing and
8/13/2011 Judgment Day Epigramepic,faith,happiness,on w
8/11/2011 The Urban Outlaw Cowboyadventure,cowboy-western,
8/8/2011 New Orleans, Louisiana: aka The Big Easy Odeadventure,epic,on writing
8/7/2011 Sarah Marie Johnson Nameanniversary,death,epic,fa
8/7/2011 The Death of Saddam Hussein Biodeath,epic,history,on wri
8/2/2011 The Deep South Epicepic,nature,on writing an
7/31/2011 Friendship 101 Epicfriendship,history,inspir
7/31/2011 Fate Epicdeath,epic,faith,life,on
7/31/2011 Reality 101 Epicdepression,fantasy,imagin
7/31/2011 Relationships Romanticismgirlfriend-boyfriend,husb
7/29/2011 Bad Romance by Lady Gaga Epicepic,music,music,music,
7/29/2011 Being Treated Like Trash Dramatic monologuedepression,on writing and
7/28/2011 Cinco De Mayo Epicepic,holiday,on work and
7/28/2011 The Death of Laci Rocha-Peterson Dramatic monologueanniversary,death,funeral
7/27/2011 Suburban Living Epicepic,on writing and words
7/27/2011 Asian Princess Epicepic,girlfriend-boyfriend
7/26/2011 Ex-Boyfriends and Ex-Girlfriends Dramatic monologuedepression,girlfriend-boy
7/24/2011 The Maury Povich Show Nameepic,on writing and words
7/24/2011 The Real Aftermath Dramatic monologueconfusion,death,epic,fune
7/24/2011 Insecurity Dramatic monologuesadmen,women,men,women,
7/24/2011 Marriages Epichusband,love,romance,wedd
7/24/2011 Southern Belles Epicgirlfriend-boyfriend,love
7/22/2011 Southern Cooking Epicepic,food,on writing and
7/22/2011 Southern Hospitality Epicepicpeople,people,
7/21/2011 I Have Autism 2 Epicepic,inspirational,on wri
7/21/2011 Sexual Identity Epicepic,on writing and words
7/21/2011 Hollywood, California: aka Tinsel Town Epicon writing and wordspeopl
7/20/2011 Luxurious Lifestyle Epicepic,on writing and words
7/19/2011 Different Point of Views Epicepic,inspirational,intros
7/19/2011 Standing Up For Immigration Rights Epicepic,inspirational,on wri
7/19/2011 YouTube Epiccomputer-internetworld,ho
7/19/2011 Twitter Epiccomputer-internetsocial,
7/19/2011 Valentine's Day 101 Epicgirlfriend-boyfriend,holi
7/19/2011 Teenage Love 20: The Series Finale Epicepic,girlfriend-boyfriend
7/19/2011 Teenage Love 19: 2010-present Prose Poetryepic,girlfriend-boyfriend
7/19/2011 Teenage Love 18: Young Love Around The World Epicgirlfriend-boyfriend,love
7/19/2011 Teenage Love 17: Young Love of the Early 21st Century Epicgirlfriend-boyfriend,love
7/18/2011 Teenage Love 16: Teen Couples of the 1990s Epicgirlfriend-boyfriend,love
7/17/2011 Teenage Love 15: Teenage Lovebirds of the 1980s Epicepic,girlfriend-boyfriend
7/15/2011 Teenage Love 14: Teen Couples of the 1970s Epicepic,girlfriend-boyfriend
7/15/2011 Teenage Love 13: Teen Couples of the 1960s Epicepic,girlfriend-boyfriend
7/15/2011 Teenage Love 12: Teenage Lovers of the 1950s Epicepic,girlfriend-boyfriend
7/15/2011 Teenage Love 11: Teenage Lovebirds From the 16th Century to the 1930s Epicepic,girlfriend-boyfriend
7/13/2011 Teenage Love 10: Interracial Teen Couples Epicepic,girlfriend-boyfriend
7/12/2011 Teenage Love 9: TNG--The Next Generation Prose Poetrygirlfriend-boyfriend,happ
7/12/2011 Teenage Love 8: The Final Chapter----Not Epicepic,girlfriend-boyfriend
7/11/2011 Teenage Love 7: Retired Couples Epicgirlfriend-boyfriend,love
7/8/2011 Teenage Love 6: The Engagement and The Marriage Epichappiness,husband,love,on
7/7/2011 Teenage Love 5: College Sweethearts Epicgirlfriend-boyfriend,happ
7/7/2011 Teenage Love 4: High School Sweethearts Epicgirlfriend-boyfriend,happ
7/5/2011 Teenage Love 3 Epicepic,girlfriend-boyfriend
7/5/2011 Teenage Love 2-and-a-half: Childhood Sweethearts Epitaphchildhood,epic,love,on wr
7/5/2011 Teenage Love 2: Teenage Lovers of the 1980s, 1990s, and the 21st Century Epitaphgirlfriend-boyfriend,happ
7/4/2011 Teenage Love aka: Young Love Epicgirlfriend-boyfriend,happ
7/1/2011 Infidelity Epicepicpeople,people,
7/1/2011 Teen Pregnancy 2: Teen Parenting Epicepic,family,father,mother
6/29/2011 No Regrets, No Turning Back, and No Way Out Epicepic,inspirational,on wor
6/21/2011 Dead-Beat Fathers Epicepicchildren,care,men,wom
6/21/2011 Pay-Per-View Events Epicepic
6/21/2011 Destiny Epicepicfuture,
6/21/2011 Child Support Epicepicchildren,child,father
6/21/2011 Embezzlement Epicepicpeople,money,people,
6/21/2011 Insurance Fraud Epicepicpeople,money,people,
6/7/2011 D-I-V-O-R-C-E Epichusband,lost love,wife,ch

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