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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
6/19/2011 When to Write I do not know?imagination
6/19/2011 I Am I do not know?fantasy
6/19/2011 Father's Day I do not know?anniversary
5/15/2011 Spans of Mind I do not know?fantasy
4/14/2011 Warmth of a New Spring I do not know?introspection
3/21/2011 A Poet's Hope I do not know?imaginationhope,
3/10/2011 Sans Pen I do not know?on writing and wordsmay,
3/4/2011 Words I Leave I do not know?dedication
2/10/2011 Invisibility I do not know?fantasy
2/2/2011 Mitzvah I do not know?faith
2/1/2011 Of Nothing I do not know?angst
1/29/2011 Sand Writer I do not know?fantasy
1/26/2011 A Worthy Man I do not know?introspectionmay,
1/22/2011 Idle Watch I do not know?fantasy
1/20/2011 Always Tomorrow I do not know?introspection
12/31/2010 Attitude I do not know?life
12/29/2010 New Year I do not know?holiday
12/17/2010 just mine I do not know?introspection
12/12/2010 A Smile I do not know?life
12/10/2010 Puff of Gray I do not know?fantasyme,
12/9/2010 Horsin' Around I do not know?funny
12/7/2010 Nearing Knell I do not know?devotionwine,
12/3/2010 Being Productive I do not know?imagination
12/2/2010 The Promise I do not know?loss
12/2/2010 Nine Sixty Nine I do not know?fantasy
11/30/2010 Clay of Humanity I do not know?fantasy
11/30/2010 Dearth of Rhyme I do not know?on writing and words
11/29/2010 I am You I do not know?imaginationtruth,
11/29/2010 Fiddler Man I do not know?uplifting
11/27/2010 A Walk at the Shore I do not know?life
11/27/2010 The Last Warrior I do not know?fantasyprayer,
11/26/2010 Erato and Me I do not know?imagination
11/26/2010 Fragments I do not know?introspection
11/25/2010 Abstractionism I do not know?funny
11/25/2010 Window Wink I do not know?romance
11/24/2010 Round and Round I do not know?philosophy
11/23/2010 Jake Spear I do not know?imaginationworld,smile,
11/23/2010 Sway With Me I do not know?love
11/22/2010 One is More I do not know?lost loverose,
11/22/2010 Fantlee Tree I do not know?imagination
11/21/2010 Charcoal Portrait I do not know?lost love
11/20/2010 To a Poet I do not know?dedication,
11/19/2010 Hug in Perspective I do not know?life
11/19/2010 Candlelight Prayer I do not know?faith
11/18/2010 Forget That Word I do not know?peace
11/17/2010 Serenity I do not know?life
11/17/2010 Or, Why? I do not know?introspection
11/16/2010 Loneliness I do not know?introspection
11/16/2010 Buy a Mask With Care I do not know?fantasyold,old,
11/15/2010 Asking Zeus I do not know?fantasy
11/15/2010 A Poet's Thanks I do not know?on writing and words
11/14/2010 Who is a Poet? I do not know?philosophy
11/11/2010 Grandma, Please Listen I do not know?devotionme,
11/10/2010 Dream Catcher I do not know?philosophydream,dream,may
11/9/2010 Quietude I do not know?life
11/9/2010 Once Upon a Tale I do not know?introspection
11/8/2010 Gravy Philosophy I do not know?funny
11/7/2010 A Simple Prayer I do not know?visionaryprayer,
11/4/2010 Counting the Ways I do not know?lovelove,universe,
11/2/2010 Temple of Choice I do not know?faith
11/1/2010 Ring of Fire I do not know?fantasy
11/1/2010 Which Are You? I do not know?fantasy
10/31/2010 Muse of Mind I do not know? 
10/31/2010 Tree Upon the Hill I do not know?fantasyold,old,daffodils,
10/29/2010 Lament of Battle I do not know?introspection
10/29/2010 Morning After I do not know?life
10/28/2010 Would You Understand? I do not know?fantasy
10/28/2010 Gate of Two Sides I do not know?fantasy
10/27/2010 Street in My House I do not know?fantasydream,dream,
10/26/2010 Worthy Leaf I do not know? 
10/26/2010 Murmur Softly I do not know? 
10/25/2010 Thoughts of Home I do not know? 
10/24/2010 Grizzly Aparitions I do not know?fantasy
10/24/2010 Known Stranger I do not know? 
10/23/2010 Awaiting Sands I do not know?words,
10/23/2010 Lady of Turquoise I do not know? 
10/22/2010 What Do Fireflies Eat? I do not know?old,old,
10/21/2010 Sir Sprout of Broccoli I do not know?green,
10/20/2010 Daffodil Ring I do not know?summer,love,summer,daffod
10/20/2010 "Shush" I do not know? 
10/19/2010 Of Colored Streamers I do not know?life

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