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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
2/7/2017 la Sirenita Crystallineallusion,fantasy,love,rom
2/4/2017 For The Resistance Free verseamerica,humanity,immigrat
2/4/2017 Grandpa's Grit Quatrainappreciation,dedication,g
2/2/2017 Mars Quatrainfuture,planet,space,spiri
2/2/2017 Dessert During Dawn Crystallinefood,morning,
2/1/2017 Insincere Crystallineangst,depression,loneline
2/1/2017 Young Adult Quatrainchange,character,growing
2/1/2017 High On A Daydream Quatrainallusion,crush,drug,metap
2/1/2017 What I've Learned Quatraincareer,growing up,growth,
2/1/2017 She's Perfect The Way She Is Crystallineconfidence,girl,me,poetes
2/1/2017 Though Life May Seem Unfair Quatrainangst,hope,inspirational,
2/1/2017 We'll Always Be Friends Quatrainbest friend,dedication,fr
1/30/2017 Grandmother's Grace Quatrainappreciation,dedication,g
1/30/2017 Bathroom Sink Crystallinechange,
1/30/2017 Any and All Angels Alike Crystallineangel,spiritual,
1/30/2017 Our Origins Tankahumanity,
1/30/2017 Star Woman Tankainspirational,me,star,wom
1/30/2017 Passive Aggression Crystallinemoving on,
1/30/2017 God Helps Those Who Help Themselves Crystallinestrength,
1/30/2017 Sweat Lodge Crystallinenative american,
1/28/2017 Why Am I The Only One Crystallineangst,
1/28/2017 Vixen Crystallineconfidence,pride,psycholo
1/28/2017 Yin-Yang Crystallineallusion,light,philosophy
1/28/2017 Grandfather's Generosity Quatrainchildhood,dedication,fami
1/28/2017 Etherous Crystallineallusion,philosophy,space
1/28/2017 Making A Habit Out Of Flossing Senryuhealth,
1/27/2017 Grocery Girl Quatraincareer,cool,me,pride,smar
1/27/2017 Grandma's Kitchen Quatrainappreciation,dedication,f
1/27/2017 Seeds Slipping Away Crystallinefruit,growth,
1/27/2017 Sweat, Blood, and Tears Crystallinehealth,native american,sp
1/22/2017 Ceremonious Quatrainculture,magic,native amer
1/22/2017 Earthlings Crystallineculture,humanity,inspirat
1/22/2017 Cassandra Senryuallusion,integrity,irony,
1/22/2017 Prophecy Of Peace Crystallinehumanity,peace,religion,r
1/22/2017 Malefic Negligence Quatrainabuse,humanity,people,phi
1/22/2017 Day By Day Quatrainangst,depression,hope,lif
1/22/2017 Nourish Thyself Quatrainfood,health,life,metaphor
1/22/2017 She Was Like A Star Crystallinecharacter,depression,hope
1/22/2017 Be Wary Crystallinebreak up,divorce,how i fe
1/16/2017 Unloved Free verseabuse,angst,child abuse,d
1/16/2017 Stirred Yogurt Quatrainanalogy,feelings,how i fe
1/16/2017 I Don't Know Anymore Quatrainallusion,angst,depression
1/16/2017 Don't Mess With Me Crystallineanger,character,integrity
1/16/2017 Prescription Crystallinehealth,
1/16/2017 Becoming Aware Senryuabuse,angst,depression,me
1/16/2017 Sweet Little Dinosaur Haikuanimal,fantasy,flying,nat
1/16/2017 Water Elemental Crystallineallusion,angel,fantasy,id
1/16/2017 He And I Crystallinemetaphor,nature,relations
1/16/2017 Unannounced Senryudeath,sad,sick,society,tr
1/12/2017 Let's See The World Together Senryutravel,
1/12/2017 Dear Me Quatrainphilosophy,
1/12/2017 Golfing Resort Crystallinegolf,
1/11/2017 Nail Polish Crystallinebeauty,body,color,imagery
1/11/2017 Atonement Crystallinedepression,jesus,philosop
1/11/2017 Drawing Strength From Others Crystallineappreciation,family,forgi
1/11/2017 Widow Closing Windows Crystallineallusion,death,death of a
1/11/2017 Hopefully Someday In Return Crystallinebest friend,forgiveness,f
1/11/2017 Cloudy With A Chance Of Candy Crystallineallusion,candy,sky,surrea
1/11/2017 Indirect Kiss Crystallinecrush,cute love,friend,ki
1/11/2017 Post-Closure Crystallinemoving on,
1/11/2017 You're Not The Only One Crystallinedepression,people,social,
1/11/2017 Bottle Of Cooler Crystallinedrink,
1/7/2017 Taken Quatrainangst,best friend,break u
1/7/2017 Archery Crystallineart,sports,
1/5/2017 Love Not The World Free versehumanity,philosophy,polit
1/5/2017 Benchmark I do not know?first love,i love you,lov
1/3/2017 Good Morning, Love Haikudedication,good morning,l
1/1/2017 Twist Of Fate Tankaangst,dark,destiny,love h
1/1/2017 Drink It Up Crystallineaddiction,celebration,cra
1/1/2017 Time Is Precious Free verseage,life,meaningful,philo
1/1/2017 To Live Simply Free versebeautiful,drink,fruit,lif
12/31/2016 Baby Sister Quatrainbaby,cute love,dedication
12/31/2016 Saturnian Piscean Finding Peace In Pieces Quatrainculture,fun,games,perspec
12/31/2016 Superficial Quatraincharacter,depression,lyri
12/31/2016 If Macbeth Were A Woman Quatrainallusion,confidence,crazy
12/31/2016 Live It Up Couplethumanity,inspiration,insp
12/31/2016 Kill Me Please Senryucrazy,dark,humorous,murde
12/31/2016 Hey, Loser Crystallineanger,anti bullying,irony
12/31/2016 Super Glue Tankaabuse,angst,bullying,chil
12/31/2016 Forgive Me For Being So Heartless Quatraindepression,sad,sad love,
12/31/2016 Dazed Crystallineallusion,dark,death,how i
12/29/2016 Dysfunctional Quatrainabuse,angst,depression,ho
12/29/2016 Life Is A Dance Of Pattern Crystallinecharacter,growing up,insp
12/29/2016 All A Matter Of Character Tankacharacter,growing up,grow
12/29/2016 Cordial Tankadedication,meaningful,nic
12/29/2016 Au Naturel Tankabeauty,body,health,inspir
12/29/2016 Moxie Crystallineanger,anti bullying,chara
12/29/2016 Underestimated Crystallineencouraging,inspiration,i
12/29/2016 The American Nightmare Free verseabuse,america,lyric,peopl
12/29/2016 To Cut To The Chase Crystallinecharacter,confidence,hair
12/29/2016 You Think You Know Everything, But You Don't Tankaallusion,anger,anti bully
12/27/2016 Spearmint Chocolates Crystallinecandy,chocolate,christmas
12/27/2016 Rain Your Love Upon Me Tankagod,humanity,love,metapho
12/26/2016 Infinite Ocean Tankaallusion,beautiful,humani
12/26/2016 Truly A Blessing Tankablessing,happiness,love,r
12/24/2016 Paranoia Crystallinedark,horror,mental illnes
12/24/2016 Have You Ever Wondered Crystallinehistory,meaningful,poetry
12/23/2016 Diary Of A Girl Tankaallusion,break up,heartbr
12/22/2016 Merry Christmas Free verseappreciation,christmas,de
12/22/2016 Privilege, A Pleasure Of Life Crystallineappreciation,blessing,chr

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DAUGHTER Acrosticdaughter,love,uplifting,
Frozen In Crystaline - 4 Crystallinewinter,
Seeing Autumn's oak adorn Crystallineautumn,birth,death,life,n
Sport Light Poetrydedication,sports,

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