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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
1/30/2013 The Presidential Haters Dramatic monologuebusiness,political,religi
12/30/2012 Another Love Poem Free verselife,love,love,
12/30/2012 Grandmother's Spotted Tablecloth Dramatic monologuefamily,god,grandmother,ma
12/30/2012 Destruction of Women Free versecourage,prayer,sad,social
12/30/2012 Feast of Feces Dramatic monologuedeath,family,food,funeral
10/18/2012 In the End Dramatic Versefuneral,life,journey,
10/18/2012 The House of Criticisms Dramatic monologuelife,people,political,hou
9/21/2012 Living Out Loud Dramatic monologueconfusion,life,political,
9/21/2012 God, Messiah, Allah, Mohammed Light Poetryfaith,inspirational,peace
7/17/2012 An Economy To Die For Dramatic Versefuneral,political,recover
7/17/2012 Silent Whispers Free versepeople,political,
7/17/2012 Crazy White Girls Free verseconfusion,political,socia
7/17/2012 Somewhere Free verseinspirational,introspecti
4/12/2012 Overwhelming Lives Light Poetrylife,love,people,people,l
4/12/2012 Overwhelming Lives Dramatic monologuelife,love,people,people,l
4/12/2012 Overwhelming Lives Light Poetrylife,love,people,people,l
2/3/2012 Suicidal Acts Dramatic Versedeath,depression,
2/3/2012 Finding Resolutions Free versefaith,philosophy,
1/31/2012 Be Loved Light Poetryhappiness,love,
1/31/2012 Be Loved Light Poetryhappiness,love,
1/31/2012 Be Loved Light Poetryhappiness,love,
1/31/2012 Exclamations of The Perfect Child Dramatic monologuefor children,
1/31/2012 Racial Harrassment Light Poetryintrospection,life,peace,
1/31/2012 Racial Harrassment Light Poetryintrospection,life,peace,
1/31/2012 Racial Harrassment Light Poetryintrospection,life,peace,
1/25/2012 Modern Day Othellos Dramatic monologueconfusion,life,nostalgia,
1/25/2012 The Carnage Men Leave Behind Dramatic monologuelife,loss,love,
1/25/2012 The Lives of Scorpio Women Light Poetrydedication,introspection,
1/8/2012 Born of Woodstock Dramatic Verseintrospection,nostalgia,p
1/8/2012 Love's Fuel Light Poetrydedication,devotion,faith
1/8/2012 Love's Fuel Light Poetrydedication,devotion,faith
1/8/2012 Cancer Babies Dramatic monologuecaregiving,faith,family,f
1/8/2012 Cancer Babies Dramatic monologuecaregiving,faith,family,f
12/11/2011 The Dark Days of Christmas Light Poetryfaith,family,hope,inspira
12/11/2011 Our World Dies Dramatic monologueconfusion,death,political
12/11/2011 Lighting Up Dramatic monologuedeath,health,introspectio
11/28/2011 Gays Against Jamaica Dramatic monologuepolitical,world,family,fa
11/28/2011 They Don't Love Us Anymore Dramatic monologueconfusion,introspection,p
11/28/2011 The Mighty Pen Light Poetryfantasy,hope,uplifting,wo
11/19/2011 Involuntary Retirement Light Poetrybusiness,introspection,pe
11/19/2011 Suicide Pact Dramatic Versedeath,life,
11/19/2011 House of Men Dramatic monologueconfusion,family,fear,ima
11/17/2011 Distortion of Good Dramatic monologuepeace,political,
11/17/2011 Tiny Adventures Light Poetryfunny,inspirational,philo
11/17/2011 When It Hurts To Laugh Dramatic monologueintrospection,life,
11/13/2011 Unhealthy Relationships Dramatic monologuefamily,introspection,phil
11/3/2011 Money Hungry Free versebusiness,introspection,pe
10/31/2011 A Sparkly Existence Light Poetryintrospection,life,life,
10/31/2011 In Disguise Dramatic monologuebusiness,political,
10/31/2011 October Blizzard Light Poetrynatural disasters,nature,
10/27/2011 Time-Out Dramatic monologuebusiness,childhood,family
10/27/2011 Wild Weather Light Poetrylife,natural disasters,na
10/27/2011 The Legend of Smelly Nelly Limerickchildhood,food,friendship
10/12/2011 Youthful Days Light Poetrychildhood,for children,in
10/12/2011 Hear No Evil Dramatic monologuechildhood,family,for chil
10/10/2011 Uncontrollable Dramatic monologuelife,
10/10/2011 Light and Airy Light Poetryart,imagination,nostalgia
10/10/2011 A Life of Abuse Narrativefor children,introspectio
10/1/2011 The Cost of Sins Dramatic monologuephilosophy,god,god,
10/1/2011 The Future Free versefaith,introspection,life,
10/1/2011 Idolization In Death Free versedeath,life,loss,
9/22/2011 Dragging Free versehistory,political,
9/22/2011 Precarious Lives Dramatic monologueintrospection,life,on wor
9/22/2011 Stalkers Narrativeangst,life,people,places,
9/11/2011 Young Mourners Dramatic monologuefamily,for children,funer
9/7/2011 Restless Narrativeconfusion,history,inspira
8/28/2011 Pet Vacations Light Poetrypets,travel,
8/28/2011 Hearty Ghasps Light Poetryhappiness,inspirational,n
8/28/2011 Hearty Ghasps Light Poetryhappiness,inspirational,n
8/11/2011 Inequality Light Poetrypolitical,
8/11/2011 The Taliban Blunder Dramatic monologueintrospection,life,loss,
7/21/2011 Growing Up Fast Light Poetrychildhoodlife,
7/21/2011 Bamboo Reeds Light Poetrynature
7/14/2011 Privacy Light Poetryintrospection,life,
7/14/2011 Amplified Loudness Light Poetrybusiness,introspection,po
7/11/2011 In the still of winter I do not know?imagination,nature,nostal
7/4/2011 Spiffers Light Poetrypolitical
7/4/2011 The African Cartel Light Poetryintrospection
7/4/2011 Fireworks Light Poetryholiday
6/26/2011 Hateful Games Light Poetryintrospectiongames,
6/26/2011 In An Ideal Society Light Poetryintrospection,life,politi
6/26/2011 Love Power Light Poetrydevotion,faith,hope,intro
6/18/2011 Missing In Action Odefatherfathers day,day,
6/18/2011 Fatherhood Light Poetryfather
6/10/2011 Rubber Duckies Light Poetrychildhood,nature,
6/10/2011 Shady Boyfriends Light Poetrylife
6/10/2011 The Airline Without A Conscience Prose Poetryintrospection,life,parody
5/31/2011 A Child's View When A Parent Is Accused of a Crime Light Poetrybusinesschild,child,
5/31/2011 Trendy Extortions Light Poetryintrospection,life,politi
5/18/2011 A Little Bit Tipsy Light Poetrylife,recovery from...,soc
5/18/2011 Dirty, Low Down I do not know?political
5/18/2011 A Harried Life Light Poetryintrospection
5/10/2011 Bodies Everywhere Prose Poetrymystery
5/10/2011 The River Rises Light Poetrynatureriver,
5/10/2011 In Love We Trust Light Poetrylove
4/27/2011 Calculated Traps Light Poetrybusiness,introspection,li
4/27/2011 Johnny Syndrome Light Poetrypoliticalwomen,women,
4/27/2011 Reverence on The Corporate Ladder Light Poetrybusinesswomen,men,women,
4/27/2011 Irreverence on The Corporate Ladder Light Poetrybusiness,on work and work
4/18/2011 City Blues Light Poetrybusinesscity,

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