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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
7/12/2017 At Midnight in New York Blank verseconflict,
7/11/2017 First Day on Wall Street Senryumoney,
7/8/2017 At Dawn in the Forest Haikunature,
7/6/2017 Robin Hood and Nero Blank versepoverty,
7/6/2017 Afte He Found the Right One Blank verselove,
7/4/2017 A Bedouin's Hope Ignites Blank versedeath,
7/4/2017 Dancing on the Fourth of July Blank versejuly,
4/30/2017 American Innocence, Our Children Now and Then Proseyouth,
4/29/2017 A Husband Falters Blank versemarriage,
4/27/2017 Bears Starving in the Woods Blank versepoverty,
4/27/2017 Back to Alaska Blank verseemotions,
4/27/2017 A Facility for the Poor and Demented Blank versemental illness,
4/25/2017 A Reasonable Man Blank verseemotions,
4/25/2017 Before the Leap Haikubird,
4/25/2017 Summer Snow Haikubutterfly,
4/25/2017 Hope in Winter Haikuwinter,
4/25/2017 Pheasant Wings Haikuautumn,
4/25/2017 Parachutes Haikuautumn,
4/25/2017 Daylily Haikunature,
4/25/2017 A Serendipitous Feast Haikubird,
4/24/2017 A Clear Shot at Animus Blank verseanger,
4/23/2017 Aretha Has an Announcement Blank verseage,
4/23/2017 An Unexpected Shark Blank verseage,
4/23/2017 Call a Priest, My Father Said Prosechristian,
4/22/2017 Brunch on Easter Morning Blank verseeaster,
4/22/2017 A Survivalist Finds You Blank versepolitical,
4/21/2017 Donald Trump and Mother Teresa Blank verseage,
4/21/2017 Back Then, Dandelion Greens Were Segregated Too Proserace,
4/20/2017 Capitalism and Human Nature Must Be Regulated Prosepolitical,
4/20/2017 Alice's House Blank versenature,
4/19/2017 An Act of the Will Blank verselove,
4/19/2017 About Dad Blank versefuneral,
4/19/2017 A Different Wall Blank versefarm,
4/19/2017 An Old Poet Can't Say Blank versepoetry,
4/18/2017 American Rainbow Blank verseracism,
4/18/2017 Epitome of Grace Blank versework,
4/17/2017 Black Seed by Black Seed Blank versework,
4/16/2017 Easter at the Nursing Home Blank verseeaster,jesus,
4/15/2017 A Family Thing Blank versefamily,
4/13/2017 Drumstick and Thigh Blank verserace,
4/13/2017 A Bride for Mr Fenster Blank verseengagement,
4/13/2017 Child Reading a Magazine Prosecomputer,
4/13/2017 Genocide of Pins Blank verseanger,
4/12/2017 Chicken Breast or Rump Roast Prosemarriage,
4/12/2017 Believe It or What Prosegod,
4/11/2017 Breakfast with Ted Blank versesad,
4/11/2017 Long Before ISIS Prosefriendship,
4/10/2017 Ambidextrous on Migrants Blank versepolitical,
4/10/2017 A Confrontation Looms Blank versepoverty,
4/10/2017 Farmer John Meets Someone Nice Blank verseanxiety,
4/10/2017 Vowel Movement Blank versewar,
4/10/2017 Always Close Blank versedeath,
4/9/2017 An Affective Disorder, the Doctor Said Proseanxiety,mental illness,
4/9/2017 A Man of No Words Proseveterans day,war,
4/8/2017 Biker at the Drugstore Blank versecancer,
4/8/2017 Burp Senryurude,
4/8/2017 Hubert Might Go Upstairs But Not To Rome Prosemarriage,
4/8/2017 Imperfect Storm Ends in a Rainbow Proserace,
4/7/2017 Chair Arranger Blank versework,
4/5/2017 Bright Lights in a World of Darkness Prosemental illness,
4/5/2017 Fallout from the War on Women Blank verseabortion,
4/5/2017 First Day on Parole Blank versecrazy,
4/4/2017 A Waterfall at Midnight Blank versefantasy,
4/4/2017 A Warning After Midnight Blank versereligion,
4/3/2017 A Slaughterhouse Escape Blank versepoverty,
4/3/2017 Anathema in '52 Blank versewar,
4/2/2017 A Teaching Moment for Little Nora Blank versebird,
4/1/2017 Alive Just One Week Blank versebutterfly,
3/30/2017 A Matter of Stuff Blank versepoverty,
3/30/2017 Old Quilter, Old Poet Blank verseart,
3/29/2017 Judgement Day Blank versefantasy,
3/29/2017 All the Planets around Me Blank versefantasy,
3/29/2017 A Cockamamie Diagnosis Blank versefantasy,
3/27/2017 A Prom King Who's a Bully Blank versebullying,
3/27/2017 Cold Water Raining between Them Blank versepoverty,
3/27/2017 Dial 'M' for Memories Blank verseage,
3/27/2017 Conference on Homeland Security Blank versesensual,
3/24/2017 Sundays with Walter Blank versereligion,
3/23/2017 A Widow a Year Now Blank versewife,
3/23/2017 Monsanto's Gift to War Blank versewar,
3/22/2017 A Bit of News Not Fake Blank versepoverty,
3/22/2017 Alice Bent Over Blank verseage,
3/22/2017 Signs in Windows Blank verseireland,
3/20/2017 A Relocation Problem Blank verseage,
3/20/2017 A Conservative Shouts No Blank versepoverty,
3/20/2017 Let Tambourines Begin Blank versebeauty,
3/20/2017 Mixed Couple on the Morning Train Blank verserace,
3/18/2017 Budget Cuts and Bill's Regrets Blank versepolitical,
3/18/2017 Advice from His Cardiologist Blank verseage,
3/18/2017 Aging in a New Place Proseage,
3/17/2017 Auburn in the Wind Blank versespring,
3/17/2017 Apple Fritter and a Single Rose Blank verselove,
3/16/2017 Sibling Reunion Blank verseanxiety,
3/15/2017 Jesse Had a Lisp, You See Blank verserude,
3/13/2017 Dangling Participles Blank verseangst,
3/12/2017 A Saint Patrick's Day Memory Blank verseireland,
3/11/2017 Comic Books and Candy Blank versepoverty,
3/11/2017 Choir in the Trees Blank versespring,
3/11/2017 Daffodils Blank versespring,
3/11/2017 Daffodils Blank versespring,

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