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3/24/2017 Sundays with Walter Blank versereligion,
3/23/2017 A Widow a Year Now Blank versewife,
3/23/2017 Monsanto's Gift to War Blank versewar,
3/22/2017 A Bit of News Not Fake Blank versepoverty,
3/22/2017 Alice Bent Over Blank verseage,
3/22/2017 Signs in Windows Blank verseireland,
3/20/2017 A Relocation Problem Blank verseage,
3/20/2017 A Conservative Shouts No Blank versepoverty,
3/20/2017 Let Tambourines Begin Blank versebeauty,
3/20/2017 Mixed Couple on the Morning Train Blank verserace,
3/18/2017 Budget Cuts and Bill's Regrets Blank versepolitical,
3/18/2017 Advice from His Cardiologist Blank verseage,
3/18/2017 Aging in a New Place Proseage,
3/17/2017 Auburn in the Wind Blank versespring,
3/17/2017 Apple Fritter and a Single Rose Blank verselove,
3/16/2017 Sibling Reunion Blank verseanxiety,
3/15/2017 Jesse Had a Lisp, You See Blank verserude,
3/13/2017 Dangling Participles Blank verseangst,
3/12/2017 A Saint Patrick's Day Memory Blank verseireland,
3/11/2017 Comic Books and Candy Blank versepoverty,
3/11/2017 Choir in the Trees Blank versespring,
3/11/2017 Daffodils Blank versespring,
3/11/2017 Daffodils Blank versespring,
3/11/2017 Calypso Means Spring Is Here Blank versespring,
3/11/2017 McGillicuddy's Wake Prosedeath of a friend,fantasy
3/10/2017 Coma Blank versedeath,
3/10/2017 Finding a Refugee a Home Prosecat,
3/9/2017 Email to a Son Blank versefather son,
3/9/2017 Emails Are Launching Blank verseconfusion,
3/8/2017 A Trick My Father Learned in Prison Proseireland,prison,war,
3/6/2017 Brisk Man from Jaipur Blank verseanger,
3/5/2017 The Wild West of Dubville Blank verseaddiction,drug,
3/5/2017 A Garage Band Sayonara Blank versemusic,
3/5/2017 A Sidewalk Cemetery Blank versepoverty,
3/5/2017 Agnostic's Mystery Blank versegod,jesus,
3/5/2017 Blackbirds Blank versebird,
3/4/2017 Lunch with a Good Ol' Boy Cancelled Blank versedeath,
3/4/2017 Little Red Apples Blank versefruit,
3/4/2017 Lady in the Snow Blank versecat,
3/4/2017 Drunk Driver Kills Young Lady's Dog Blank verseabortion,dog,drink,
3/4/2017 A Sunday Surprise Blank verseracism,
3/4/2017 Alice's Advice Blank verselove,
3/4/2017 Alive and Dead Blank verseabortion,
3/4/2017 Everybody's Friend Blank verseemotions,
3/3/2017 A Gray Day Haikuflower,summer,
3/3/2017 Cold Coffee's Back in Ireland Blank verseireland,
3/3/2017 Black Flag from the Sky Haikubird,
3/2/2017 Paddy Murphy's Wake Blank verseireland,
3/2/2017 Children Are Why We Need Higher Taxes Prosechild,education,school,
3/2/2017 Strangers in Peoria Prosebreak up,
3/2/2017 Caseworker's Lament Blank versepoverty,
3/1/2017 All Aboard Blank versechristian,god,
3/1/2017 Patsy Foley Was Roly-Poly in 1947 Prosememory,
2/28/2017 Bully for Him Blank versebullying,
2/28/2017 Downsizing Blank versemoving on,
2/28/2017 A Senior Citizen's First Email Blank verseage,
2/27/2017 An Odd Bobcat Blank versefather son,
2/27/2017 A Heart Ticks in Here Blank versepoetry,
2/26/2017 Goose Eggs Proseabortion,
2/26/2017 Butter or Margarine Proseeducation,
2/26/2017 A Hollow Tale Blank versefantasy,
2/25/2017 A Fine Distinction Blank versegod,heaven,
2/25/2017 Caseworker, 1962 Prosepoverty,
2/24/2017 A Bucket and a Tent Blank verseblack african american,ra
2/23/2017 An Uppercut I Remember Blank versefather son,
2/22/2017 At a Bank of Elevators Blank versecancer,
2/22/2017 Create Us Interruptus Blank verseabortion,
2/22/2017 It's Not for the Usher to Ask Blank versepoverty,
2/22/2017 Kissing Carol Ann Blank verselove,
2/21/2017 The Widow Murphy Sets Her Cap Blank versecat,
2/20/2017 Doing Laundry on a Farm in the Fifities Proseage,farm,
2/20/2017 A Matter of Preference Blank versecomputer,marriage,relatio
2/20/2017 Miss Carol's Dumplings Blank versedesire,
2/19/2017 Animal Person Blank verseabortion,animal,
2/19/2017 A Sportsman on the Weekends Blank verseanimal,
2/19/2017 A Swede, A Dane and Two Norwegians Blank versemoney,
2/19/2017 Freckles They Called Him Proserace,retirement,
2/18/2017 That Laugh Blank verseanger,marriage,
2/18/2017 Moth Upside Down on the Ceiling Blank verseabortion,insect,
2/17/2017 A Whirlpool Morning Haikuinsect,
2/17/2017 A Prescient Moment Blank versedeath,
2/17/2017 Concealed Carry at the Mall Blank versemental illness,
2/17/2017 At Sadie's Soul Food Grill Blank versefood,religious,
2/17/2017 Windsor Knot Blank versefather son,
2/17/2017 My Therapist's a Lady Blank versepsychological,
2/16/2017 When a Debutante Marries a Troll Blank versemarriage,
2/15/2017 Good News Grips Midnight Phil Blank versegod,religion,
2/15/2017 Husband and Wife on Hassocks Eating Sausage Blank versebreak up,divorce,
2/15/2017 A Problem with Rudy Proseanger,anti bullying,bully
2/14/2017 Loving Her Blank verselove,
2/14/2017 A Mulligan May Be the Answer Blank versedivorce,
2/14/2017 Venus Calling Mars at Midnight Blank verselove,valentines day,
2/13/2017 Address Change Blank verseage,cancer,
2/13/2017 A Piece of Fruit Every Morning Blank versepoverty,
2/13/2017 A Visitor at Midnight Blank versewar,
2/12/2017 America Wasn't So Bad Back Then Proseamerica,
2/12/2017 Another Movie of the Past Blank verseemotions,memory,
2/12/2017 Bunny Day Blank versechanukah,christmas,easter
2/12/2017 Coal Bins Blank verserace,
2/12/2017 Ballerina Marries a Bricklayer Blank verselove,

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