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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
9/1/2017 The new clear Blank verseallusion,
8/26/2017 The hands that failed Blank verseabortion,
1/25/2017 audobon society Blank verseage,
1/21/2017 the sacrificial onion ABCabsence,
12/14/2016 Alarm clock Blitzanalogy,
12/2/2016 mike and the 3 possums Balladanalogy,
11/11/2016 eastern orthodox coasters Blank verseautumn,
3/5/2016 vampirical support group Balladbrother,
12/13/2014 first light Curtal Sonnetboat,
11/16/2014 poe Blank verseallegory,
9/17/2014 methusela driving an electric cart at walmart Blank verseallegory,
5/31/2014 vegan taxidermy Blank verseallegory,perspective,
5/31/2014 gods of small things Blank verseallegory,
4/3/2014 paris cycle Balladallegory,
3/19/2014 new born Blank verseabsence,allegory,
3/19/2014 leprosy Blank verseallegory,
3/13/2014 glorious grotesque guggenheim Balladallegory,
3/8/2014 valley of stone icons and swingsets Balladallegory,
3/8/2014 mind of a graffiti artist Blank verseallegory,
1/25/2014 everything under the sun ecclesiatical version Balladbody,
10/18/2013 the long road Blank verseallegory,
10/18/2013 pyrite prayers Blank verseallegory,
10/18/2013 dry-erase seizure Blank verseallegory,
10/18/2013 breakfast Blank verseallegory,
10/6/2013 backyard Balladabsence,
10/1/2013 the minnesotian orchestra of barber street Balladallegory,
9/29/2013 oaks amusement park Blank verseabsence,
5/30/2013 watching tornado warnings in oklahoma Blank verseabsence,
5/17/2013 formica Chastushkaabsence,
5/9/2013 water colors Blank versebody,
4/19/2013 the vision Blank verseallegory,analogy,
2/27/2013 peach gospel in the cellar Balladallegory,grandmother,
2/21/2013 monologue of a rock Blank verseallegory,
2/19/2013 the cement indian Blank verseallegory,
2/14/2013 on seeing you yesterday Blank verseallegory,
1/4/2013 hero Balladallegory,
11/6/2012 minnesota's public radio Blank verseallegory,
10/15/2012 Orions onions Blank verseallegory,
10/11/2012 the trouble with billy sunday Balladallegory,
9/6/2012 tea Balladallegory,
8/30/2012 lounge light Blank verseallegory,
8/16/2012 couple strange lines Blank verseallegory,
6/21/2012 burmese scarecrow Balladallegory,
6/11/2012 nebuchadnezzer Balladallegory,
6/6/2012 minimal distance Balladallegory,god,god,
5/27/2012 i Balladallegory,water,water,
5/26/2012 the usual mistake Balladallegory,
5/18/2012 purified lithium Blank verseallegory,
4/28/2012 james hetfield buying soymilk Blank verseallegory,
4/28/2012 flight of the hindenburg Blank verseallegory,
4/27/2012 moving on Blank verseallegory,
4/27/2012 H2O bottles Blank verseallegory,
4/26/2012 sleeping under the powerlines Blank verseallegory,places,grandmoth
4/21/2012 damp paperbacks Balladallegory,old,cat,old,
4/21/2012 my pinocchio Acrosticallegory,
4/13/2012 red heads Dizainallegory,
3/28/2012 shutter speed Elegyallegory,
2/25/2012 the incarnation of siduri Blank verseabsence,allegory,
2/18/2012 anthropologist from manitoba Balladallegory,change,
2/17/2012 schizo chess master Balladallegory,
2/13/2012 crickets Balladallegory,
2/9/2012 two tone Kimodeath,blue,
2/3/2012 freeze dryed Cowboyallegory,perspective,
2/2/2012 waiting for the sun Clerihewepic,stars,
2/2/2012 consuming silence Narrativeallegory,me,
2/1/2012 apart from the decay Than-Baukallegory,
1/28/2012 1980 cordoba Sijoallegory,funeral,sun,
1/14/2012 global warming Monokuallegory,history,
1/7/2012 pacman Epyllionallegory,
1/6/2012 billboards Double Dactylallegory,
1/1/2012 fabric stranger Blank verseart,
12/31/2011 zombie priest unknown color Iambic Pentameterart,
11/20/2011 hungover Chokaart,light,light,
10/26/2011 the barley wire octopus Chokafuneral,
10/26/2011 pharaoh's journey Concreteallegory,
10/9/2011 Rural georgia Balladallegory,yellow,
9/3/2011 the second Balladallegory,son,
8/5/2011 grey bear Dizainepic,
7/29/2011 sexy librarian I do not know?art,
6/18/2011 dry cans and mason jars I do not know?allegory,
6/18/2011 the holy youth of sao paulo I do not know?allegory,
6/8/2011 cheap cologne I do not know?allegory
6/8/2011 the brute I do not know? 
4/12/2011 older still I do not know?allegory
4/8/2011 da karma bum I do not know?allegory
4/7/2011 strange plateau I do not know?allegory
3/30/2011 prussian blue Blank verseforgiveness,
3/29/2011 front porch I do not know?allegory
3/15/2011 adam outside the garden I do not know?allegory
3/3/2011 mary todd's bar I do not know?old,
2/10/2011 gardening I do not know?allegoryme,time,
1/14/2011 walking in the rain I do not know?rain,
1/11/2011 what salt taste like I do not know?allegory,
12/18/2010 graffiti prayers I do not know?allegory
12/17/2010 exact paper portraits I do not know?old,
12/10/2010 my calmer creature I do not know?allegoryhouse,light,house
11/26/2010 the fishermen I do not know?allegorymay,
11/18/2010 contemporary poets I do not know?sea,
11/18/2010 tripping but not missing I do not know?introspection,work,
11/17/2010 she said, he said I do not know? 

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