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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
4/30/2017 The Ancients Free verseaddiction,analogy,appreci
4/20/2017 Hands Free verseadventure,anxiety,beautif
4/10/2017 Paris Free verseadventure,allegory,allusi
3/25/2017 Let Your Voice Be Heard Free verseaddiction,appreciation,ba
3/22/2017 The Grim Reaper Free verseadventure,anger,anxiety,b
3/22/2017 The Living Dead Free verseadventure,beach,beauty,be
3/21/2017 Drowning In Silence Free verseallusion,baptism,beautifu
3/21/2017 He Makes All Things New Free verseadventure,angel,beautiful
3/19/2017 Born Again Free verseadventure,anxiety,beautif
3/19/2017 The Flesh Profits Nothing Free verseadventure,
3/18/2017 Prayer For Publication Free verseadventure,
3/18/2017 The Flesh Profits Nothing Free verseadventure,
3/17/2017 A Beginning Of The End Free verseadventure,baptism,
3/16/2017 The Time Is Now To Come Together Coexist Free versebaptism,beauty,
3/16/2017 Cursed Free verseadventure,
3/16/2017 Let Your Voice Be Heard Free verseadventure,
3/16/2017 Heads In The Street Free verseadventure,
3/15/2017 Starlight Free verseadventure,appreciation,
3/15/2017 Women's Empowerment Free verseadventure,
3/15/2017 Ann and Nan Free verseaddiction,adventure,beaut
3/13/2017 Tame The Heart Free verseadventure,beauty,
3/12/2017 Mountains Of Madness Free verseamerica,
3/10/2017 Trump's Comb Over Free verseamerica,
3/10/2017 Society Evolution Free verseadventure,
3/10/2017 The Poet In Me Free verseadventure,anxiety,
3/10/2017 Rapture Free verseadventure,anger,art,
3/9/2017 Sow To The Wind Reap The Whirlwind Free verseadventure,art,
3/9/2017 Who Farted Free verseamerica,baby,beautiful,
3/9/2017 Oh Very Young Free verseamerica,best friend,
3/8/2017 Think Before You Write Free verseamerica,art,beauty,
3/8/2017 Caged Fury Free verseamerica,angel,appreciatio
3/8/2017 The Swan Free verseanxiety,baptism,beautiful
3/7/2017 Saint Theresa The Little Flower Free verseadventure,anxiety,beautif
3/4/2017 Radiant Gothic Forest Free verseamerica,anniversary,anxie
3/4/2017 Gothic Illumination Free verseallusion,anxiety,beauty,
3/2/2017 Shine The Light Of Jesus Free verseangel,anxiety,beautiful,b
3/1/2017 Satan's Hell Free verseabuse,addiction,anxiety,b
2/27/2017 Write Until You Drop Dead Free verseadventure,america,art,bea
2/26/2017 Shackled From The Madness Free verseangel,anxiety,beauty,bles
2/26/2017 A Rage Of Silence Free verseanxiety,art,mental illnes
2/8/2017 The Motorcycle Gang Free verseadventure,age,angel,anti
2/5/2017 The Whole In The Donut Free verseadventure,angel,anxiety,b
2/3/2017 Your Beautiful Eyes Free versebeautiful,beauty,bible,bl
1/28/2017 Be Not Afraid Free verseangel,anxiety,beautiful,b
1/23/2017 Warhol Free verseamerica,appreciation,bask
1/20/2017 A Sparkling Array Of Elegance Blank verseanti bullying,anxiety,app
1/19/2017 A Beautiful Flower Cowboyanxiety,appreciation,art,
1/11/2017 Love On The Rocks Free versebeach,beautiful,beauty,
1/8/2017 The Devil Is A Liar Free verseappreciation,baptism,beau
12/18/2016 An Angelic Presence Free verseblessing,
12/17/2016 A Valiant Knight Free verseblessing,
12/17/2016 A Magical Moment In Time Free verseblessing,
12/17/2016 A Call For Morality Free verseblessing,
12/16/2016 Love Is The Essence Of My Existence Free verseblessing,
12/16/2016 The Universal Dream Free verseblessing,
12/16/2016 The Cure Free verseblessing,
12/15/2016 Deeper Then Monet Free versebeauty,blessing,
12/15/2016 Pretty Pictures, Ribbons And You Free versebeautiful,beauty,bible,bl
12/15/2016 The Smoking Gun Free verseblessing,
12/14/2016 The Butterfly Factor Free verseblessing,
12/14/2016 The Doors Of Perception Free verseblessing,
12/14/2016 A Sweet Homily Free verseblessing,
12/13/2016 Calling Underdog Free verseblessing,
12/13/2016 A Gothic Revival Quest Free verseblessing,
12/13/2016 A Poetic Rant Free verseblessing,
12/13/2016 A Moment Like This Free verseblessing,
12/12/2016 Social Destortion Free verseblessing,
12/12/2016 Control Your Tongue Free verseblessing,
12/12/2016 Words Cut Deep Free verseblessing,
12/12/2016 The Climb Free verseblessing,
12/12/2016 A Christmas Wish Free verseblessing,
12/11/2016 An Aura Of Twilight Free verseblessing,
12/11/2016 Lover's In Love Free verseblessing,
12/11/2016 No Way Out Free verseblessing,
12/11/2016 Lavender Grace Free verseblessing,
12/11/2016 Hello Darkness My Old Friend Free verseblessing,
12/10/2016 The Idiot Free verseblessing,
12/10/2016 Through a variation in a dream Free verseblessing,
12/9/2016 My Private Sanctuary Free verseblessing,
12/9/2016 Make America Love Again Free verseblessing,
12/8/2016 Fallen Hero's Free verseblessing,
12/8/2016 Society Free verseblessing,
12/8/2016 The Preacher Free verseblessing,
12/8/2016 The Mail Man Free verseblessing,
12/7/2016 Nature's Beckoning Call Free verseblessing,
12/7/2016 Old School Free verseblessing,
12/7/2016 A Fair Maiden Free verseblessing,
12/6/2016 Peace That Passes All Understanding Free verseblessing,
12/6/2016 Desert Moon Free verseblessing,
12/5/2016 The Crow Chief Free verseblessing,
12/5/2016 The Crow Chief Free verseblessing,
12/5/2016 The Crow Chief Free verseblessing,
12/5/2016 The Crow Chief Free verseblessing,
12/5/2016 Eternity Free verseblessing,
12/5/2016 Dude Ranch Free verseblessing,
12/4/2016 Jesus Alone Is Enough Free verseblessing,
12/4/2016 Song Bird Free verseblessing,
12/3/2016 The Belly Of The Beast Free verseblessing,
12/3/2016 The Monk Bought Lunch Free verseblessing,
12/2/2016 Careless Whisper Free verseblessing,

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