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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
3/13/2011 Bereft Terza Rimadepression
10/15/2010 Chances, or how to be a complete idiot at 4am after you've had a few beers. Rhymelost loveme,
10/15/2010 world not at our feet Rhymelost loveme,me,
8/1/2010 my god is better than yours..... Epigramreligion
8/1/2010 soldiers Epigramwar
8/1/2010 **** Senryuon writing and words
7/11/2010 #02 (harangued) Rhymeangst
7/11/2010 #01 (sleep and dream) Free versedepression
7/8/2010 if i don't comment on your poems Free verseon writing and words
7/8/2010 creationists.... Senryueducation
7/8/2010 screw PD i'm the master slammer, anyone who disagrees is an ass kisser Free versefunnyslam,slam,
6/30/2010 vomit...... Senryusocial
6/21/2010 By the power of Greyskull Free versefunny
6/18/2010 Poetry Destroyed Free versefunny
6/17/2010 an end to poetry Rhymeon writing and wordsme,
6/13/2010 don't comment don't get comments Free verseon writing and words
6/7/2010 99% of my poems are dreadful the other 1% are merely awful Free verseon writing and wordswrite
6/7/2010 a6c0@"revenge"? probably not* Narrativedepression
6/7/2010 an arrow in the eye will often blind you (in 1066 it kills you though) Free versehistory
6/1/2010 BP shares plummeted by 13% today, wiping £12bn off the company's value(Good) Senryuloss
5/28/2010 £/$ = the end of the world in the mind of a tired man (i don't understand long titles) Rhymedepression
5/25/2010 another glorious attack Free versepeopleme,
5/24/2010 i'll slam this poem down your throat and you best be glad i'm giving you anything at all Free verseon writing and wordsme,ep
5/24/2010 the+fall+of+math(calculate and show working out remix) Free versescience
5/19/2010 The Dark Poet Free verseangst
5/18/2010 poems with six views admire poems with seven views despise poems with four views Blank versevisionary
5/18/2010 a tale of a planet that will die because it is inhabited by vile and disgusting creatures Free versesocialplanet,
5/15/2010 Georgi Raikov won Gold in the Greco-Roman 100kg wrestling at the 1980 Olympics Blank versedepression
5/9/2010 tHe+++faLL==OF%maTh(+) Free versevisionary
5/8/2010 arrggghhhhh audacious aardvarks attack aimlessly Alliterationvisionary
5/8/2010 punched in face by fist in face (high critique face punched version) Free versehealth
5/7/2010 deconstructed punch face fist face forever Free verselossfunny,
5/7/2010 punched in face by fist in face Free versehappiness
5/5/2010 tall men overshadow small men who overshadow smaller men who are overshadowed by tall men Free verseangst
5/4/2010 DC Monokudepression
5/3/2010 insidious ramblings from............(A.hail.Of.bullets.Is.All.i.feel Remix) Free versevisionarylost,time,lost,t
5/3/2010 Tunnels Of Ambiguity (A.hail.Of.bullets.Is.All.i.feel Remix) Free versevisionary
5/3/2010 the clouds above nova scotia will one day become rain in the english streets i roam Free versedeathday,day,
5/3/2010 ships burn and ships burn and ships burn and the chips all burn and burn Free verseallegory
4/30/2010 a miserable way to end a flurry of writing, but alas thats how life pans out Free versedepression
4/30/2010 who invented the snooze button? Free verseintrospection
4/30/2010 in the end theres always something pointless holding us back............ Free versevisionary
4/30/2010 vortexes of compliance that lack a suitable wit Free versevisionary
4/30/2010 no-one will read this so i don't no why i even bother when no-one will read this so i don't know.... Free verseon writing and words
4/30/2010 do you realise that its been awhile since we last saw ourselves in the mirror Free versehope
4/24/2010 if the clouds above could only stop and stare Haikunature
4/18/2010 since when does lion rhyme with dying? Rhymedepressionme,
4/18/2010 i'll see you in hell daniel (return of the muse) Rhymeallegoryhate,
4/3/2010 Eternity Becomes Infinity Free versehappiness
4/3/2010 Tunnels Of Ambiguity Free verseimagination
3/30/2010 Poetic Endeavours Are Not Meant To Cure Us. Part 7-Humane Echoes. Free verseangst
3/30/2010 Poetic Endeavours Are Not Meant To Cure Us. Part 6-Howls. Free versedeath
3/30/2010 Circumferent Vortexes Of Perpetual Doom Rhymeconfusion
3/26/2010 Poetic Endeavours Are Not Meant To Cure Us. Part 5-Alone Free verseangst
3/26/2010 Poetic Endeavours Are Not Meant To Cure Us. Part 4-The Womb Of Creation Free versedepression
3/26/2010 Poetic Endeavours Are Not Meant To Cure Us. Part 3-The Same Free versehope
3/26/2010 Poetic Endeavours Are Not Meant To Cure Us. Part 2-Chaos Becomes Me Well Free versedepressionme,
3/18/2010 A to Z then back to A.(X is always the hardest, y and z follow closely though) ABCvisionary
3/14/2010 The Destruction Of Lotus - Electric Volcanoes 2 Free versefantasy
3/12/2010 electric volcanoes Rhymeallegory
3/11/2010 Asleep Free versepeople
3/11/2010 Return To Poetry Free verseon writing and words
3/11/2010 ion Free verseimagination
2/25/2010 Cascading Joys Free versenature
2/24/2010 questions fall upon muted ears when i write another pretentious title with no answers Free verseintrospection
2/24/2010 i swear i didnt know that aggravated assault was relaxing for zeroes Free versepassion
2/23/2010 the internet eats itself whilst diseased fools swear heartily ABCconfusion
2/22/2010 Sentimental Recluses Usher In New Emotions Via The Death Of Order Free verseconfusion
2/21/2010 if i can only transcend what poetry is then i shall be the poet i want to be at last Free verseon writing and words
2/21/2010 A Direct Response With Many Vowels Free verseon writing and words
2/21/2010 The Vowels Have All Disappered In A Concordant Din Free verseon writing and words
2/21/2010 Seperated Not So Much By Time But Rather By A Great Distance Because Of Loneliness Free verselost love
2/21/2010 if you dont read this poem its probably for the best as its complete brilliance mixed with rubbish Rhymefaith
2/21/2010 Fantasy is never funny if you don't understand what's looking over its shoulder(?(?)) I do not know?fantasy
2/21/2010 shatter (or how to go insane whilst melting your eyes in permanent gloom) Free versedeath
2/21/2010 insidious ramblings from death defying time travellers who know nothing Free versefantasylost,lost,time,
2/21/2010 My Heart Swells And Explodes With Love Whilst My Lungs Collapse From Unexpected Memory Loss Rhymeloss
2/21/2010 boring Free verseon writing and words
2/21/2010 Why (23 8 25) Free versevisionary
2/21/2010 Sky Digging Rhymeconfusion
2/21/2010 LESS Free verselife
2/21/2010 Pro Free versepolitical
2/20/2010 colours Free verseintrospection
2/20/2010 bankers + bullets Free versepoliticalworld,
2/20/2010 voting Free versepolitical
2/20/2010 Futurist Singings Free versevisionary
2/20/2010 money Free versephilosophy
2/20/2010 write and rong Free verseon writing and words
2/20/2010 ego Senryufunny
2/20/2010 blood Free versehealth
2/20/2010 Die Free versedeath
2/20/2010 5 Short Poems (iiiiiiiiiiiiii) Free verseintrospection
2/20/2010 collapse Free verseurban
2/20/2010 reject Free verseuplifting
2/20/2010 Squares Acrosticvisionary
2/19/2010 Hot Poems Rhymefunny
2/17/2010 Hurricane Lonely Quatrainnatural disasters
2/14/2010 Serene Haikunature
2/13/2010 Public Enemy Number One Free versepeople
2/13/2010 Cricket (Hit For Six) Senryusports

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