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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
8/5/2015 Open Book Biobio,conflict,
12/12/2013 For Granted ABCabsence
10/20/2013 Reality Told ABCabsence
10/20/2013 God Knows ABCabsence
10/20/2013 Crushed I do not know?absence
10/7/2013 Only If ABCspoken word
10/6/2013 Never Spoken ABCabsence
10/6/2013 Never Spoken ABCabsence
9/29/2013 Till You Wake ABCdeath
9/29/2013 Father's Deeds ABCabuse
9/29/2013 Buried Alive ABCblack african american
2/17/2013 Wonderland ABClove
12/20/2012 We Need a Holiday ABCinspirationalholiday,
10/10/2011 Work in Progress Rhymeon work and working,work,
8/15/2011 Righteous War ABChope,engagement,
7/30/2011 Still Blank verseart,
7/21/2011 Politicians I do not know?life
7/15/2011 Invisible I do not know?life
6/27/2011 Amazing I do not know?faith
6/27/2011 Today I do not know?inspirationaltime,
4/20/2011 Flowers I do not know?lifeme,me,
4/7/2011 I believe I do not know?love
2/2/2011 The End I do not know?depression
2/2/2011 Moving On Free verserecovery from...me,love,m
1/28/2011 Today I do not know?hopelife,
1/19/2011 Step by Step I do not know?black-african amer
1/19/2011 Reality I do not know?inspirationalchange,
1/4/2011 Fairy Tale I do not know?life
12/31/2010 Love Hate I do not know?girlfriend-boyfriendlove,
12/30/2010 Sometimes I do not know?faith
12/29/2010 Limits I do not know?depression
12/9/2010 Growing in Wisdom I do not know?black-african amerprayer,
12/7/2010 Bitter Melody I do not know?depression
12/6/2010 Ghetto Stories I do not know?black-african amerlife,tr
11/30/2010 Stay I do not know?love
11/23/2010 Where is the Money I do not know?inspirationalmoney,
11/10/2010 Road of Hope I do not know?black-african amerhope,dr
11/9/2010 No Words I do not know?love
10/24/2010 Olny a Man I do not know?father
10/11/2010 Forever? I do not know?lost love
10/7/2010 At Times I do not know?inspirational
9/20/2010 Depression or Recession I do not know?depressionwords,children,
9/16/2010 I'm Sorry I do not know?forgivenesswords,
9/12/2010 In Bloom I do not know?love
9/7/2010 Hero I do not know?family
9/5/2010 Mother I do not know?mothertime,
9/4/2010 Empty Words I do not know?lost love
9/1/2010 My endding Rhyme 
8/30/2010 Street Understanding I do not know?childhoodprayer,
8/24/2010 My Brother I do not know?family
8/21/2010 Love's Way I do not know?lovewords,
8/18/2010 The Flight I do not know?black-african amer
8/16/2010 Against Me I do not know?black-african amerme,
8/14/2010 Ghetto Forgotten Narrativesad
8/12/2010 Help I do not know?black-african amer
8/9/2010 Incarceration I do not know?life
8/9/2010 New Look I do not know?historyme,me,
8/7/2010 Yellow Brick Road I do not know?inspirational
8/6/2010 These Stripes I do not know?inspirational
7/31/2010 A Rose I do not know?hope
7/24/2010 Being Human I do not know? 
7/23/2010 Without Words I do not know?lovelove,
7/21/2010 Pain Forever I do not know?sad
7/20/2010 Forever Young I do not know?lifehistory,
7/15/2010 The Circle I do not know?introspectionjourney,
7/14/2010 Clear View I do not know?life
7/4/2010 In The Writing I do not know?inspirational
7/2/2010 Seeking I do not know?introspection
6/28/2010 When a Tear Falls I do not know?sad
6/27/2010 Walk Alone I do not know?sadlonely,
6/22/2010 Endless Love I do not know?love
6/20/2010 Pictures I do not know?funeral
6/19/2010 This Hope I do not know?hope
6/17/2010 Everything I do not know?loveme,me,
6/17/2010 Truly Need I do not know?lost love
6/17/2010 Immortal Tears I do not know?sympathy
6/16/2010 My Angel I do not know?love
6/15/2010 Praying I do not know?forgiveness
6/14/2010 Sing I do not know?song-lyric
6/14/2010 United I do not know?faith
6/14/2010 Life Within I do not know?on writing and wordslife,
5/25/2010 Life Told I do not know?history
5/24/2010 Future I do not know?inspirational
5/23/2010 Bitter Soul I do not know?confusion
5/21/2010 Your Faith I do not know? 
5/20/2010 This Room I do not know?depressionloneliness,me,
5/20/2010 Choices I do not know?business
5/19/2010 Four Walls I do not know?depression
5/19/2010 Stone Heart I do not know?sad
5/14/2010 No Goods in Goodbye I do not know?lost love
5/10/2010 You I do not know?girlfriend-boyfriend
5/5/2010 A Thousand Lives I do not know?inspirational
4/16/2010 New Beginning I do not know?girlfriend-boyfriend
4/15/2010 Human I do not know?girlfriend-boyfriendme,
4/15/2010 Hurting Soul I do not know?loveme,me,
4/14/2010 Enlightenment I do not know?inspirational
4/9/2010 Worthless I do not know?inspirationallife,life,
3/29/2010 Rearview I do not know?historylife,life,
3/24/2010 These Flowers I do not know?loss
3/20/2010 Tomorrow I do not know?me,me,

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Crashed Love I do not know?friendship,sad
Golden Arbor Haikunature,seasonsautumn,
Used Up I do not know?life

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