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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
3/25/2017 Animals Rhymeanimal,freedom,nature,
3/22/2017 Existence Blank versedeep,humanity,introspecti
12/18/2016 Winter Chill Free versedark,death,december,night
11/26/2016 Standing Rock Rhymehistory,loss,native ameri
11/21/2016 The Late-Night Ramblings of a Tired College Instructor: Part 2 Free verselife,
11/21/2016 The Late-Night Ramblings of a Tired College Instructor: Part 1 Free verselife,
11/20/2016 The Human Condition Free verseangst,death,deep,humanity
11/18/2016 Christmas Lights Free versechristmas,hope,humanity,l
10/29/2016 The Young Philosopher Free versebeauty,growth,nature,phil
10/11/2016 Time Cinquaindeath,life,time,
9/11/2016 Age of Intolerance Rhymediscrimination,humanity,i
6/14/2016 Bipolar Free versedepression,love,
5/17/2016 United States of Apathy Rhymepolitical,truth,
3/3/2016 Ode to Beer Free versedance,drink,freedom,happy
1/29/2016 Depression Free versedepression,
10/27/2015 Dawn of Autumn Free verseautumn,nature,
6/27/2015 Love Won Free verselove,rights,
4/7/2014 Star Stuff Free versescience,space,universe,
10/20/2013 Rise and Fall Cinquainlife,
9/14/2013 Nostalgia Rhymenostalgia,
5/29/2013 Space Rhymeconflict,relationship,
1/28/2013 Drinking with Elliott Free versemusic,thank you,
1/27/2013 The Media Rhymesatire,social,time,
1/22/2013 Smile Cinquainlove,
10/16/2012 Legacy of Love Rhymehope,love,day,light,day,l
7/1/2012 Coming Out Atheist Rhymegod,life,me,
6/21/2012 Without You Rhymelove,
1/16/2012 Waking Up Free verselove,
12/9/2011 First Snow Free versenature,
12/4/2011 Sick Free verseintrospection,sad,
10/31/2011 Growing Love Rhymelove,
9/28/2011 Autumnal Hymn Rhymeseasons,autumn,
7/1/2011 Without a Muse Rhymeintrospection
4/17/2011 Dying of the Day Rhymenature
4/3/2011 Decay Rhymeloss,
3/18/2011 Reunion Rhymeintrospection
2/17/2011 Cupid's Arrow Rhymeromanceme,
2/8/2011 Evening Passing Rhymenature
2/2/2011 The Storm Free versenature,storm,weather,wint
1/25/2011 Ode for the Open Road Rhymeintrospectionlonging,
1/14/2011 Morning Walk Rhymeintrospection
1/1/2011 Leave Rhymeintrospection
12/14/2010 Holiday Spirit Haikuseasons
12/14/2010 Before Rhymefriendshipme,me,
12/13/2010 Snowflakes Rhymenature
12/11/2010 Reaching Out Rhymefriend,friendship,introsp
12/9/2010 Prayer for Patience Rhymeintrospection
12/7/2010 Kindred Spirits Rhymefriendship
12/4/2010 Innocence Lost Rhymeintrospection
11/28/2010 Stargazing Rhymeintrospection
11/14/2010 A Wish and a Feeling Rhymeintrospectionlonging,me,
10/30/2010 Isolation Rhymeintrospection
10/17/2010 Changing Leaves Rhymeintrospection,love,nature
9/30/2010 Last Day Blank verseseasons
9/24/2010 When I'm Gone Rhymeintrospectionme,heart,hea
9/13/2010 Wasted Years Rhymefire,morning,old,snow,
9/7/2010 Autumn Days Rhymeintrospectionautumn,autum
8/4/2010 Picture Rhymeintrospection
7/12/2010 From A Distance Rhymeintrospection
6/30/2010 Roadways Rhymeintrospectionheart,longin
6/17/2010 Summer Musing Rhymeintrospection,
6/9/2010 Prayer for Friendship Rhymefriendship,friend,
6/8/2010 Growing Up Rhymeintrospection
6/6/2010 Beach Walk Rhymeintrospection
5/18/2010 Flashback Rhymeintrospection
5/7/2010 Letter to a Young Rap Artist Rhymeimaginationwrite,write,
5/4/2010 Someone's Baby Rhymeintrospectionbaby,baby,
4/3/2010 Waking Cinquainintrospection
12/30/2009 Winter II Cinquainnature
12/8/2009 Upstate Free verseplaces,sad
12/4/2009 Into Shadow Free verseintrospection
12/3/2009 Lost Verses Cinquainlove
11/3/2009 Divide Rhymeintrospection
10/28/2009 Drifting Rhymesad
10/24/2009 Return Cinquainintrospection
10/6/2009 The Journey Rhymelife
9/21/2009 Remembrance Cinquainfriendship
9/10/2009 The Captain Rhymeadventure,death,fantasy,s
9/6/2009 The Drive Rhymeintrospection,nostalgia,p
9/1/2009 Old Letters Rhymeintrospection
8/29/2009 Wishful Thinking Blank versefaith,introspection
8/23/2009 Alabama Songbird Rhymemusic,people,
8/21/2009 Midnight Rain Rhymenature
8/18/2009 Along the Way Rhymeintrospectionautumn,
8/7/2009 Moonlight Rhymenature
8/2/2009 December Past Rhymeintrospection,seasons
7/9/2009 Time to Grow Rhymeintrospection,life,nature
5/28/2009 Shooting Star Cinquainnature
4/19/2009 The Cost of Living Rhymelifeme,me,
3/21/2009 Old Forest Rhymenature
2/17/2009 Broken Free versesad,
12/13/2008 Cold Rhymefantasyme,
12/3/2008 All or Nothing Rhymeintrospectionme,me,
11/22/2008 Rising Above Rhymeintrospection
11/20/2008 Dear Friend Free versefriendshipme,
11/8/2008 Walls Cinquaindepression
11/5/2008 Guitar Song Free versefamily,music,
10/22/2008 In Passing Rhymeintrospectionme,me,
10/20/2008 Relief Rhymerecovery from...
10/8/2008 Sanctuary Cinquainintrospection

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POPPIES Imagismnature,people,philosophy,
Declaration Free versehappiness,love,passion,
Winter's Song Rhymefantasy,imagination,natur
Diffidence Free verseintrospection,lost love,l
Sweet Suburbia Free verseparody,places,sad,world,s

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