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About Cyndi MacMillan
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Cyndi MacMillan's current projects include three children's book series. Her "life as a writer' blogs can be read at  https://cyndimacmillan.wordpress.com/  Three of her poems have been published in Room magazine, issue 49.4, This Body's Maps, https://roommagazine.com/issues/bodys-map  Two poems have been published in the Prairie Journal ( Issue 67)http://www.prairiejournal.org/subscribe.html   Other poems can be found in Fieldstone Review, Issue 2015 http://www.fieldstonereview.usask.ca/article.php?article=167, Grain Magazine, issue 42.4, Summer 2015, Passed Signs/New Fields http://www.grainmagazine.ca/424  , The Steel Chisel, April 2016, http://www.thesteelchisel.ca/april2016_07.html.  The Centrifugal Eye, Spring 2016, the Unformed issue  http://www.centrifugaleye.com/ . She participated in the 20 Poem Challenge at The Ekphrastic Review: Writing and Art on Art and Writing, and twelve of her poems have been published by the journal.http://www.ekphrastic.net/apps/search?q=Cyndi+MacMillan.

Her fiction has appeared in local newspapers and has won contests. Her short story, Missed Steps, is forthcoming in the Windsor Review. She enjoys reading literary journals, and she is actively pursuing further publication within their glossy covers while writing chapter books and early middle readers.

Poetry soup is a friendly forum which enables people from around the world to share their writing. It has some great resources and provides a nice space for people to connect.

Cyndi lives in a small town in Ontario with her husband, young daughter and far too many books.



Blog Posted:4/16/2013 10:30:00 PM

Who knew that judging something written for children would be more difficult than judging something written for adults? Well, live and learn!

I loved each poem sent to me and ensured all those who attempted to meet my requests were on the winner’s list. Some did not include a summation at the end of their verse, a final CLOSING couplet (now I know my ABC’s. next time won’t you sing with me) so I gave out HM's... I still think the world of your entries!

What I saw, what I see, is that everyone who entered my contest really put in some effort and I am so touched that I will be able to give my daughter an anthology of work that was created by an International community of poets, a gift with purpose- priceless!

I do want to apologize for the delay in judging. I really do study each poem and wanted to ensure that your gems were given my full attention and the past two weeks have been rather... unpredictable.

Congratulations sent to all my winners and thanks sent to all those who entered  my contest

Again, thank you, my friends, for your entries, which I see as lessons for my girl, Verity.
Zaria is a country. I had wondered if anyone would do countries ... A is for Australia...and the book I am awarding is a Canadian Alphabet.

And the book goes to Rachel Fawcett, First place winner!

1st Place

A philatelic pandect
By Rachel Fawcett

A is for an album to hold my stamp hoard,
B is for back of book where my “specials” are stored.

C is for the cancellation that causes such strife,
D is for definitives with their unlimited life.

E is for excitement, the thrill of the find,
F is for fiscal and its financial bind.

G is for the gum that sticks them in the post,
H is for the hinges displaying those I love most.

I is for imperforates, those joined with no holes,
J is for a Johfra box to soak off without bowls.

K is for a killer mark that destroys a stamp’s worth
L is for local stamps with a limited dearth.

M is for the magnifying glass used for searching out flaws
N is for the newspaper stamps that brought headlines to our doors.

O is for “officials” with a government cachet
P is for postage due when the sender fails to pay.

Q is for the Queen’s head on all British stamps
R is for retouches and forgers re vamps.

S is for a stockbook for stamps that are spare
T is for tweezers to handle them with care.

U is for unused, a stamp postally mint,
V is for variety, it has a fault in its print.

W is for watermark to prove authenticity
X is for xanthic spots, rust, that strikes without pity.

Y is for youngsters and encouraging their dream
Z is for Zemstvo a rare Russian theme.

To see a stamp thrown in the bin, now that is such a crime,
I’ll revere it in my collection making it sublime.

I enjoyed this poem on a multiple of levels. I liked how the subject was tackled, not overly simplistic and yet an easy read for youngsters, a hard balance to achieve. It has a good flow, a real rhythm. The rhyme does not feel forced and is both engaging and informative. I could see this as a picture book, truly! And Rachel, this poem makes me want to introduce my daughter to stamps! Thank you for sharing this. You have won a book and I will be contacting you soon for a mailing address. Congratulations!

2nd Place

I Love Horses: A--Z
By Deborah Burch

A is for... Appaloosa. They have
blankets on their rumps.
B is for...Belgian. They work
hard and can pull up stumps.

C is for...Clydesdale. They're
BIG bays with white fluffy feet.
D is for...Dartmoore, a pony
from the moors--so sweet!

E is for...Egyptian, the finest
horse on desert sand.
F is for...Fresian: Big black War
Horse--a Knight's demand.

G is for...Gypsy Vanner, a rare
beauty like fairy tales.
H is for...Hanoverian. The best
all-round from England hails.

I is for...Irish Tinker. A loyal
horse that's black and white.
J is for...Java Pony. He's
Indonesia's working sprite.

K is for...Knapstrup. He's a
horse full of leopard spots!
L is for...Lipizzaner: Grey
leapers known in the Big Tops!

M is for...Mustang. Wild and
Free--roams America's West.
N is for...Nonius: Big-headed
black and drives the best.

O is for...Oldenburg. Dressage
ribbons just get bigger.
P is for...Palomino. Roy Rogers
named his, Trigger.

Q is for...Quarter Horse,
cowboy's fav'rite! Does
R is for...Racking Horse. His
ride's so smooth it will make
you sing.

S is for...Spotted Saddle Horse,
Gaited beauty everyone loves.
T is for...Thoroughbred. Racing,
"The Sport of Kings", he does.

U is for...Ukrainian Riding
Horse: Beautiful born after
War's end.
V is for...Vlaamperd: Flemish
black stallion and true friend.

W is for...White Horse(Albino).
The Lone Ranger's 'Silver'--of
X is for...Xilingol. He's
Mongolia's riding draft horse.

Y is for...Yonagui, a chestnut
pony from Japan.
Z is for...Zebra: African wild
but tamed by man.

A personal therapist long past
the end,
The love of a horse...is the
love... of a Friend.

Oh, what girl doesn’t adore horses? So well done, this! And I know my girl will love to have this one read to her. It both educates and entertains. Such a charming poem and I hope that this is shared with many youngsters. I especially like O is for Oldenburg. Again, I must say that I can easily see this as a published book, nicely illustrated. 

Q is for Quinoa
By Heather Ober

A is for Avocado, the creamy, green nutritious fat.
B is for Berries, the fruit that keeps your tummy flat.

C is for Chia, most nutrient-dense of all the seeds.
D is for Dandelion - it's more than just a pesky weed!

E is for Eggs, the perfect snack to keep you lean.
F is for Flax - to sprinkle lightly on your greens.

G is for Ginger, the spice that fights off germs and soothes.
H is for Honey, nature's cure for the sweetest tooth.

I is for Iodine - from salt, it keeps your thyroid sound.
J is for Jalapeno, the red-hot kick to melt those pounds.

K is for Kale - to be lightly steamed without the stem.
L is for Lettuce, its popular and crunchy friend.

M is for Milk, for sparkling teeth and sturdy bones.
N is for Nuts - a handful and your tum won't groan.

O is for Oats, fiber-filled and gluten-free.
P is for Pistachios, sly cholesterol's enemy.

Q is for Quinoa, the complete protein that fills you up.
R is for Raisins - a ton of iron in a quarter cup.

S is for Salmon, the oily fish with omega-3.
T is for Tomatoes, nature's very own sunscreen!

U is for Udon, the pasta you can eat guilt-free
V is for Vinegar - it makes dressings low in calories.

W is for Water, which hydrates to de-bloat your gut.
X is for Xylocarp, a fancy term for coconut.

Y is for Yogurt, the probiotic masterpiece.
Z is for Zucchini, which lowers risk of heart disease.

Your body is a temple, I'm sure you've all been told,
So fill it up with healthy foods, and you'll grow young - not old!

A is for awesome! Any nutritionist would want to get their hands on this poem.  It is truly well done. I’m not only going to print off a copy for my daughter but plan to post one on my fridge. I had never heard of Udon and look forward to searching it out at the local healthfood store. Thank you for sharing this with Soupers. You just may improve our health, hon!

Second to None
By Bernard Colasurdo

A is for Amazing we all wish to be
B is for Blessings that help us to see

C is for Caring which humbles our world
D is for Dancing where joy is unfurled

E is for Empathy that makes a great friend
F is for Friendships we hope never end

G is for Goodness that makes our light shine
H is for Hope in a world so sublime

I is for Incredible, which stands out in a crowd
J is for Joy that smiles so loud

K is for Kisses that make our hearts sing
L is for Love that trumps everything

M is for Memories that highlight our life
N is for “Never” that causes us strife

O is for Open that closes out hate
P is for Persistence in following fate

Q is for Questioning, cause wisdom it brings
R is for Ressurection and the Hope that it springs

S is for Sensational which all love should be
T is for Thankfulness for what God gave to me

U is for Unconditional love that is treasured
V is for Volumes that cannot be measured

W is for Wondrous, Joy to extremes
X is for Xanadu that resides in our dreams

Y is for Yearning as it helps us find bliss
Z is for Zealous Love, that made me write this

So if all these words were bound up in one
Ahhh! There’s a life that’s second to none!

Oh, I was so MOVED by this one. This one is truly poetry – the contradiction in Open/close made me smile. This also had my favourite summation and in the years to come, I know my daughter will get more and more from this gem. So glad it was entered!

3rd Place

A is for Antenna
By S. Jagathsimhan Nair

A  is for Antenna, the two-in-one, receiving in and transmitting away.
B  is for Broadband, to fire away on the high speed  digital highway.
C  is for Current, what a beauty, it is all but  free- electron- flow.
D  is for decibel, not the horrible, but a logarithmic unit and a ratio.
E  is for Electrons, the teeny weeny charged particles, so light
F  is for Fibre, or simply glass that passes streams of bits as light.
G  is for Gain, could also mean loss, a measure of what’s in and what’s out.
H  is for Harmonics, often unwanted multiples that are up and about.
I  is for Ionosphere, the  upper reaches of appreciable ionization
J  is for Jitter, Who wants this unwanted, random fluctuation
K  is for Klystron, just a tube which, in the microwave range, oscillates
L  is for Limiter, thank God, the input to a system , it limits.
M  is for Modulation, a  wave-on -wave  super imposition
N  is for Noise, the hated disturbances due to heat’s action
O  is for Oscillators, they  are  from low to ultra high frequency
P  is for Pulse, not of the heartbeat, but a quick  shot of energy.
Q  is for Quartz, the stabilizer that is piezo-electric
R  is  for Regeneration, recuperating-the- sick- signal- trick.
S  is for Semiconductors, not semi-precious, but indispensable
T  is for Transmission, making   communication finally possible,
U  is for Unlimited Plans, the veritable godsend for the customer
V  is for Voltage, the difference of potentials, one should remember.
W  is for Waves, electromagnetic waves not the ones in the ocean,
X  is for X-rays, against which the engineer should exercise caution
Y  is for Yagi,  it’s only an antenna, not a yogi or a tribal totem
Z  is for Zirconium,   hungry for neutrons in the context of atom.

That puts in a nutshell the revolution
Of electronics and communication.

What a fun way to handle a serious subject! I know that in the years to come, that this poem will be brought out and discussed at length, as it teaches so much and builds curiousity. If my girl goes into this field, it may be because you "sparked" an interest.

circle gets the square
By Joseph May

A  is for algebra, where numbers are represented by letters
B  is for base, a base ten number  system is much better

C  is for circle, it goes round and round
D  is for degree, in a circle, 360 are found

E  is for equation, an assertion of the equality of two expressions
F  is for fraction, it's the ratio of two expressions

G  is for graph, a diagram showing the relationship between two numbers
H  is for hypotenuse, a triangle's longest side, easy to remember

I   is for integer, positive or negative numbers that are whole
J  is for justification,  proof of a solution, so  I'm told

K  is for kilometer, that's almost a mile
L  is for line, it has one dimension and can go on for a while

M  is for median, the most common value in a group
N  is for numerator, its the top number in a fraction, like a hoop

O  is for octagon,  the number of sides are eight
P  is for pentagon, it has five sides  and that's great

Q  is for quotient, the result of a division
R  is for ratio, the relationship between two expressions

S  is for square, with equal sides of four
T  is for triangle, it has three sides, no more

U is for unit, a standardized quantity
V is for volume, the quantity of a three dimensional entity

W is for whole number of which there are a lot
X is for x- axis, the horizontal axis for coordinates , a plot

Y  is for y- axis, the vertical axis  a coordinate system brings
Z  is for zero , it's not  even one thing

We talked about fractions. circles, and squares
Next, we'll explore lions,  tigers,  and bears

What a hard theme to take into poetry- math! But Joseph nailed it with this kid-friendly verse. He makes it look easy! The couplets “team up” well, placement makes sense. I really enjoyed the explanations and the piece’s subtle charm! Way to go! 

Flower Children
By Debbie Guzzi

A is for Annie Apple Blossom she buds in the Spring.
B is Betty Baby Breath she's such a dainty thing.

C is for Miss Candy Tuft pink-cheeked with hair of gold.
D is Debbie Dandelion who never does what she's told!

E is for Easter Lily she's as white as snow.
F is Francie Fairy Bells who ring-a-lings where she goes.

G is for Ginny Gardenia perfumed oh so sweet.
H is Holly Hocks a Tomboy, she has two left feet!

I is for Inca Lily dressed in colors light.
J is Joanie Jump-Ups, Johnny's little sister bright.

K is for Katie Kangaroo Paw her nails are painted red.
L is Lila Lady Slipper who stays too long a bed.

M is for Merry Morning Glory dressed in pale blue.
N is Nancy Narcissus who trumpets ""toodeloo!"

O is for Olivia the Ox-Eyed Daisy dolly.
P is Patty Petunia, her pancakes are a folly.

Q is for Queenie Anns Lace her dresses all have ruffles.
R is Ruby Rose-a-lee who almost always shuffles.

S is for Sandy Snap Dragon tall and thin. petite.
T is Tallulah Tulip her clothes are so off beat!

U is for Uma Umbrella Flower, sweet and sunny.
V is Vicky Violet she plays with Easter bunnies.

W is for Wendy Water Lily she'd rather swim than dance.
X is Xana Xmas Tree in Winter she's entrancing.

Y is for Yani Yarrow, a girl so bonny fair
Z is Zelda Zinnia, she pinning Yani's hair.

All our girls are fine and strong, so beautiful and brave
Not a single one of them would think to misbehave!

This was such a creative way to write for this contest and I loved the whimsical feel of the write. This reminded me of my grandmother’s garden, which was a favourite place for me. This would be delightful to see fully illustrated. Delightful and I know that Verity will really enjoy this once she starts school come September!

4th Place

The ABCs of Poetry by Joe Flach – Note to Soup Admin. Would like to see this one featured. Loved this!

Alphabet of Instruments by Reason A. Poteet – Beautiful, instructional and charming!

Let’s Dance from A to Z by Ruben O –Such a smile maker. We did a circle dance with the First Nations Peoples at our multicultural festival. She’ll soooo dig this one!

ABC World’s Famous Scientists in History by Leonora Galinta – Fantastic job! So much to glean here. I thought you made this subject fresh and interesting!

5th Place

A is for Angel, Z is for Zeal by Kim Merryman – wise words from a wise woman!

Insects A to Z by Caryl Muzzey – oh, too cool! She’ll go buggy for this. I did, too!

D is for Disney by Becca Luccas – Adorable and timely. She is just getting into some of the Disney movies (villains terrify her so we’re taking it slow) but this is soooo cute! I know this will become one of her faves!

6th Place

ABC of Disney Characters by Seren Roberts – Fun and adorable! Giggles will sail!

A is for... by Joyce Johnson – so much history in one tidy package. Great!

A to Z of Greatness by Olusgun Arowolo – Something we can all learn from.

7th Place

The Power of Flowers by Tahera Mannan – Such a lovely poesy of posies. Sweet!

The ABC’s of Being Human by Robert Johnson –  a character builder. Thank you!

A Cook’s Bounty by Deb Wilson. I loved the humour in this. All Greek to me! ?

8th Place

An Alphabet Feast by Craig Cornish – I gained 5 pounds just reading this, lol. Yummy write!

Sons and Daughters by Jack Horne I may need to hide this one till she’s +18 LOL. Thanks for the chuckle! Ahem exactly HOW do you pronounce that last name? Wink.

ABC’s of Life by Victoria Anderson-Throop –  this will lead to some good conversation, questions and discussions. Thank you!

9th Place

Seashells by the Seashore by Sara Kendrick This would be stunning on a shell shaped postcard, something every beach lover would treasure (I'm a beach enthusiast)

Things People Wear from A to Z by Andrea Dietrich – See France! LOL! Too cute and I can’t wait to show this to my girl (I’ll be putting the book together before her birthday!)

Beachside Food and Drink Slink – so much here! So educational and fun!

10th Place

An Alphabet of Talent by Ilene Bauer – This one made me chuckle. Oldies and goodies, but like rotary phones, I will need to explain this one to my girl!

Adjectives by Ayoola Goodness Lanre – Lovely, deep and meaningful. A pleasure to include on the winner’s list!

The Romance of Arrogance and Elegance by Joseph Hartley– So creative. A cool read!

1A philatelic pandectRachel Fawcett
Contest Winner Medal2I Love Horses: A--ZDeborah Burch
Contest Winner Medal2Second to NoneBernard Colasurdo
Contest Winner Medal2Q is for QuinoaHeather Ober
Contest Winner Medal3circle gets the squareJoseph May
Contest Winner Medal3Flower ChildrenDebbie Guzzi
Contest Winner Medal3A is for AntennaS.Jagathsimhan Nair

4Alphabet of InstrumentsReason A.  Poteet

4ABC  World's Famous Scientists In HistoryLeonora Galinta

4Let's Dance From A to ZRuben  O.

4The ABCs of PoetryJoe Flach

5A Is For Angel, Z Is For ZealKim Merryman

5Insects A to ZCaryl Muzzey

5D is for DisneyBecca Lucas

6A-Z OF GREATNESSolusegun Arowolo

6A is forJoyce Johnson

6z is for Zaria , ABC of Disney Characters ContestSeren Roberts

7The Power Of FlowersTahera Mannan

7The ABCs of Being Humanrobert johnson

7A Cook's BountyDeb Wilson

8Sons and Daughtersjack horne

8An Alphabet Feastcraig cornish

8ABC's of LIFE  for contestVictoria Anderson-Throop

9Beachside Food and Drink SlinksSheri Fresonke Harper

9Seashells By The SeashoreSara Kendrick

9Things People Wear From A to ZAndrea Dietrich


10An Alphabet of Talentilene bauer

10The Romance of Arrogance and EleganceJoseph Hartley

Honorable MentionEaster PicnicAnnalise Brigham

Honorable MentionMovie Mayhem---and I'm ExhaustedCarrie Richards

Honorable MentionABC of PoetrySuzanne Delaney

Honorable MentionZ is for ZariaMandy Tams The Golden Girl

Honorable MentionYouLucilla Carrillo

Honorable MentionQUANTUM PHYSICSSuzette  Crous

Honorable Mention                                 Z Is For Zaria : ABC CoupletTherese Bacha

Honorable MentionABCs of TV ShowsRobert Heemstra

Please Login
Date: 4/22/2013 1:58:00 PM
Hi Cyndi, I am new to the blogs so didn't know you could comment here. Instead I souped you. Anyway I am so thankful for your placing me in your awesome contest. I had fun writing this my first ABC poem. : )
Login to Reply
Date: 4/22/2013 1:11:00 PM
Thank you Cyndi, Its the first time i visit the blog, so i want to tell you thank you so much for accepting my poem as Honorable Mention, i am so proud that you chose it. Have a nice day, see you next time. Love Terry xoxo
Login to Reply
Date: 4/19/2013 11:23:00 AM
They were wonderful entries and so hard to judge! Everyone did great!
Login to Reply
Date: 4/17/2013 7:30:00 PM
Thank you Cyndi......such fun reading all the entries, and all the great ideas people came up with! Congrats to all !!
Login to Reply
Date: 4/17/2013 1:50:00 PM
Cyndi, this was a fantastic idea for a contest, and I'm so glad you liked my poem. I can't believe how clever and creative all of the entries are! What a cool idea for your daughter!
Login to Reply
Date: 4/17/2013 10:50:00 AM
Congrats to all the winners! tough contest but you wouldn't know it from reading these winners!
Login to Reply
Date: 4/17/2013 9:31:00 AM
Yay! : ) Im glad you like my "couplets"! Congratulations to all the winners!
Login to Reply
Date: 4/17/2013 9:07:00 AM
I've already read all the winning poems above and they're all excellent poems for children. They're all my favourites. Thank you so much my dear friend Cindy for sharing them and also for liking my poem, choosing it as one of the winners. I'm more confident now to post it on our school bulletin board :)). Thank you for this very wonderful contest. Many congratulations to you and to all my fellow winners. love lots, Leonora
Login to Reply
Date: 4/17/2013 8:59:00 AM
Congratulations to all the winners. This was fun to do and by the winners list, others went all out with this contest as well. :-) Thank you for the HM Cyndi. It was difficult for me to judge the level we were to write at. But having said that, my closing couplet says it all: "Nobel Prize winner for physics, Marie Curie, was 4 when she taught herself to read and write// Quantum physics is a branch of physics that uses quantum theory to get things just right"
Login to Reply
Richards Avatar
Suzette Richards
Date: 4/21/2013 11:28:00 AM
I see that my placement changed to 9th place on the Contest Winners List. Thank you once again :-)
Date: 4/17/2013 8:20:00 AM
Cyndi, i was wishing to see all the poems as winners in your contest. this is one of the most creative contest here on the soup.... and i think all poems were excellent and awesome. It was a surprise on how well every entry turned. It was very entertaining most poems were clever.... congrats to all.... Linda
Login to Reply
Date: 4/17/2013 6:07:00 AM
Hi Cyndi, Thank you so much for my placement..Congrats to all the winners!! Jag
Login to Reply
Date: 4/17/2013 12:36:00 AM
I read a lot of these poems already and really enjoyed them, Cyndi. Congrats to all! it was a fantastic idea.
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8/25/2014 HOSTEL, 1978 Free versehistory,places,
6/7/2014 TORRENT Sonnetcelebration,life,women,
4/8/2014 ROOTS Free versemoving on,power,teenage,
4/4/2014 GINGHAM AND LACE Versedaughter,love,
3/24/2014 50 GODS Free versegod,peace,philosophy,
3/15/2014 WINTER IN PORTLAND Free versedepression,winter,
2/25/2014 PITY THE PIRANHA Free verseintrospection,people,prej
2/2/2014 WORD ON THE STREET, 2009 Sonnetbooks,friend,places,poetr
1/31/2014 JOURNEY COMPANIONS: THE FRIEND SONNETS PART II Sonnetfriend,hero,places,poetry
1/29/2014 DIVINE STEEPLES Sonnetfriend,love,places,poetry
1/26/2014 MUSE Sonnetfriend,love,places,poetry
1/14/2014 MY HEART BELONGS TO MONTREAL Iambic Pentameterheart,places,
1/13/2014 EDUCATED Free verseeducation,life,truth,wisd
1/6/2014 THE STAND Prosetruth,
12/19/2013 EXPLORING THE BASEMENT Free verseabuse,childhood,courage,
12/12/2013 THE POET'S PRAYER Versepassion,poetry,
12/10/2013 UNHOLY Versewinter,
12/3/2013 LA VIE EN ROSE Light Poetrycharacter,imagination,
11/29/2013 RIPPLES Free versesad,writing,
9/28/2013 EMILY DICKINSON Sonnetpoetess,
8/6/2013 THE OTHER-WISE Free verseart,introspection,
7/24/2013 PIMPED Free versechildren,lust,society,
6/5/2013 BAIT, 1986 Free versegrowing up,lust,men,
6/3/2013 COME AND PLAY ME Lyricmuse,music,passion,romant
5/31/2013 haiku 6 Haikuchildren,summer,
5/28/2013 BLAMELESS Personificationrain,
5/22/2013 ALL FALL DOWN Sestinadeath,history,london,
5/5/2013 SUNDAY SOJOURN Haibungarden,morning,time,
4/28/2013 WOMEN Free versefriendship,gender,
4/26/2013 SYLVIA Crown of Sonnetslife,poets,writing,univer
4/20/2013 THE POET'S CREED Free versepoetry,world,writing,
4/18/2013 THE TYPESET OF ANAIS Free verselust,writing,
3/21/2013 PALADIN Free versepeople,sympathy,
3/12/2013 ALLUSIVE PEARL Free verseart,imagination,
3/11/2013 ELIZABETH'S DIARY Prose Poetryimagination,love,
3/6/2013 HIS-STORY Free verseimagination,night,
2/22/2013 haiku 3 Haikufunny,seasons,
2/17/2013 BIDALSANA Free verseme,passion,
2/12/2013 GURO, MAHAL KITA Sonnetfriendship,on writing and
2/7/2013 haiku 1 Haikuchild,seasons,metaphor,
2/3/2013 ALCHEMY Versefood,seasons,time,februar
1/8/2013 HIGHWAY OF TEARS Rhymemystery,women,women,
12/20/2012 THIS BLEAK HEREAFTER Terzanellechild,death,grief,night,m
12/6/2012 CASTING HIS LINE Rondeaudad,nostalgia,sports,
11/20/2012 HOMER'S HUES Free verseart,introspection,perspec
11/14/2012 happy haiku 2 Haikudaughter,introspection,li
11/5/2012 THE SONG OF DEBORAH Sonnetdevotion,friendship,
11/4/2012 SHADOWLANDS Free versedeath,faith,grief,history
10/30/2012 RIBBON TIED Sonnethealth,hope,life,
10/29/2012 LADY LIBERTY Sonnetinspirational,
10/29/2012 THIS TIME Sonnetintrospection,on writing
10/23/2012 THREE QUILLS Rhymeage,history,people,
10/18/2012 DAVID Sonnetfriendship,people,
10/13/2012 POETIC TART Light Poetryfunny,giggle,me,passion,
8/28/2012 VERS LIBRE, A CONSTANZA Rhymeon writing and words,word
8/27/2012 BLUE NOTES Sonnetart,blue,imagination,musi
8/24/2012 INSENSED Sonnetsad,sister,
8/15/2012 PEOPLE OF AUTUMN Sonnetfaith,longing,people,seas
8/15/2012 AUTUMN COLOURS Acrosticlife,seasons,autumn,thank
8/12/2012 DARFUR Sonneteducation,people,war,
8/7/2012 A VISIT TO THE NURSING HOME Balladdaughter,family,places,
8/6/2012 JE PRIE, I PRAY Free versehope,loss,places,words,he
7/31/2012 A TAPESTRY WOMAN Acrosticintrospection,life,
7/25/2012 WINDOWS Shapedeath,life,people,urban,
7/18/2012 A MINER'S PRAYER Kyriellehistory,life,people,
5/25/2012 IMMIGRANT Sonnetpeople,places,
5/23/2012 BURY ME IN BRAMBLE Free versedeath,introspection,snow,
5/1/2012 SISTERHOOD OF SIGHS Free versefriendship,
4/22/2012 ODE TO FIREFIGHTERS Odededication,old,people,
3/2/2012 PERFECT BLEND Sapphic stanzahappiness,holiday,
2/17/2012 EULOGY FOR THE ELDON GALLERY, WATERLOO Free verseart,grandmother,life,plac
2/6/2012 BOUNDLESS Free verselife,me,people,teen,
1/12/2012 CYANIDE Villanellelost love,lost,lost,
11/26/2011 Whispers of Moogsmoorwood Free verseadventure,fantasy,words,m
8/17/2011 TIM HORTONS: A CANADIAN THING Free versefood,life,people,

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Fav Poems

The Sowing Free versedevotion,
Ten Little Toes Rhymedaughter,lifeold,old,gran
Woodland Rhapsody Quatraininspirational,
Contradicting Keats Sonnetintrospection,life
Surrender to Love Rhymeloveme,
A Totum Pole Ode Concretenative american,people,
MORE DREAMS TO ROW Rhyme royalinspirational,life,
When the Tab Comes Due Free verseinspirational,introspecti
Lighting My Candle From Within Quintain (English)caregiving,introspection,
The Kirk by the Sea Coupletnostalgia,religion,love,
Moonlight on the Ward Chokahealth,life,
Nocturnal Poetry Rhymeimagination,life,poetry,
Slumber Epicdedication,epic,slam,
FROSTY NIGHT STROLL Coupletinspirational,seasons,
Our Thanksgiving Light Poetryholiday,
Tomorrow's Grace Ethereepeace,
A New Star Shines Above Hawaii Rhymededication,music,
Jesus, Our Savior Shapelife,religion,
Monarch of Summer Haibunanimals,devotion,inspirat
Untouched Rhymeforgiveness,me,me,
Midnight Pearls Than-Baukintrospection,love,
Beaucoup Blooms Terza Rimanature,spring,spring,
On Heaven's Doorway Narrativeinspirational,life,care,c
WALKING ON FAITH Versefaith,for children,
Beachworld Free verseplaces,sea,sun,
Sleepless Nights Narrativeangst,imagination,mystery
Another Face Rhymelost love,
Paired Parings Balladchildhood,
AUTUMN'S SPLENDOROUS BEAUTY Quatrainnature,autumn,autumn,
friend to friend Haikupeople,philosophy,
Calligraphy Verseon writing and words,
Cyndi Sonnetdedication,
Night Comes Rhymetime,
Without Hope's Gleam Terzanellehope,flower,flower,joy,pa
When Your Dead YOUR Dead Rhymefriendship,love,wife,
after my prayer Haikuinspirational,
Chamber Music Chopped Blank versemusic,
Down Fall Italian Sonnetbeautiful,miracle,nature,
God Forbid Coupletangst,devotion,write,life
To Kashinath and Cyndi Rhymededication,devotion,frien
CHERISHED Sonnetlove,peace,
Anticipation Free verseautumn,death,life,
Live the Cliches Free versedream,hope,love,poetry,in
Bliss State Quatrainfaith,
A tribute to Leonora G Dramatic Versedeath,deep,epic,evil,sorr
Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis Epicabuse,analogy,corruption,
A Reminder: To Be Free versetruth,writing,
IN THE MOOD Light Poetryadventure,woman,
SWITCH magazine Free versededication,hope,life,love
The Byway Rhymecare,
To Love Myself Sonnetlove,new year,self,
Westward Movement Free versedevotion,love,peace,
The Rocking Chair Rhymechild,christmas,sister,
To the Rescue Rhymesnow,
Onward Christian Soldiers Rhyme 
BEYOND TEARS Rhymechild,encouraging,hope,
Dewberry Cobbler Haibungrowing up,
Release Free verseencouraging,grief,hope,st
IN STILLNESS Free versechange,life,
Within Reason- Maurice Yvonne and Seren Roberts Verselife,
The Skeletons And Songs Of Samsara - 1 Crown of Sonnetsbirth,death,life,
Softly Sonnetpoetry,
CANDLES OF YOUR FINGERS Light Poetrydeath,memory,missing you,
Inner City Free versecity,

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