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I miss you,
the way you smell, the way you taste.

I miss you,
the smile my words put on your face.

I miss you,
how impossible life is, when you are away.

I miss you,
without your existence we all would fade.

I miss you,
it’s true, it’s something you can’t deny.

I miss you,
could you see your worth through these brown eyes.

If you,
could see how much you mean to me.

And how incredibly important you are,
for a true humanity.

It’s simple,
without you life cannot go on.

So never give yourself away,
or stay somewhere you don’t belong.

So all along,
if truth be told,
you’re worth so much more than diamonds and gold.

If you cannot see,
then please believe,
these words I have fought so hard to speak.

You are a queen, you’re royalty, the stars that shine above the sea.

The make-believe, in making sense, if you ever think you are anything less.

Your whole entity is precious,
and I’m talking all the way through.

So I wrote this poem,
to let you know,
how much I’m missing you.

I love you most, trust me.

Copyright © Tony Brady | Year Posted 2017

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One day

Playing with guns in the face of innocence,
Letting go of the trigger while hoping to live again.

Black tears from a corpse that has come back to life,
Because it’s already been written that you will survive.

To powerful you are, with the thoughts that you have,
You’ve been taken away, but one day you’ll come back.

Then from your mind you can now choose to act
with changing the future by fixing the past.

Make up for time lost by time learned from your trials,
To move mountains inches, then yards, and then miles.

Forgiven you are and ever so missed.

So turn back to your destiny,
And change hell into bliss.

Copyright © Tony Brady | Year Posted 2017

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Men stumble

Born from a line of kings,
to be the Messiah or the antichrist,
or something equally as great.

I have fallen from the path that was laid before me,
but I will not, I cannot,
fail my fate.

My eyes have been forced wide open,
so my realities I must face.

And for all of those who are hoping,
that I’ll take my rightful place.

I have failed you for now,
yes, I have let you down,
but I am still alive.

So please hold on and forgive my wrongs,
and I will lead us toward the skies.

I will give my everything,
that I have to give,
because I know you are worth this love.

Then we can dance,
in the Golden halls,
and sing of what once was.

Copyright © Tony Brady | Year Posted 2017

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I feel the weight

Sometimes I feel like I’m bleeding to death,
slowly dying as the present passes me by.

I’m stuck within this cage because of the things that I have done,
but punished far too harsh for one of such a strong life.

A more powerful love to boast,
a most righteous path is mine.

If only I could find a way,
to not miss passing time.

Hold on without me please,
and forgive my absence when I return.

Maybe we can still do what we need,
to try and fix this world.

We have so many memories still to make,
games to play, laughs to share and things to taste.

I cannot wait to live again,
and shed the weight of this life of pain.

Because I am broken without you,
but working just enough to proceed.

It’d be easier to just lay down and die,
but that just isn’t me.

So never forget that time still goes on,
and one day before you know it,
I’ll no longer be gone.

Copyright © Tony Brady | Year Posted 2017

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Moves along

One day you say I'm your favorite,
the next, life is flipping through pages.

I don’t understand all these places,
but I’ve never been afraid of the unknown.

So I’ll keep smoking my hazes,
until the end of time and ages.

Just hold my hand and I’ll say it,
and onto tomorrow we’ll go.

I have missed you always,
especially on days like today.

So hold onto hope and my name,
and maybe we’ll find a way.

Until then I’ll be brokenhearted,
and work my way back to where it all started.

Because our dreams will take us the farthest,
from this bent and broken road.

We might find peace if we try,
and then I can look you in the eyes.

And say that I’m sorry for lost time,
but I’m never going to say goodbye.

So keep your faith in this,
and we will play like kids.

Because this world is too damn big,
to just stop and let it go.

Understand how much I love you,
never forget what we have been through.

Because the future is coming our way,
and forever on we'll go.

Copyright © Tony Brady | Year Posted 2017

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Her lover's garden

She walked amongst the garden pews,
to smell the rose and honeydew.

She walked under the waning moon,
milky white with sweet perfume.

The restless chirped and sang their songs,
and cold wind kissed her hair and skin.

Although alone, well she was not,
for in her heart she still held him.

The one who left and disappeared,
or maybe died for all she knew.

But he was there inside her mind,
the night she walked under the pews.

A somber feeling enveloped her,
keeping one safe on a mission’s stead.

She turned to see that dark shadow,
first pricks of fear inside her head.

The yew it wasn’t far away,
and in its bark, carved both their names.

Something kept her feet at bay,
instinct or hate she could not say.

Hate for him or for the dark,
though that was what had brought her here.

She leaned to gain a better look,
then felt the warmth upon her ear.

Jump and gasp,
too scared to scream.

Then turned to see,
the source of breath. 

But only there, the roses gleamed,
Underneath what moon was left.

A thousand drums rang in her ears,
In such silence, the heart’s so loud.

And only then did she realize,
as it began to ebb, there was no sound.

The crickets and beetles and buzzing flies,
or whatever at this hour kept.

Had stopped singing their lullabies,
she never felt more by herself.

That’s by herself, but not alone.
Because something else was in this place.

She turned to look towards her home,
but felt she’d never win that race.

She would be caught or her path blocked,
far too late to scream and shout.

A horror dawned about this garden,
with one way in and one way out.

A strength then tried to flicker to life,
but despair had long ago pulled her down.

If only her love had never left,
she thought, just when she heard the sound.

A ghost appeared both small and low,
slinking bright out the dark shadow.

And as it walked she realized,
it was to a cat, this fear she owed.

Heart beat again and cheeks brought to red,
as she pet the purring by her feet.

But then she touched on something wet,
the cat no longer seemed so sweet.

Her nervous giggling stopped at once,
and the beast looked up into her eyes.

She jumped again, though this time ran.
Straight into the arms of her demise,

He kissed her lips and held her tight.
She recognized her lover’s taste,
Then found she could not breathe again,
and when she looked he had no face.

Copyright © Tony Brady | Year Posted 2017

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Being beautiful beyond that of the physical form,
by the only way she knows to exist.

Her heart and her soul and her sacrifice,
even when in shadow are devils amidst.

Still she chooses to struggle to give,
because of love from a heart truly pure.

Even through times, unfair with their lies,
this woman continues to give more.

So I love her equally with all of my heart,
and shall forever remember her deeds.

I’ll pray for you and the rest of the world,
that you may meet such a woman,
and one day be as lucky as me

Copyright © Tony Brady | Year Posted 2017

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Your existence

I see you are one of the fairies,
the life of the light of this world.

Opening up opportunities,
with the flowers and love you unfurl.

Satyrs and centaurs gather to the call,
hearing the despair in your voice.

Fearing the pain in my song,
when all along there was a better choice.

From the throng of a broken heart,
my eyes burned so moist.

Only those misunderstood,
could attempt to try and understand.

I know in my soul that I can,
and I think you might be able too.

From the way that your heart slowed,
and then just sped straight on through.

Because we have been here before,
and I will get up again.

Have faith in us,
because, I know that you can.

And then we will plan,
for a future so beautiful.

Fight for what we want,
just like the heroes do.

You know you bring such a beauty to this life,
it’s nothing new.

I have learned to appreciate the color of truth,
from the view of your face and the taste on your lips.

I love you.
you make me love this world.

So long as fairies and fireflies are allowed to exist,
I hold hope in tomorrow’s future.

Knowing that with you, we’re a bit beyond bliss.

Copyright © Tony Brady | Year Posted 2017

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A moments hope on this early page,
A wishful dream not so far away.

Such reasons to live and but few to stay,
Should I find my answers either way?

I’d lost my sight  and strayed for a moment,
but to still hold on seems my only way.

I felt the power in my soul when I wrote it,
 slowly I’m feeling it fade away.

Ashes to diamond, my weakness to strength,
Guiding the light to my brighter day.

Keeping myself is the first component,
then watching the rest just fall to place.

I’ll find her there, I’ll find them all,
And all will know when that time has come.

The roots are resilient and the fruit not yet poisonous,
Even if too bitter to be eaten by some.

I can guide this star, but so could you,
 Should I fail to see or lose my way.

By the red of the sun or the white of the moon,
With hope we can find that final day.

Copyright © Tony Brady | Year Posted 2017

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The way you sound when you roll in,
to feel your granules against my skin.

Your salty smell is magnificent,
I love you with all I hold within.

To walk on you feels like the moon,
to say your name can brighten a room.

Can fix the mood or heal a wound,
I cannot wait to get back to you.

You love the sun and so do I,
to lay with you under blue skies.

Can make all worries go goodbye,
as you sing your soothing lullabies.

One day I will live with you,
then every day we'll share its true.

I know how much you miss me too,
so just hold on,
I’ll be home soon.

Copyright © Tony Brady | Year Posted 2017