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Looking to Sea

I walk along the ocean shore
Seeking refuge from all my strife.
The wave-soaked sand serves as my floor.
Stars guide my reflections on life.

I cast my gaze to ocean’s roar
In search of helpful solutions; 
Like countless other souls before,
Wanting more than trite locutions.

Just then a vessel passes by,
Its lights merely a few dim specks;  
Its dip below horizon nigh,
Concealing those who ply its decks.

The steady din of waves breaking
Washes my consciousness to sleep;
‘Til seagull’s squawk gets me waking,
And pondering the ocean’s deep.
Now back to my thirst for answers,
For enlightenment from the seas;
Distant waves break – tiny dancers, 
Possibilities in its breeze.
Maybe that’s the sum of it all -
The shore’s a retreat from our fuss; 
A harbor from life’s random squall,
But the steering is up to us.


Copyright © Bartholomew Williams | Year Posted 2017

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Stargazing Reflections

Stargazing, I sense the enduring universe and my mortal self.

Copyright © Bartholomew Williams | Year Posted 2017

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Glaciers are Weeping

For thousands of years, ice giants were sleeping.
But now, these dense “blue ice” glaciers are weeping.
Warnings that in many ways bear repeating.
Global climate change speeds glaciers’ retreating.

In Alaska and Glacier National Park,
The melting of ancient glacial ice is stark.
Half the world’s glaciers – in Land of Midnight Sun*, 
But in Glacier NP**, soon there will be none.

Years hence, will Alaska have any at all?
Loss of these ice bodies a clear wake-up call.
Value majestic Alaska, like Seward***?
Care for glaciers; each of us a good steward?

Alaska’s Exit Glacier – leaving for good?
Will black stone stand where Blackstone Glacier once stood?
In Montana, Blackfoot Glacier shrinks each day.
The other twenty-four headed the same way.

Glaciers’ demise may get more than them crying.
Their loss may mean earth’s human life is dying.
Glacial and polar ice death no mystery;
If we do nothing, glaciers are history.
Signed, Saddened for the Sobbing, Shrinking Glaciers


* Alaska is known as the Land of the Midnight Sun.
** National Park is often abbreviated “NP”.
*** Then U.S. Secretary of State, William H. Seward, negotiated the United States’ purchase of Alaska from Russia in 1867.

Copyright © Bartholomew Williams | Year Posted 2017

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Freedom is never free.
Respect our liberty.
Enjoy its many rights.
Expect it may cause fights.
Democracy survives,
Only if backed with lives.
May we not let it die.


Copyright © Bartholomew Williams | Year Posted 2017

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To Be with Her

I struggle nobly to describe my love.
Her voice! It calms my soul like peaceful dove.
Desire for her burns deep within my heart. 
Her beauty shames a priceless work of art.

To be with her is much of my life’s joy;
I feel for Greeks who saved Helen from Troy.
I think about what life was like before;
Glad I’ve no other lover to look for. 

Do I compare my love to starry night?
The countless lights that strive to be so bright?
Her grace and elegance cause me to sigh.
I am a better man when she is nigh.

To pass the time away from her is pain,
But worth it all when I see her again.


Copyright © Bartholomew Williams | Year Posted 2017

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Tell Them Now

If you appreciate others, tell them now,
While it still can add to their sense of self-worth.
To wait is a mistake many make because
No one knows how much time they have left on earth.

If you admire her kind generosity,
Or how he selflessly gives to those with needs;
Letting them know sooner rather than later, 
Encourages them to do other good deeds.

Gratitude has positive ripple effects;
Expanding circles - lives we affirm and touch.
Avoid regrets about dearly departed,
By telling them now they matter and how much.

Submitted: February 10, 2017

Copyright © Bartholomew Williams | Year Posted 2017

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Still a Brave New World Ahead - Cloning, Eugenics Not Dead

Is government control of humans’ birth, aging, and dying
In century 26, as practiced by a new World State;
Different from 20th century’s use of eugenics,
Which used “fitness” to determine people’s reproductive fate?

A high-tech London, where humans’ material needs are met,
Setting of Aldous Huxley’s, Brave New World, utopian tale;
Sterile world of human cloning and conditioning to castes,
Recreational soma drug and sex use on widespread scale.

In respite from his boss’ – the DHC’s – awkward confessions,
Bernard and Lenina fly to the Savage Reservation. 
There they meet Linda and her young adult son, John “the Savage”,
Fathered by DHC 20 years before, on vacation.

Bernard publicly presents Linda and John to DHC,
Bringing Director of Hatcheries and Conditioning [DHC] down.
DHC flees from “sin” of involvement in natural birth.
Bernard and new celebrity, John “the Savage”, gain renown.

Finally, John rejects the soma, sex, and clones of London,
Spurns Lenina’s moves and keeps soma from “lower” Delta caste.
His retreat to do penance draws crowds and curiosity;
Leads to suicide by hanging – John’s perceived freedom at last.

This Brave New World’s parallels to eugenics cannot be lost,
Since, in both cases, the state had a hand in who lives and dies.
American Breeder’s Association, “better babies,”
Forced sterilizations – how U.S. eugenics took its guise.

Human cloning now – gene, reproductive, or therapeutic –
Raises a host of ethical, moral, and other issues.
Somatic nuclear transfer to clone human embryos
Evokes Brave New World’s ‘soma’ in copying people’s tissues. 

Eugenics – legal in U.S. until 1970’s;
Its dehumanizing nature gone from society’s norms?
With current human cloning research, genetic ‘shopping’, more,
No one’s safe ‘til humankind is respected in all its forms.


Copyright © Bartholomew Williams | Year Posted 2017

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To some,
A chance to
Show character,
While to others, a
Huge adrenaline rush;
Heart pounding, muscles tensing,
To confront the danger head-on.
Opportunity or enemy?
Not truly known ‘til we face that moment.

Date:  1/24/17

Copyright © Bartholomew Williams | Year Posted 2017

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To Uplift, or Live Adrift

I ponder my existence beyond the breakers,
Navigating depth’s perils past shallows of youth.
Will I rise with the tides and lift up those near me,
Or will I drift along unanchored by the truth?

Avoiding a solo Melville-penned fate, or wreck,
Depends on my “see man” skills and good attitudes.
Striving to be a vessel of encouragement,
As my life’s journey marks increasing latitudes.

Experience stored as miles pass under my keel;
To have all the answers I surely don’t pretend.
With care and service among my mental cargo,
I am ready to help any mariner friend.

And so it is for all who sail upon life’s seas;
Constant watch on the horizon, helm, and radar.
Make no ties, steer alone, try to stay on course; or
Give the hope and guidance of a familiar star.

February 9, 2017

Copyright © Bartholomew Williams | Year Posted 2017

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Holiday Happiness

The holidays arrive with fall’s last call,
As frost’s glazed fingers tuck in frozen earth. 
Thanksgiving gathers kinsfolk one and all,
With memories and fun beyond mere worth.

The calendar soon finds December late,
With Christmas joy and greetings all at hand.
Details to tend to prior to that date,
But season’s meaning – do we understand?

A New Year may refresh our souls and roles,
With resolutions we all hope to keep.
By weighing more than just our wants and goals,
Improved relationships we’ll sow and reap.

By smartly skipping season’s snares of strife,
Our holidays give happiness for life.


Copyright © Bartholomew Williams | Year Posted 2018