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Best Poems Written by Mpho Kgaswane

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Broken friendship

In a whirlwind two friends started to quarrel over nothing
By the end of a long day it became something.
Fists, kicks, bricks and insults were in the heat,
The two friends were reluctant to accept defeat.

In the storm the fight came from nowhere,
But it was surely heading somewhere.
The two couldn’t see eye to eye for a resolution
And failed to reach for a solution.

Like lightning the dispute came in a flash
Their ship called friend went into a crash
They encountered a hardship in a fume
 Saw no need to keep their friendship that was in a flame.

Within the flood the argument flowed to separate
Their much needed means to tolerate.
Their feelings were broken into shattered piece
That they could not assemble into one peace.

Copyright © Mpho Kgaswane | Year Posted 2016

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Let me be

You may not like my being
You may hate my appearance
The way I dress up and the way I smile
Don’t humiliate me, don’t insult me
I am one of God’s image and creation
Cannot please your standard of perfection.

You and I may not see eye to eye
You may not like what I believe in
My faith, my values and point of view
Please, don’t stifle me or reject me
God has blessed us with many talents
I don’t need your personal judgments.

We may not be friends
You may hate my background
Where I come from and my history
Why taunt me? Why bother me?
I want to bring glory to God’s name
Cannot dwell under your standard of shame.

You may not cherish who I am
But perish not yourself
With your hatred and your prejudices
Remember, God’s world is so vast for us to enjoy
You are free to go your way
And please let me go my way.

Copyright © Mpho Kgaswane | Year Posted 2017

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More than a crush

I first saw you at the funfair
Joy and laughter were high in the air
It felt like more than a crush.

Caught a sight of you walking at the mall
Nearly caused my heart to fall 
It was more than a crush.

Then I saw you sitting by the lakeside
I felt very warm inside
It was more than a crush.

Each time I saw you I would freeze
It was as if there was a breeze
Making me go weak on my knees
For it was more than a crush.

Though I saw you at midday
I thought about you everyday
Went on my knees to pray
To have you by my side along the way.

Then there you were working at a farm
Wanted to grab you into my arm
It was more than a crush.

In a people filled room
My eyes and yours would zoom
Because it was more than a crush.

You looked so so fine
I wanted to ask you out for a dine
It was more than a crush.

Then you were strolling on the shore
And I knew for sure
That what I felt was more than a crush.

It was that feeling of love
That was sent from above.

Copyright © Mpho Kgaswane | Year Posted 2017

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Ode to the woman

Woman, you are most beautiful within you.
When you show wisdom that is treasured in your heart.
When you proclaim the truth to save lives.
When you give with compassion.
When you open your heart and consider those in need.

Woman, you are most beautiful with your soft voice.
When you give gentle answers that repels anger,
And say the right words that give comfort.
When your tongue gives wisdom and good advice.
When your voice sings to comfort the downtrodden and entertain the fun lovers.

Woman, you are most beautiful with your gentle touch.
When you heal and close the open wounds.
When you softly pat our backs with comfort or to congratulate us.
When you multi task at home and out to produce warmth and creativity.
When you sway your hands to direct the lost and persuade the confused.

Woman, you are most beautiful with your distinct sense of smell.
When you choose the right spices to cook a good meal.
When you pick the correct fragrances for specific occasions.
In the garden, when you pick the best flowers to brighten our lives.
When you are able to smell trouble, wickedness and avoid it. 

Woman, you are most beautiful with your wise foresight.
When you are able to predict events to come.
When you see unique things and make the right choice.
When your eyes are able to pierce through the hard hearts.
When your eyes smile with love and exude light amidst darkness.

Woman, you are most beautiful when you lend an ear.
When you patiently listen to the frustrations of others, and
When you understand and are able to give good advice.
When you listen to God’s guidance and act accordingly.
When you hear the cry of the needy and offert your help.

Woman, you are most beautiful with your delicate stride.
When you pave the way for others to walk.
When you step out in fashion and set trends.
When you walk with pride amidst the battle.
When your footsteps echoes and set an example.

Woman, you are beautiful

Copyright © Mpho Kgaswane | Year Posted 2016

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Living a lie

Here I was pretending 
Not to see the truth that laid before me.
Forever suppressing my correct thoughts 
That were safely locked up in my unconscious.
But, presenting my views and opinion as if
The truth never existed…

Here I was ignoring
To look at the truth that laid before me.
Always repressing my real feelings
From the cockle of my heart.
Yet, smiling and beaming as if 
The truth never existed…

Here I was avoiding
To face the truth that laid before me.
Constantly curbing my true actions
That stood at the edge of my cognizance.
Nevertheless, displaying my pseudo me as if
The truth never existed…

But only to finally learn that
With the forever, always and constant lie,
Lie that I was living
Was a short life.
And only the truth has the
Forever, always and constant life.

Copyright © Mpho Kgaswane | Year Posted 2016

Details | Mpho Kgaswane Poem

Forgiveness -Revised

At times one has to let bygones be bygone
When endless thoughts of pain
Become wrapped up and done
When inner peace has to settle in once again.

It is when the heart aims to be pure
Forcefully letting go of the bitter past
Amending the present to move towards the future
Promising eternal peace that lays so vast.

Although memories of pain can never perish
It up to man to avoid any feelings of hate
But look towards that harmony that one so cherish
And which may determine one’s fate.

Soon one learns that keeping a grudge may confine
One’s inner peace, but forgiveness is divine.

Copyright © Mpho Kgaswane | Year Posted 2017

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Ode to a dream lover

A thought about you would make me slip into those day dreams.
In one which we would be comfortably eating our ice-creams,
While sitting on the beach enjoying the warm simmering sun
That was gradually awakening and tickling our sense of fun.

In the evening we would be sitting and having dinner under the candle lit,
The smell of our favorite dishes wafting in the air and the music forming the lilt.
The next day you would be sending me fresh red roses with a love letter,
Telling me how you miss me already and wishing I would be better.	

In another we would be having a picnic, sitting by the verdant countryside.
Our love, tears and laughter would be undulating, natural and hard to hide.
Every smell, sight, savor and sound in the atmosphere would be idealistic
Naturally our thoughts would merge together to be romantic.

Not even the ricochets of the free flowing river,
Would ever awaken my senses from my reverie.

Copyright © Mpho Kgaswane | Year Posted 2017

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The city person's ballad: urban versus rural

Let us sit together
And let me dwell in your mist
And I will tell you a story
About city life versus rural life.

Now, the city has been known to be a place of lights
But many have discovered many fights
And a violation of a list of human rights.
It is a place where so many people you meet
But people barely stand to properly greet
And will often look down at your feet.

-For this is a place one has to fight very hard to be heard,
To be respected and to get ahead.

You will further be told about finding so much gold
Though one soon learns that they grow old 
Before you can see it or at least hold.

It is also said to be a place of opportunity
Where one has to reach the possibility
To showcase their innate capability.

A place where you can reach for one's dream
But have to really always scream
To get hold of your cream.

Besides the frustration of daily traffic always bustling
You will in some ways be introduced to the game of hustling
If not being lured into the activity of gambling.

-This is because while fighting to be heard and ahead,
 you have to compromise your sense of morality to get what you want.

The city has clusters of buildings so high to tower
And various people on the mission of gaining power 
With the innocent and poor getting driven lower.

In the city, it is said that there is a lot of honey
Where you can either make lots of money
Or end up being called a donkey.

Many get attracted to the city's glitz and glamour
But then one learns that you have to do a certain favour
In order to keep up this fervour.

-On the contrary on the streets you see more beggars
And hawkers begging for cents.

When you are in the city it is vital to stay awake
And you will notice that most things are fake
And be sure to make no mistake.

-In the market you have a choice of buying organic vs non- GMO fruits or vegetables.
Whether to buy hundred percent hair products, make-up or household produces.

Along the way things remain the same
Very important not to forget your name
You just need to keep up with the game
Of being humble and tame
In order to win the fame.

-Now, one soon learns that they actually
Yearn for the peace and reality
Of rural countryside life.

Copyright © Mpho Kgaswane | Year Posted 2017

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The grave of an unsung hero

Here you silently rest unsung hero 
A granite stone on top of you
As a symbol of deference and dignity
With the words Rest in Peace.
Rest in peace indeed hero of mine!
You once walked amongst the living
Coming from a battle 
With aching wrists, stomach cramps and leaden feet,
And yet the world grinned at you with emptiness.

Yet, they sang songs loud and clear.
Songs of eternity about the same battle
Praising those who came back with 
Bleeding noses, cuts, bruises and black eyes.

Rest in peace, indeed.
You once came back from a marathon,
You were exhausted but still had your feet firm on the ground
And yet you were met with lifeless words.

Instead they sang songs of jubilation
To those who came back from the same marathon
With their chests panting like frogs and 
Sweat streaming all over their bodies.

And now!
Only now that you lay lifeless in the world of the silence
And the living finally has wax removed from their ears and eyes,
Are beginning to weave songs about you.
For they now know that you had the furnace of a tiger
You had burning passion that lit for men and women
Walking in confusion in the jungle war.
You held an elephant’s tusks
For your knowledge provided paths for those who were lost
And kept them grounded.
You had the strength of a lion
Your tenacity made you fight and fight…

Rest in Peace, indeed
Hero unsung.

Copyright © Mpho Kgaswane | Year Posted 2016

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Time healing the pain

From day after day
The pain from within was gradually drying.
My once wet and wan face was brightening up,
As I developed new hope in my prospect.

From week after week
The bitterness from within was treated.
My once battered feelings were now in peace,
As I focused on new aspirations for tomorrow.

From month after month
The poisonous sessile root from within was being eradicated.
My self-styled personalities was flourishing,
As I was reaching for my dreams. 

From year after year
The pain was progressively being healed.
My tears were no longer servile to its commands,
And I was living my dreams and achieving better opportunities.

Copyright © Mpho Kgaswane | Year Posted 2016