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I hate humanity

I hate humanity. Why?
Because they never care when others die.
They only pursue their own wells,
Not even thinking if they hurt anyone else.

You'll probably say that not all humans are bad,
And I agree, because if that'd be so, I'd go mad.
However, the good ones out there are so few
That it makes me think about how untruthful is this view.

"You say all of this just for show!", you might say.
But believe me when I say it, clear as day,
That humanity ruined most of my life
And nearly made me cut my veins with a knife.

Copyright © Tom Burns | Year Posted 2016

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One More Minute

Welp, it's all over, all gone, and now I'm left to sell.
Guess it won't be long until I finally go to Hell...
One more minute to recite on all of my sins,
Including not visiting my Gramps' funeral, and everything ever since.

How long has it been, guys? Sixteen years?
A bit too early for my taste. Oh well, I bequeath all of unused time to my peers.
I guess I'll see them not long after, for all people will join me soon.
However, as of right now, for humanity, it's still high noon...

Some of them don't deserve finding me in this place,
So sinister, dark, evil and devoid of grace.
Those people will probably go beyond: either ahead or above,
To the place of worshippers of feelings like Happiness, Friendship and Love.

Maybe someday, I'll be able to go to that place too...
I wonder though, for that to happen, what do I have to do?
Probably give everything to ones who don't give anyone a thing,
The people who serve as messengers of the Hell's Bells' ring.

Copyright © Tom Burns | Year Posted 2016

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What Really Matters

Sailing the ship of my life under shyness' flag,
I've never been the one who'd go around and brag.
There are people that are visibly happy when they're told they're good, but me -
When they say even just a word that views me as great, I want to flee.

You may think that I don't like to be praised.
Believe me, that's not true. In fact, at those moments, my mood is always raised.
But something just tells me I don't deserve these words,
And I want to run away from the people that say them, from all of their hordes.

They say I've got to grow out of it, that this trait is bad,
That I should value myself more. Oh, I'd be glad!
But that is the way that I was born, and so,
It's really hard to just fight myself and let it go.

Maybe someday, I'll become just like others.
Or maybe I won't. But do you want to know what really matters?
Even if it looks like my happiness during praise is none,
It really helps me when you keep encouraging me on.

Copyright © Tom Burns | Year Posted 2016

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Last Farewell

I've failed, I've ruined it, I've blown it apart,
And with my terrible actions, I've broken your heart.
You had enough of this, so you left me alone,
And it hurts so much knowing that you are gone.

Oh, why did I become such a terrible friend?
As much as I help, I make it worse in the end.
Yes, I sure do feel guilty. But I must suffer more,
Up until I finally leave to find the Hell's door.

I don't know if you'll ever forgive me. Probably not.
After all, I am a careless, selfish and unlovable rot.
Still, I want to say sorry for all that I did,
And the last farewell to you I now bid.

Copyright © Tom Burns | Year Posted 2016

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We All

One day, we all start to live.
Eventually, a new life we all give.
But in the end, we all still die...
I wonder then, why continue to try?

Is it some cause we all desperately follow,
Something that makes all of us feel less hollow?
Or do we all suffer through everything for no reason at all,
Apart from being so really afraid of Death's final call?

We all say that the point of life is in doing good,
Yet we don't do it, even though we all really easily could.
Does that make being evil our true purpose to stay,
Something we all deny, yet practice it every single day?

How can I know? I am not humanity's false God.
I don't define life's purpose, I merely point out the society's fraud.
We all have different opinions, after all. Some will agree, some will not
On the fact that we all are merely a sadistic, indifferent lot.

Copyright © Tom Burns | Year Posted 2016

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I'm Okay

Every single second, I just reallly want to shout,
To isolate myself and take the easy way out.
I feel all the time like a big failure of a guy,
Like absolutely nobody will care if I just die...

Another tear drops down to the floor,
Yet nobody even thinks of knocking on my locked door.
They don't know how much I suffer, and nobody will ever understand
Why do I want so much for everything to just end...

Getting up from my chair and unfolding the knife,
Once again I am thinking of taking my own life.
However, something out there, I don't know what,
Stops me from finally putting the last dot.

Maybe it's the promise to my best friend, that I'd never let go,
Or maybe it's the one who I loved, even though she said no?
I have no clue, yet still I put the blade away
And continue the fight, pretending I'm okay.

Copyright © Tom Burns | Year Posted 2016

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Special Day

A very special day, the 27th of September.
That's when I was born, like a flame from an ember.
Sixteen years. Quite a long time, I must say,
Yet ahead, there's still an even longer way.

Looking back on it, this road was pretty hard,
However, life being tough is the whole humanity's picked card.
Some days we happy for me, others were not,
But I'm still among poeple that Death hasn't got.

Let's celebrate this date then, my dearest friends!
You're still right next to me in my mind, even though you live in faraway lands.
Even if the days we've known each other are relatively few,
There's still free place at the table for all of you.

Copyright © Tom Burns | Year Posted 2016

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Glad To Know You

I love you like a brother. I always did and I always will.
When we're together, the scars on my heart slowly heal.
Whenever I see you feeling well, I really want to smile.
I refuse to think that my help to you isn't worth the while.

You turned my life upside down. For the better, of course.
Without you, I'm certain that everything would be much worse.
I'm so glad to know you, buddy. If you weren't so far away,
I'd get to you and give you a hug. That'd surely make my day.

Copyright © Tom Burns | Year Posted 2016

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Brother No More

So, a boy and his best friend got into a big argument once.
And the guy heard these words crystal clear, like the shots of ten million guns:
"I'm sorry, but since now, you're my brother no more".
Ten minutes later, the boy didn't live anymore...

Copyright © Tom Burns | Year Posted 2016

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Love Named Eternal

"Till Death Do Us Part" - long ago both of us said,
And never lied, since you're right by my death bed.
As always, I am letting out a laugh in the end,
While you are crying and holding my hand.

Throughout all our lifes, to you, I never lied,
And our Love, named Eternal, has never died.
Some people think that Love eventually fades,
But we proved them wrong through many decades.

The chorus starts singing my farewell song...
Don't worry, my dear, nothing is wrong.
Yes, we may be now in different worlds,
But my Love for you still eternally holds.

Copyright © Tom Burns | Year Posted 2016