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I'm living in a democratic country
That is full of conflicts, Overflowing Conspiracy
Trying hard to find that genuine serenity
That is hiding beyond overwhelming sovereignty 

I'm witnessing a twisted faith
On this underrated state
Keeping the citizens await
While neutralizing the high crime rate

I'm confused of the situation 
And asking myself such question
What is wrong with the government's manipulation? 
Because there are still ongoing corruption

This mode of confusion
That is trusting the government's decision
Even it makes unpredictable transaction
And leaving the side of our most trusted allied nation

I'm living on this country freely
But I'm questioning myself on every mystery
What is the purpose of this tempting fantasy? 
If we cannot face the country's future in reality

I'm Suffering in my own nation
With people that doesn't appreciate opinion
They keep on doubting, criticizing their own decision
Because they are the one's who vote during election

I'm suffering from an unknown sickness
Inherited by people that doesn't appreciate athlete's greatness 
They keep on giving negative comments 
Even that athlete gives honor and success

We must face the reality
That We, Ourselves is our own enemy
And keep our hopes and dreams alive for this country 
By trusting the government on enhancing the economy

Copyright © Baltazar Rodriguez | Year Posted 2016

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Last Masterpiece

As i look beyond the landscape of emotion
I suddenly feel the sides of my imperfection
Eyes with eyelashes that set sight of attraction
Suddenly i saw the mirror and stare at my own reflection.

I saw his mind mentioning this motivations
"Elevate your goals, Not your expectations"
"Entertain your positivity in reality , Not your imaginations"
"Everyday in life full of conflicts, Full of realization"
"Entity and Spirit is under dictation"

I look at his eyes with a portrait judicial
There's a Masterpiece image full of potential
Overflowing primary knowledge, but lack of credential
Talents deathroned in hidden misery rejection
But what inspired me is his willingness and dedication

I listened to his voice saying this quotation
"Less talk,Less mistakes thats my obligation"
Its not just breathtaking words because he did it with action
Just like the stratus clouds in a windy motion
That lies beyond unpredictable weather collision
And finally i listened to his heartbeat
Just like a music with a consistent beat
Derived in different combinations of essence
But theres a fright which shows lack of confidence 

His completely indifferent and unique with other people.
Because he might enjoy being lonely after all.
And he stop the ink, throw the pen and stand up tall
Saying "This is my Last Masterpiece after all

Copyright © Baltazar Rodriguez | Year Posted 2016

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Missing Soul

I'm a product of disappointments and nullification
And that's the reason why I make maleficient acts
I hate seeing persons contentment towards another person
I'm so stubborn to break their hearts

I like playing the feelings of another person
To make them feel the same feeling of hatred
I doesn't need love nor affection, destruction is my satisfaction
To bury them from frustration is all that I wanted

Revenge is the only formula I have right now 
Making people's life miserable by involving their emotion
I'm thirsty and I wanted to drink the tears that falls from their innocent eyes
I'm craving and eager to see their evil side of personality

I've changed a lot since the day they criticize my worth
They take away all the confidence I have
Now I'm drained trying to find myself in the middle of puzzling speculations
Can I bring back the soul I lost through reincarnation?

How can I fixed myself if some part of me is imprisoned in the past?
Can I turn back time to unlock the jail towards forgiveness?
Or I'll just let myself imitate the acts of those people who hurt me?
But how can I make things right if everything I see about my attitude is wrong

I'm missing some part of me that I need to regain
The part of me that entertain positivity
The part of me that makes people happy
I'm missing the part that is completely incomplete right now

They say eyes is the windows of our soul
But when I look at the mirror I can't see the most complex part of me
My reflection is suffering from an unrevealed mystery
And then the tears fall but that tears is not that warm anymore

Copyright © Baltazar Rodriguez | Year Posted 2017

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Time Machine

"Time Machine"

Nocturnal Writer started his stroke rhythm 
With a knowledgeable mellifluous realism 
Hoping that he can find the perfect harmony
That might lead him to the beauty of serendipity 

Suddenly a picture drops that causes interruption 
The writer stops and his mind is in mode of distraction
He saw the picture iof him and the girl she loved 
That ferocious moment makes him suddenly glare above 

He close his eyes and feels empty handed 
That moment makes him hopeless and unguided
His tears fall and loneliness occupy his heart
And after that the flashback start

"I remember the day when i first met her"
"In a park during a cold rainy weather"
"She's standing in front of a blossoming tree"
"Enjoying the rain and running free"

"I look at you smiling and you smiled back"
"You convinced me to join you and follow the track"
"That day I realized that happiness is a choice"
"While noticing your face and your angelic voice"

"I don't know where I got this feeling"
"When I'm with you its genuinely heartwarming"
"You get your phone and took a selfie with me"
"And that symbolizes our mutual feeling symmetry"

"A month ago You and I become friends" 
"On that time I want us to be more than friends"
"But you confess me a very shocking story"
"That you'll be leaving soon and you will leave me"

From that moment the writer tears fall slowly
As he reminiscing a painful heartbreaking story
But he remember the girl's word and advice after saying sorry 
"That everything will come to their proper places eventually"

After that the writer realizes that he created a time machine
That brought back the joyful and painful scene
He continued to write again and learned his lesson at last 
That you can never say hi to your future if you can't say bye to your past.

Copyright © Baltazar Rodriguez | Year Posted 2016

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Marie Lavedette

Marie Lavedette 

Let me start this by introducing her name. 
Marie Lavedette on a shining star its the same 
A women with a smile that can attract any person 
And you can easily laugh with her personality with no reason

Allow me to describe her identity
Her hair with a fragrance of the roses in scenery
She's simple like the clouds in the sky 
There's a cute determination when you look at her eye
She is Marie Lavedette like a star on a crescent moon
Like a beautiful harmony that deflects the music you will loved the tune.
There's something in her smile i cant even explain 
But i think theirs a positive outlook from that you can entertain 

They said "Smile is a curved that sets everything straight" 
Yes, but her smile gives people love, affection of faith. 
And i found out her favorite hobby and ability
And that is sketching different figures of supremacy 

She quoted "She's good but she's not an angel
But for me she's more than that level 
Her kindness of heart is one of her inside beauty 
That makes her a women with a perfect dignity
Another thing she have that every people should admire
Is her compassion on God and her positive desire
A women that is almost perfect and humble.
Marie Lavedette is the best example.

This poem is dedicated to her overall quality
A women with a one of a kind identity
She's a walking garden with a determined mission
To be the star of her dreams in her future vision

Copyright © Baltazar Rodriguez | Year Posted 2016

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You're My Nature

You're My Nature

On all the things that caught my eyes
You're the perfect paragon of Paradise
When I think of a place that grows the seeds of beauty
You've turn my imaginations into reality
I can't idealized a better accurate definition
Than you're my nature, You're the best attraction

You're the ocean that soothes my feeling
Waving with precise rhythm like I'm only dreaming
As long as you're calm you dictate the ambiance of peace
That coordinates on the fresh air and cloud's mist
But one thing is for sure, even though its not summer, I promise my willingness
I'm ready to explore how deep is your love and mystery with courage and braveness

You're the stars on a quiet night
Even though it gets darker and darker
You don't care as long as you're bright
You're shining that shows your genuine identification
That you're one of a kind God's creation
I hope one day my wishes will show me a sign
That in the destined moment our stars will soon be align

You're the garden that blossoms different flowers
That shows more enhanced saturation during rain showers
With adorable leaves with refreshing pigments
That strengthen everyone's persistence
You're true beauty drives my motivation
That I will care for you with no doubts and with determination

You're the rainbow after the rain
You're the happiness after the pain
That so comfortable to see
That makes my emotion seems so free
Let me be the one that will find the treasure in you
Let me find the source of that beauty shining through

You're my nature beyond my imagination
You're my definition of satisfaction
Nothing can define you more than I did
Because no one can follow my lead
Im the one who witness your genuine existence
Because I'm the only one that truly admire your presence 

Copyright © Baltazar Rodriguez | Year Posted 2017

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Let me give the facts straight
I didn't write this poem because I want to entertain you by my fascinating wordplays
I didn't write this poem to bring you to the deepest depth of my emotions
I didn't write this poem because I want you to relate and link your personal anxiety into the chains of words and rhymes 
I simply create this for a thing that doesn't make sense at all
I created this for a random reason
And it's totally random.

Random, maybe its the coffee that soothes my mind to make this
Maybe the coffee is the reason why I couldn't sleep at this particular moment 
Coffee with pleasant advantage but on the contradicting side a coffee with an unpleasant disadvantage 
Maybe its the particles and elements that makes me a nocturnal one 
But maybe it's not 

Random, maybe its the conversation of you and me that makes me smile for a second and laugh at a minute.
Maybe its you're words that swirling and travelling around my mind are the one that makes me completely strange right now.
Maybe its you, the humor and jokes that I can't forget because those humorous stories of yours are one of my favorite weaknesses. 
Maybe its the time we spent together even though its not that long I'm still happy that our shadows meet.
Maybe its you with the motivating advantage but I don't wanna get through the side of the disadvantage 
Because I don't want this to end
Or maybe not.

Random, maybe its the excitement I get
When I'm going to an all out war on during several days.
A war of intellect and critical thinking that I'm longing for to reach my full potential that I needed to unlock the undiscoverable talents of mine.
Maybe its the excitement of pleasure seeking reinforcements that I want to gain all those claps and achievements that I want to hear, all those recognitions and guaranteed future I wish, maybe it is 
But maybe not.

Random, maybe it's the negativity that is making me worried on this upcoming days that synthesized all the past experiences that I don't want to happen again.
Maybe its the negativity that brings anxiety on my head for me not to go to sleep early instead focusing on what is wrong with my life
Maybe its the negativity that is bringing the procrastinating effect that brings me toward the unimportant things that I prioritize first before making the deserving ones. 
Maybe its the negativity
But maybe its not 

Was it random? Or was it completely connected to each other 
All those random things that creates an image of a person that is making expressive imagination 
Maybe its the coffee? Maybe its the words? Maybe its the excitement? Maybe its the negativity? Or maybe its Me
Maybe its me that is responsible for all this things that happened
Maybe its me that is not on the same page anymore
Maybe its the thoughts I want to express can't wait to be express anymore
So this random things that swirling in my head are the things that brings out the best in me
Now I realize the only thing that is random are the things that are worth to express on yourself and to other people.

Copyright © Baltazar Rodriguez | Year Posted 2017

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Hopeless Behind

There's something I want you to know
Hidden in the wilderness,on the darkness snow
I doesn't know either if its just a temptation.
Maybe its just excitement or temporary emotion

I'm on this point of confusion
Why I'm asking myself such question
And my heart keeps on making it a dictation
Does your smile is my greatness addiction?

But now my heart is shattered into pieces
Just like I've been hit by fatal,viral diseases 
Its not the person,its her smile I misses 
But I hope everything will fall to their places

I doesn't wanna loose that person, there some answers I need to find
Her smile wakes me up its one of a kind
But I think I need to let go of this doubtful grind
Now I'm asking why I'm hopeless behind?

I guess its time we part ways
I'm thankful that you give me those joyful days
And now I think I answer my own question
Cause now I'm letting go of my satisfaction

The feeling is neutral , there's no reason on feeling low
The right person will stay , the wrong ones will go
I'm just saying that we just need to appreciate our own value
And that's enough so we could expect others too.

Copyright © Baltazar Rodriguez | Year Posted 2016

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God's Melody

Gods Melody 

Do you hear it? The tune of fullfillment
The essence of love, Do you feel it?  
The wind that makes us feel rejuvenated 
The presence that revive us when were frustrated. 

The feeling of hope in every hard challenges
The sudden laughter in moment of loneliness 
Every blessings that brightens tomorrow
That provides happiness and contentment in sorrow 

Every powerful palm that guides everyone 
A mighty savior that haven't seen by anyone 
A rhythm that enlightened the minds of everybody 
Comes from the strings and chimes of God's melody 

Whenever were on the edge of giving up
And being force to do sins in a sudden tap
There's a voice that whispers in our spirit
That saying the words "Don't do it! , Don't do it"

There comes a time when he will test our faith
And gives challenges for our own sake 
He didn't give this challenges for no reason
He just want us to remember him and learn our lesson 

Sometimes when were rising slowly
Starting to gained achievement,money and awardee.
We often forget that this things God given to us
To show that hid blessings are bountiful and never last.

When you are on emotional anxiety 
And being judged by people on society 
Just surrender all your problems to him
And he will solved all of this in a second without sudden skim

I wrote this poem for my own reason
To straightened the path of people's vision
And to inform my objectives on anybody
There is hope in our Gods melody.

Copyright © Baltazar Rodriguez | Year Posted 2016

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You're Worth It

You're worth it

I want to start this by saying forgive yourself
You don't deserve the tears that falls from your face that makes way for your sadness to manipulate your whole personality
You don't deserve to be alone that makes way for you to chase love and affection
Because you'll end up with the wrong destination
You might open the door towards suffering and frustration

Let me weight and measure what's wrong with you
How many times will you make your life miserable?
By involving you're emotions you tend to search for those people that you think will help you to be the best version of yourself
But in the end you end up creating scars on your heart that is not worth reminiscing for,
You failed once and then you try again
You're only mistake is you focus on things that can wait
Love is not a trial and error process
It takes time and patience.

How many times will you say "You're not worth it"?
By making a negative mindset, you already created a monster that manipulates your self-esteem
A monster that downgrade your thoughts and emotions
A monster that create problems with hopeless solutions
You already ruined you're outlook in life 
That makes way for you to settle for less
Makes way for you to settle on isolated part of yourself that is already drowning from sadness
You're only mistake is how can you save yourself
If you're entertaining the seeds of negativity 
That is comfortable growing on feelings of serenity 
We must know how to appreciate our own value
So we could expect others too

How many times will you pretend that you're happy?
You're wearing a mask that is already shattered ridiculously
Take it off there is surely pain in sadness
But thats how people grow and learn in process
Because in the end you might end up hating yourself
Knowing that you sorround yourself with fake identity
That will not satisfy you're already damaged tenacity

How many times will you prioritize other people instead of priotizing yourself?
There only want you to be a taken for granted product
That they will take advantage if they need something
You might be the reason of getting what they want
Not knowing that you already deprived yourself from inner time and happiness
In the end you must not depend on them
But you must depend on yourself
Because you're the one molding you're future 
Don't waste time on molding another
Be busy in yours 
You'll earned it at the end

How many times you'll allow other people to hurt you?
Its unfair to waste tears on useless people
People that are obsessed in hobbies of playing the feelings of another person
You're only proving to yourself that you're thirsty for the love that is not worth it.
You're alone so you find belongingness in someone else
Its not love that you encountered
Its false hope and promises
Tears don't grow the seeds of love
But they coat the genuine essence of it

Now tell me! Are you willing to take risks
with all these negative tools?
Or are you willing to change for the better?
All people must know their purpose in life and that purpose is all we need to enhanced our way of living
Purpose is what we need and forgiveness is the cure to heal those scars and stitches to resurrect the genuine form of heart again.
Now I'll end this by saying
"You're worth it"

Copyright © Baltazar Rodriguez | Year Posted 2017