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Genuine Damsel

I was lurking around but she finally found me,
We're watching the clouds and lying under a tree.

Saying words to be outspoken,
Worrying nothing even the glass is broken.

And I will lastingly love her because she's with me.

Copyright © Jonna Gallano | Year Posted 2016

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They shine like diamonds,
Only show when she's in misery.
Thinking beyond the horizon,
I can see it in the sea.

I can't stop them to show,
Oozing water in my eyes.
Anticipating your my beau,
I'm blind with you lies.

While you gave her flowers,
You gave me thorns.
This bogus love is ours,
You just showed me this in return.

Trusting you because you insisted,
Eventhough my heart is already twisted.

Copyright © Jonna Gallano | Year Posted 2016

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Twelve Midnight

Blazing eyes and frozen heart,
He just came and teared her apart.
Showed him nothing but genuine smile,
His white lies were covered with sweet smiles.

'Twas twelve in the midnight,
Wondering to see some light.
Then gloomy morning came,
She felt dying and lame.

But then suddenly he came,
Pictured her out and gave her a frame.
She was happy and divined,
She was deeply refined.

Distance is their obstacle,
Never ever touch each others bottle.
He was impetuous for what he felt,
She was perplexed and knelt.

Another page had moved,
Another story to be proved.
She read and then realized,
All of those were also a pack of lies.

It was two in the early dawn,
The liquid ran out on her eyes and broke her down.
She felt a pandemonium life,
Escaping on that havoc and tasted some knife.

He was atrocious and fallacious.
He was deleterious and inauspicious.
She was fission,
But he was forgiven.

Dreams as high as the bar-headed goose flies,
She could marry him and will walk in the aisle.
Stare at her eyes just for a while,
She is worthy more than a golden fry.

The sun will smile and it will be realistic.
There she goes, always optimistic.
Forget her not, forget her never.
Forget this poem, but not the writer.

Copyright © Jonna Gallano | Year Posted 2016

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Isn't great that we adore each other?
Isn't great that the two bottles are together?
Isn't great that we own the world?
Isn't great that we've created a story to be told?

Isn't sweet that I can hear your voice?
Isn't sweeter that I'm your choice?
Isn't beautiful that you gave me the sun?
Isn't beautiful that we're lying on the sand?

Isn't cloying that I am the bee?
Isn't cloying that you're my honey?
Isn't enticing that we're floating on the clouds?
Isn't enticing that we can sing a song so loud?

Isn't startling that I am your queen?
Isn't startling that you're my king?
Isn't wonderful that we live in a palace?
Isn't wonderful that I am Alice?

Isn't enthusiastic that we're walking in the woods?
Isn't enthusiastic that we can stay so good? 
But isn't horrifying that the two bottles are breaking?
Isn't more horrifying that I am just dreaming?

Copyright © Jonna Gallano | Year Posted 2016