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There once was a bum. He 
was the neighborhood drunk. 
He had a unkempt demeanor. 
His salt and pepper hair had not 
been washed in years.The 
clothes he wore were  ragged.
His shirt had giant holes in them.
He looked twice his age. In his 
drunken state he cursed every-
one that came his way.His smell 
was so horrible you might as well
say he showered in whiskey.That 
didn't bother this young missionary 
who lived nearby.Every day she would 
bring the old bum food and clothing.
She would offer him shelter as well.
"Hi sir . How are you today?"
"Why don't you just leave me alone. 
Can't you see I don't want to be 
bothered."he stated with a slur.
"Sir I'm going to leave your food and 
your clothing right here". As she said 
those words she bent down and placed 
his things on the ground.This was their
routine for well over a year.But on this
in particular day the ole drunk appear-
ed to be coherent. He was sober.As 
the young missionary approached him
she said, "Hi Sir. How are you today?"
"I'm fine ma'am. How are you?"
"I'm well Sir. Are you hungry today?"
I brought you some food and water
and some clothes and shoes."He 
shook his head no.
"Ma'am  I don't want anything.How-
ever I do appreciate it so. I'm going
home today."
His statement took her by surprise.
"Sir I didn't even know you had a 
"Ma'am I do indeed have a home. 
I'm homeless by choice. I want you
to know your kindness will not go 
She knew it wasn't right to judge but 
she thought to herself he has gone 
" Miss I stopped believing in God a
long time ago but your loving kind-
ness showed me God today."  
"Okay Sir.I'm going to leave these
things and I will see you later.How-
ever the next day the old bum was 
not in his usual spot. And sad-
ness overwhelmed her spirit. That 
old bum had become a big part of
her life. She grew to love him very
much. As the days went by she con-
tinued to look for him and he wasn't 
there. It was as though he dropped
off the face of the earth.Today was 
a beautiful day and she was at the
corner,  in the spot where the bum 
sat.Deep in her thoughts as she be-
gan to walk she nearly bumped into 
someone. As she was about to speak 
she saw this well groomed middle
aged man with dashing good looks.
" Hi Ma'am. How are you?" She recog-
nized the handsome stranger's voice 
"Sir is that you?"  She asked just to
 make sure her mind wasn't playing 
tricks on her.
"Yes Ma'am it is me. I just came by
 to formally thank you for all of the
 kindness you showed to me. I was in
raggedy clothes and never once did
you show disgust. You see I am a 
millionaire that had lost his way. You 
see my wife of nearly thirty years got 
ill and passed away. In that moment I 
lost my mind because my home didn't
exist anymore."
As he finished telling his story little 
tears began to fall from her eyes.
Through small sobs she said,
 " I'm sorry for your loss. I will con-
tinue to pray to God on your behalf."
" Ma'am your prayers is why I stand 
here today.If God had not sent you 
my way I would probably still be lost. 
Please don't cry for me I will be okay". 
He reached in his pocket and pulled
out an old business card and handed
it to her.
"Take my card. Feel free to call me any-
time. All that  I have now belongs to you. 
Do you remember that day when I told
you that your loving kindness would not
go unnoticed?"
As he said those final words he turned
and left, leaving the young missionary 


Alexis Y

Copyright © Alexis Y. | Year Posted 2016

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My love come and partake of my garden
My heart is in full bloom with love for you 
Shower me with kisses like morning dew
This love i have will not fade nor harden

Please come caress each petal with your touch
Before we met my garden was empty 
It was filled with many thorns and was lonely 
My darling I needed your care so much

Darling you're the gardener of my dreams
You tend to each flower with so much love
You are a precious gift from up above
We're the perfect match and make a good team

Your love is so comforting, you don't push or shove
You are my shooting star and my moon beam

Alexis Y.

Copyright © Alexis Y. | Year Posted 2016

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You grew up going from place to place.
Folk thought you wouldn't amount to a thing.
You were a wander til you heard love calling.
Your life changed on that extraordinary day.
Because your wayward position in life was no more.
You taught me how to recognize true love,
You showed how much I was loved.
You taught me how to ride my first bike.
You showed me how to work hard. 
You showed me how to put love into what I did
You showed me how to be proud just being me.
You thought you didn't have purpose or a legacy,
Because you grew up in the foster system.
Boy were you wrong, everything I am is “You”
Many thought you were nothing but a screw up
Boy you proved them all wrong( including you).
Me and my kid was your purpose and legacy,
You were my daddy and an incredible man.

Dedicated to all the incredible fathers everywhere

Alexis Y.

Copyright © Alexis Y. | Year Posted 2019

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 I don't mind being your friend
Or even possibly loving you
But don't try to change me
I love being me
I have my own voice
We see things differently 
But that's ok
We can co exist and still be us
I'm warning you don't try to change me
If you do I will make a big fuss
You being you and me being me makes us unique 
Our differences make up the human race
We can always agree to disagree
This planet is a big rainbow
But we must all strive to unify our world with love
I can love you and still be me
And you can still be you
It's okay to be our individual selves
But love and respect must be a common goal for us all

Alexis Y.

Copyright © Alexis Y. | Year Posted 2016

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I am a blank canvas
     My potential is

  But that all depends
    on who holds the
brush, the artist

Alexis Y.

Copyright © Alexis Y. | Year Posted 2019

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This Heart Beats For You Alone

Although I'm little distant, I love you on this day
Because I love you more than I did yesterday 
Come lay with me on today
Don't hesitate let's have fun and play
Each moment with you is spring time in
Follow your heart, and let it have it's say
Give me all of you, that is the only way
Handle my heart with care,I'll never stray 
I want to be with you forever and always
Join me on this lovely and romantic sleigh 
Keep our romance fun, let's roll in the hay
Let's be together until we're old and gray
My heart and soul is yours, and will forever 
New beginnings are always at bay
On this day I want to be your wife don't delay
Please say yes, we'll get married in Hawaii I'll 
wear a lai
Quit thinking about all we have on our tray
Rest assured I'm ready to throw all negativity 
Sorry I brought all this up on your birthday 
Trust in God he is the potter we're the clay
Understand we can't do this halfway 
Venturing out of our  comfort zone will cause us to 
be giddy and gay
With you I will take you hand down life's
X-ray your heart so it could be on display
You are my whole world, I'm happy as a bluejay
Zestfulness is what you give me, is what 
I'm trying to convey

Alexis Y
Inspired by Mike and Lin's ABC rhyme poem

Copyright © Alexis Y. | Year Posted 2016

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The song that moves and
 touches my heart is dance 
with my father again.
Because I will never forget 
the man my father was.
Back when I was a child 
I longed to be in his 
He had a larger than life
His nieces and nephews
looked at him as a father.
“Oh lord I’m dying to dance 
with my father again”.
Everytime I hear the song I 
begin to cry.
I long for his hug
I long to hear his voice
“Oh lord I’m dying to dance
 with my father
“ Oh lord we’re all dying
 to dance with my father 

Alexis Y
Inspired by my favorite song
Dance With Father Again
Written by Richard Marx And
Luther Vandross

Copyright © Alexis Y. | Year Posted 2017

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I was just a bad boy to the core
I lived at every bar in town
Everybody knew my name,
I had a bad reputation, and I 
couldn't ask for more


That all changed when you walked 
into my life,
Your love changed this ole scoundrel
from a boy to a man and now you’re 
my wife 

The love that we share is so divine 
and I thank God everyday you are mine
Our love has no limits, no boundaries
Yeah no limits, no boundaries 

I don't miss the old day’s at all,
'cause I decided to answer
love’s call
You gave me a reason to live
And my darling, there's nothin I
wouldn't give

Repeat chorus 

The love that we share is so divine 
And i thank God every day, you are mine
Our love has no limits, no boundaries
Yeah no limits, no boundaries 


I never believed in happily ever after
But you made a believer out of me,
Oh darling, you opened my eyes to love
and made a believer out of me
That's what really matters

 The love that we share is so divine 
I thank God everyday that you are mine
Our love has no limits,  no boundaries 


Copyright © Alexis Y. | Year Posted 2017

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My Smile Is Only A Mirage

I laugh but I want to cry
My heart is in so much pain
Like I'm about to just die 

I'm not ready to say bye
I need shelter from the rain
I laugh but I want to cry

Please God tell me why
Hurt runs through my veins
Like I'm about to just die

I wish I had you nigh 
I'm about to go insane 
I laugh but I want to cry 

You were a amazing guy
Why did you have to get slain
I laugh but I want to cry 
Like I'm about to just die 

Alexis Y.

A Villanelle is a nineteen-line poem consisting of a very specific rhyming scheme: aba aba aba aba aba abaa.

The first and the third lines in the first stanza are repeated in alternating order throughout the poem, and appear together in the last couplet (last two lines).

Copyright © Alexis Y. | Year Posted 2016

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No Limits No Boundaries

My love for you has no    
                            limits or boundaries. It 
                            grows more and more
                            each day.
                            At first glance I didn't
                            notice how beautiful 
                           you were. You have a
                            subtle beauty that took
                            my breath away. 

                            I'm not saying that it
                            was love at first sight.
                            All I know is that day
                            my heart became alive. 

                            It began to beat in a way 
                            that was foreign to me. I
                            desired and craved love
                            for the very first time. 

                            Baby you made me believe
                            in love. And for that I'm forever 

                            I came from a life bound by  
                            hate. I had  no time for love 
                            or a relationship.

                            Once I realized how madly
                            and deeply in love I was. 
                            My heart was in pursuit of
                            your heart.I wanted our hearts 
                            to become one.

                            I thank God for you. Because I 
                            know he is the reason that I love
                            you so.I also believe in God be-
                            cause of you.

                            Every time you got the chance, 
                            you witnessed to me. You told 
                            me about God and how he
                            changed your life.

                            But what spoke to me the most
                            was the way you lived your life.

                            This is why after you finish 
                            reading this sentence. I'm right
                            outside your door on bended 

                            As the door suddenly swings
                            open." Will you be my life 
                            partner by becoming my wife?" 





Copyright © Alexis Y. | Year Posted 2016