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Black Rose

The deepest burgundy I have ever seen
The soberest black ever
So mysterious 
but still dont show its loving quiver.

The velvety touch
not resembling to hatred much
The silk of my heart it sways
Mysterious yet like a gorgeous love in heaven it was made

Like a diamond it shone in the endless sky
and the beautiful scent of its prickling cry..
takes my heart in hollow
Neither owned by someone
no needed to be borrowed.

In the barren land, I walk
touching the earth with my toes
But yet it blooms intoxicatently inside me as it was a black rose.

(Thanks guyz 4 reading d poem..ur precious time means a lot!)

Copyright © Aanika Aery | Year Posted 2016

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Fearless,My Spirit

You may call me harsh or even wicked
But I am more than it because I am crooked.
I may look self indulgent or resentful,
But now I am transformed into someone more powerful.

Fearless! I call me,
Fearless I say
I am not afraid of anything,
No more aloofness,no more hearts to slay.

You may call me forceful and obstinate.
But I am someone more passionate.
Clinging or touchy is not in my performance,
Neither I am superficial or tactless
But I am the grudging pirrahna!

Yes! I am contrary and intractable,
Perversity is my nature and you may call me unpredictable.
I don't like flattery neither do I shallowness.
Being inconsistent and tense only leads you to loneliness!

Fearless! I call me,
Fearless! I say.
I adore spontaneity and daredevils are my prey!

Dynamic and shrwed is my nature.
If you don't like me I will not butcher.
Just speak your heart and live life in grandeur,
Because there are speculative ventures opening their vivacious door.

Copyright © Aanika Aery | Year Posted 2015

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I am somebody

Walking by the high school lockers,
Is like walking by some unleashed doors,
You don't know what is hidden in this persistent floor.

Some footsteps of a scientist or a future star,
Are someone next to you in their minds so far...

Some are modest and shy and some are mean spirited,
There are some determined and shrwed all tied into a single gift.

As you open your locker you choose your way,
Like soldiers who never betray.

You may become honest or quite prudent,
As their is an angel in your soul hiding her eloquence.

There you may face dynamism or foolhardy,
But don't lose your charm because you are the SPECIAL SOMEBODY....

(This poem is dedicated to all my  fellow poets who have chosen their way to achieve their hidden desires...n don't frgt that evry1 is unique and is so special)

Copyright © Aanika Aery | Year Posted 2015

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Silence 'Rumi'

Silence is gold and an art of great conversation,
It is more eloquent than words and often the severest criticism.
Silence is wisdom and a perfect expression,
It is modesty or even irritation.

It speaks words ,
though none are spoken.
It shatters hearts,
Though none are broken.

Silence is peace,like rivers in an ocean,
Each river has infinite gestures but the ocean remains unshaken.
It shows consent and is the unbearable harm,
One faces different answers though some act like a protecting balm.

It can create a world or even destroy two,
It is the best answer and is often true.

Silence is charismatic and charming,
Still we don't know if it is harming.
It takes great devotion and patience,
To build the mystical world of SILENCE...

(Visual two)

Copyright © Aanika Aery | Year Posted 2015

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Finding My Heart

Sometimes it makes me wonder,
Why is there no one for me to surrender.
Why being so intense has created trouble,
Why there is no one to make complicated thing subtle.

I wonder from being  
that  will my future be my present as now as I am swing.
No hearts to share,
It is something I would give a dare
Standing for someone  loving the only one
Is something I found in fairytails,
But in reality no one cares.

Oh heartless people!
Oh superficial creatures
Listen to the call of our heart,
Because there is someone who needs you from start.

Sometimes I wonder,
Why there is no one for me to surrender?
Has life made us wild?
Is there is only selfishness for what we do strive?
If there are feathers then why do we need knives

If there is love then how do I find none,
I see it is taken for granted by some.
I am in sorrow ,
Waiting for the love of tommorow,
Keeping my heart alive for the only one.
For the little crystal of love which I only want.

Copyright © Aanika Aery | Year Posted 2015

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Faded Again

U hit me once again
riding on the burning train..
U shattered me one more time
Faded again from what was mine.

Bounderies streching my sorrows..
No silver lining of tomorrow
You are the black hole's that's prime
Faded again from what was mine.

The secrets that i keep
Running through my veins so deep..
Dancing in the masquerade ball of the hated divine..
You took what was mine..
Faded again from what was mine.

Copyright © Aanika Aery | Year Posted 2016

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unhabited heart

Ever daunting,more eccentric is what is left of me
There is no goodness left in me to see.
The roads have become patchy
Quite rough and vague
Because there is no good left for any risks to take.

No happiness,no wonders, no zeal along
There is only tenpramental aloofness which is meant to be wrong
The place has become cold
There is no heart for any feelings to hold
The place once blossomed with dalias and dashes
But there is no love left at which one gazes

No signs for existence
No signs for any persistence.
You can't follow your dreams here
Because there is nothing left but ghostly screams of fear

The place is unhabited,a never opened gift
Which once was meant for the love to lift.
No memories,no softness is left around,
There is this boundless sky and a beligerant ground.

Copyright © Aanika Aery | Year Posted 2015

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Life is just a path,a path like you work hard
to get a goal 
and the goal is death

Death is peacefulness
no power is there greater than it
no force is present that can ever stop it
no fear that you have to be afraid off..

No evil to shrink away from
written in each's destiny
the power you cant handle
the power you can never escape from

Each breath leads you to it
each beat reminds you of it
each laugh is the sound of its fulfillness
each cry is the wave of its oblivion.

Copyright © Aanika Aery | Year Posted 2016

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Broken pieces

Here rolls the bad times once again,
Its the memory of love and hate.
The crystals of life are now shattered
Here lies everything,those broken pieces of my heart that are murdered.

Some whispered words of love for tommorow,
Some hope of peace that ends in sorrow
But here was my heart which was mischievously borrowed.

Some childhood memories,a picture of a tree...
The love at first sight and such a silly fight...
Here goes my heart once again,
Ransom it my dear and I will never complain.

Full of memories,those unspoken words,
They were once ceased but now they are free birds...
Flying high....
In a night with a moonlit sky.

Totally taken,
Truly broken,
are the remains of mine...
These are the broken pieces which were complete once upon a time...

Copyright © Aanika Aery | Year Posted 2015

Details | Aanika Aery Poem

Unspoken Wounds

Wounded and broken
Away and taken
Lying dead on the floor beneatg
Harmed and crushed and shattered a soul..
My unspoken wounds cry an untold myth..

Stabbed my heart
Burnt apart
Tortured above the zenith
Harmed and crushed and shattered a soul
My unspoken wounds cry an untold myth.

Misery of my unforgiven life
The shades of agony..hatefulness which i thrived..
But still i live under the undead's hit
Harmed and crushed and shattered a soul..
My unspoken wounds cry an untold myth.

Copyright © Aanika Aery | Year Posted 2016