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Mass media

Breaking news are keeping us apart
breaking ...

there is no such a place on our planet that is safe

God help us if
people start communicate to each other
they may actually realize
we are all humans

Copyright © Sanja Cokolic | Year Posted 2015

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The seeds of democracy

mine is the most beautiful ruined country on earth
who's favorite sons held knives

knife, wire ... tic tac .. 

mine is the most beautiful ruined country on earth
but the landlords came with their good intentions 
and let the eagles get in 
... even child knows what happens when you let the eagle get in

white eagle

tic tac ... wire, knife

mine is the most beautiful ruined country on earth
yet despite Geneva terms 
they proclaimed what happened 20 years ago as mislead estimation 
leaving us behind, unendingly hemorrhaging

knife, wire ... vukovar, srebrenica

how many of them are still out there

Copyright © Sanja Cokolic | Year Posted 2015

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Perdidit antiquum litera prima sonum

The sky has dug a hole in the cloud
it's fuc**** triangle's fault  I can't see the pigs
stratified societies 
revitalized on schizophrenic base of
finger pointing minority
staring at fragmented people 
seeing them as dispensed particles 
that parasitize above their respiratory system and
disrupting  implemented cohesion

in order to maintain entropy
by handicap crossing out their name
they are building a special places
for special people
where they all can hang out together
being so special
they  need special treatment

feels like above my sternum 
yellow pages are flipping through
those are just a small words of highly installed people

we are abled
they are disabled
Forbid words it is needed

holding Jesus's crown above their palms
crown became a baton
that arrogant ones are forwarding  toward detoured from sanity 
polluted ones

your mind is polluted
but you see clearly
you're receiving it anyway
taking even though you see
the wheel of fortune is set out that way
we all accept other people's lesions
relying on redemption

in small box concealing clarification
your designed cosmos is not overlapping with theirs
your mind is polluted
as you're wandering through the streets derange faced
they are deflecting their children from your trajectory
as the way your polluted mind couldn't touch them
unseen world and silhouettes behind the door
make them distracted
for eagle's flight they aren't ready

we are sane
they are insane
Forbid words it is needed

at the very indication of
fissure in your shield
your position as human becomes gravely disrupted
through your skin they have implemented metal spike 
and on the way out handed over a piece of paper
so you can wrapped yourself in that life
like piece of meat from butcher shop
while fissures in your shield
are showing from a transparent pink cellophane
as you're walking down that green mile
toward their hardcover empathy

everything seems like textbook settled
as human rights prohibit otherwise 
but no one ever will give you a handshake
they are keeping their hands at necessary distance
from your body liquids
you're contaminated
while in the hands constricting one way ticket to the island of lepers
they will approach to the nearest baptized sculpture
and contritely ahead of holly statue
 by fingers cross over blessed balls
while from walls declines
gratitude for not going astray as you did
cleared conscience they'll road up toward the heaven
not even turning to see
how you became a pillar of salt

they are clean
they are virtuous
they are alive

those words are carousel free
going straight forward
potentially blind ended

they are pure
you are impure
Forbid words it is needed

forbid the words or spoken mouths
by all means 
stupidity is a matter of choice

Copyright © Sanja Cokolic | Year Posted 2017

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Carlo vive i morti siete voi - Carlo lives, you are the dead ones

on merciless concrete
there's a body
don't clean up this blood

shot in the face
and run over as an inssurance
he'll never again put the blue ski mask on
don't clean up this blood

camouflaging a direct shot as ricocheted
did it even came to mind
was he still alive
when those tires  
crossed over 
don't clean up this blood

he was someone's son

do you have sons
what does the conscience say
does it claim a father
does that father merit someone calls him father
do your sons know
what you just did
don't clean up this blood

who are you behind that shields
who are you behind that badges
who are you behind that spokesman
who's pressing that switch to inhuman
don't clean up this blood

how does it feel when those who you pledged to protect are scared of you
does it make you feel like gods
or obedient dogs
outraged dogs
trying to silent the oppressed
who throws at you those bones from the top of Olympus
don't clean up this blood
just don't

freedom answers to the name of blood

*In memory of Carlo Giuliani (14 March 1978 - 20 July 2001)

Copyright © Sanja Cokolic | Year Posted 2016

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little color for facade
and everything is going to be ok

let's put a makeup to the toothless dwarfs

on the podium
painted cow's head
for decoration – everything is ready


I think that I'm autistic
if I'm not
I'll become one
(as the only way they will stop touching me)

I don't like touches
they are glassed
like that time
when he died
he is gone
and they are touching me

I'm screaming
(It can't be heard)

they have achieved sound isolation by bandages
(so it can't be heard)

I'm screaming
(you can't hear it)

aquarium in the kitchen
has earned a criminal offense
according to the feng shui law

he is guilty for selection of cheap coffin
(when money is in question, punishments are always high)

for an INTRO it was perfect
5 minutes of staring to the fish until you start feeling dizziness
perfect INTRO
for making innocence
(all situations are cheap)

let's make a settlement
tapping fingers on the table
3 to 12 ... cheap
tapping fingers on the table
3 to 12 ... cheap
easy math for hard lesson
category: materialised love to a child

sometimes it is necessary to die
but not enough

f***  it

Copyright © Sanja Cokolic | Year Posted 2015

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Everyone loves you when you're dead

Life was pale canvas 
to put some colour on 
you never managed 
has there been any effort for real
or its all experimental stage for another life
where molds aren't capable to digest your soul

lying on the edge of the bed
left you uncover

they were scared of you
but you were more scared of them

roller coaster of emotion you was
unable to be destructive on your own
disabled for finding the shadow of your own
desperately seeking for some black string to be attached  

as excuse
for excuse

wanting to be recognized to someones child
resulted in piggy bank
daddy said you're fine
and smashed it

life became a room 
with freshly painted white walls
each from top to bottom carrying shelves
on which glass cups were arranged
mimicking a kaleidoscope

your bearing with its reflections wearing a sunglasses
ended up with bloody feet

this life needed you
couldn't you love yourself just a little bit?

Copyright © Sanja Cokolic | Year Posted 2015

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By fingers
in fist 
firmly constricted
you managed to 
form me in Yesterday

under the shower
scratched skin
invoked up to the surface
mine Today

put a frame for life on Today
buried Yesterday
in graveyard a birth was given for

Terrified word
deranged stares at
reflection in a mirror

we'll never be able to
store in silence
that sound
of their blood
inside of us.

Copyright © Sanja Cokolic | Year Posted 2015

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Rampage on Sainthood

a delicate thing
dancing between
oxygen and carbon
will it give us a life
or suffocate

we're stuck in that reptile stage of uprising experiment
but they didn't count on our soul 

small amount of energy which owns us 
should have been included in equation

no one is winning
became universal scripture

no one is winning
neither plates from Sinai
nor book older than a prophet
or 'chosen people' exclusive label
no one is winning

sweep demons aside
and avoid your mirrors
stamped with that 21 gram
we are all hostages 
living in Stockholm's  delusion

Copyright © Sanja Cokolic | Year Posted 2015

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Laying out
the body

they  have released 
polite glances
promising touches
and words for lean against

neither polyvinyl chloride windows
couldn't prevent
from entrance

you are forcing your exhausted tears 
kneeling over the cheeks

screenplays  remain  consistent
only the pawns alternate

it is noon...
... even Satan needs God to survive

Copyright © Sanja Cokolic | Year Posted 2015

Details | Sanja Cokolic Poem

The line

borders are shaping lives,

color of your body
cleanliness of your soul
transparency of your mind
need to fit the frame

borders are ingesting destinies,

caught in that osmosis draft
they are playing russian roulette
with your need for bed and meal
in which only prize for you is
dream of home, and reality of refugees

borders are changing people,

conquer the land
crossing over dead child's body
became universal rule
seems like black and white aren't so different as they preach

they are both monochromatic

Copyright © Sanja Cokolic | Year Posted 2015