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She is more

She is, exactly what he wanted to see
His erotic fantasy
Every teenage boys playboy bunny dream

Look at how you come onto me
Lost, destroyed soul is all i will ever see
U disgust the innermost,
deepest feelings in me

She is the beauty queen
The one from your dreams
She doesn't even look like she bleeds
Imagine how she screams...

Perfect without a flaw
Take her on the wall
Have her spread all over the floor
Dont even close the door
Look at what you all came here for

Destroy her pride
Till shes got nowhere left to hide
Give her your might once more
Until she cannot take it anymore

Look into the eyes of all your lies
Realize every hurt you've given in your life
This is your whore
& now shes all bloody and sore
The same girl next door,
that u begged for more

You've burnt your soul to the core
A deed done
With blood on your hands
Listen, to your screaming fans

Shes just one of those,
that you used to love
You stole all her fairy dust 
and turned it into lust.

Copyright © Dani Elle | Year Posted 2014

Details | Dani Elle Poem

Lost ones

All these people
so deeply lost in their minds
In the universe,
could you ever find
Something so destructive,
yet so deeply and truly divine

We are in this transcendental place outside
Its where we all hide
We are all trying to find a place where we will forever reside
We are just playing
No need to get a fright
We are all really, 
just very high...
Chasing the night
Flying through never ending time
Searching in the darkness,
for a trace of light
The heavenly skies...

No need to cry
They just want you to die
So that they can forever,
and never, say goodbye

Aim high
The heavens behold 
An unremarkable sight

There is a battle, a never ending fight
in our minds
Kiss the sky
Where the angel birds fly

Hermes takes over the night
To give our children a fright
He calls upon the darkness in our eyes
He sucks out our spirits love supply
Hermes, why?
Do we either love or hate inside?
Are we just tempting fate?
We don't know where to hide...

Bring back the light of day
While darkness slowly fades away
to the rhythm of love
we sway today.

Copyright © Dani Elle | Year Posted 2014

Details | Dani Elle Poem

The queens dreams

She thought it will make her feel better
She found forever
Alone in the dark where he never left her
This thing it scares her
This dark terrifying endeavor,
where it could have her

Dirty is this Queen
But clean is how it will have her
Inside she dreams, of all the beautiful things
she will never be
These stupid destroyed beings
They have killed the Queen of all beautiful scenes.

Copyright © Dani Elle | Year Posted 2014

Details | Dani Elle Poem


Could you believe, 
something so extrodinary?
Could you percieve,
something so out of the ordinary?

I used to think I was dead
Lots of confusion inside my head
Trying to find something fimilliar
An experience deemd peculiar

I wish i wasnt stuck with this curse
I dont know what I am worth
I belong to another world
Where things arent so cold 
And we never get old

When you dont even know what youre looking at 
In the mirror
Fictional fact,
with a little horror
You start to wonder
what it feels like,
to get hit by thunder

Like I said
Once, in my mind, I was dead
Not inside my head
Not inside my mind
Not the physical kind

When you have been immortal
This life is just a temporary portal
A wormhole
Where you chase, rise and fall
and end up, with nothing at all

I cannot feel, like everyone else
I do not hear, the golden glittering bells
I am subjected to this reality against my will
It makes me illl

Whats the point, of all of this
You may ask
Its all one big twist
We hold on  to something
thats already gone
Thinking on Earth, here's somewhere we belong

Copyright © Dani Elle | Year Posted 2014

Details | Dani Elle Poem

One of a kind

Somehow in this
disintegrated abyss
I have come to find
Me, Myself and I
Somehow endlessly trying to find
my mind

Something I have come to miss 
in this, 
transcendental place inside
a colorless, formless, define less
thought amplified space, where I reside

Assist me be so kind?
One with the dark dreadlocks
Hide it in Pandora's Box
& never ever open it
For you never know
The thoughts that might govern it
It could be the biggest paradox

Beautifully refined,
I have seen you before
We have endured many past lives
You seem to be the one i've been existing for

I've looked from the end of the world
to the planets next door
I cannot think anymore
My minds spilled all over the floor
Pardon me,
Excuse all the gore
I know this is not what you came here for

Where does your magnetic consciousness sleep? 
Is it there amongst unknown beings?
Or is it where we dream?
Why does every little thing seem to be
So obscene?
I cannot see

Gather in the land of extravagant delight and reckless abandon
Observe the Queen of all beautiful scenes
Something u will never fathom
Watch, as she bleeds out all her dreams

Copyright © Dani Elle | Year Posted 2014

Details | Dani Elle Poem

Venus is love

Venus trines at midnight
Harvester of our dark side
These bright stars are blinding our sight
Its the way her face looks in the moonlight

We shine bright in this life

The Galaxy swoon the Moon
It happened way too soon
While the Sun flowers were still in bloom
They were shooting stars all over her room

Boom Boom
Sparkles flying all over the sky
Reaching blackholes way up high...

Thats why the birds cry
Why do we have to die?
Why, why, do we have to lie?
Why cant we just dance in the absent light at night?

As planet Earth turns, we burn inside
Does anyone know how to operate this flight?
We are flying way up high, in the sky
And we are all about to die

Copyright © Dani Elle | Year Posted 2014

Details | Dani Elle Poem


Pardon me
I'm afraid i have lost my mind
My ability to think
Better call the shrink...

Look there
By the girl in despair
Or the lost one
Asleep in the chair
Search through the dreaded locks of hair 
This is not fair

Where could i be?
Look in the paintings for me
I cannot see
I think i lost it in the beat
Flattened, Under all the pounding dancing feet.

It could be in the voice of the one whose lying
Or in the eyes of the one whose crying
Or in the soul of one the one whose dying...

I have lost all hope
Maybe its in the smell of the dope
I think im starting to choke
No, its just a rope
What  a sick twisted joke
Its in the words you spoke

Lost, its free
In a land of green
Where it returns to nothing
Something its always been

Copyright © Dani Elle | Year Posted 2014

Details | Dani Elle Poem

Bass beat

Within music, there are two things
The bright lights in the sky at night time
and completely losing it
We keep keep abusing it
Its not that we are choosing it

Its the beat
Its the Bass, beneath our feet
All these people eradicating heat
We admit defeat

Here we will always dance
There's always that one last chance
to let go of the ultimate plan
Our fate, is in our hands

We refuse to openly realize, 
These disguises
This is timeless
We need spiritual guidance

If we say no?
Would it let us go?
Our hearts made of snow
Cold inside, Its where we are home
We dont know where to go

Theres a million things we cannot see
Theres a million thoughts, we cannot think
All our souls want to be free
been stuck here, for all eternity...

Copyright © Dani Elle | Year Posted 2014

Details | Dani Elle Poem

A poetic essay

It always excited her curious mind.
Going on adventures, finding hidden treasures.
Journeying and exploring in deep dark unknown places.
Seeing all those lost faces...
She has no fear of the unknown,
she is never alone.

She sometimes wonders inside if there are any dangers to find.
A scream, a cry. 
The truth is, she never knows whats waiting around the corner.
Death, fear, love...
This is not enough
There are millions of endless possibilities.
She believes she will never know unless she sees for herself.

She needs no help
She has to be alone...

Once upon a time in a place far far away from everything you have ever known,
further away than Zeus can throw, is a girl.
Lost, confused and dazed
Her thoughts run deeply, amazed.

She is running
She  is hiding
She is searching 
She is fighting,
for the truth.
A fountain of youth
Her destiny
A higher entity
The meaning of life...
It is not easy to find.

Millions of angels fill her path with light
She will not once look back behind.

One day she met a woman who was very kind
"Let me show u the way, I shall not lead you astray." She said
"My dear, you will be amazed by what you can find. Do not hide. No need to get a fright. I have been sent to lead you through the gates up ahead. Where the deepest bottomless hole is your only bet."

"Who are you within?"
Asked the Angel, guarding the eternal life.
His eyes were so passionate, stronger than the hottest fires.
It made her think...What have I been?
With all that I have seen, I will now scream: "I AM THE ETERNAL QUEEN. An describable thing. Hear my voice when i sing..."

She opened her mouth and words of purity filled the heavenly sky, overtaking the dark cold night.
Now she can fly
She will never again cry...
Every thought she has ever had, fills her inside.
Destroying her pride.
Suddenly, she realized.

This is how you die...
Every little thing, gets left behind...

In this journey through the universe, she found this eternal verse.
It is not a blessing, nor is it a curse. 
It heals all heartache, 
It loves through better or worse.
Follow this girl through the gates of the unknown.
Deep in a pit of screams, an abyss of unfulfilled dreams, you will be thrown.
See who you truly are, your lies will be forever shown.

Copyright © Dani Elle | Year Posted 2014

Details | Dani Elle Poem


I cannot see
What could this be?
I cannot think
Where will this journey take me?
What will it make me?

Deep inside us all
There is a hell
Where we are caged,
imprisoned, trapped,
inside our own minds shell
Experience life
six feet beneath
U never know if you will ever leave

Inside a void where dimensions interact
Here is no such thing as fact
Lose your heart
Lose your mind
Every little thing, gets left behind

Experience yourself
Your deepest being 
Every act based on hatred, 
and selfish greed

U will suffer
U will try
U will grab everything you cannot
to stop yourself from dying
and when you oneday forgive yourself,
will u hear the angels flying

In this place,
No thing can be
You have left life
You are now free

This is DMT

Copyright © Dani Elle | Year Posted 2014