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A poetic essay

It always excited her curious mind.
Going on adventures, finding hidden treasures.
Journeying and exploring in deep dark unknown places.
Seeing all those lost faces...
She has no fear of the unknown,
she is never alone.

She sometimes wonders inside if there are any dangers to find.
A scream, a cry. 
The truth is, she never knows whats waiting around the corner.
Death, fear, love...
This is not enough
There are millions of endless possibilities.
She believes she will never know unless she sees for herself.

She needs no help
She has to be alone...

Once upon a time in a place far far away from everything you have ever known,
further away than Zeus can throw, is a girl.
Lost, confused and dazed
Her thoughts run deeply, amazed.

She is running
She  is hiding
She is searching 
She is fighting,
for the truth.
A fountain of youth
Her destiny
A higher entity
The meaning of life...
It is not easy to find.

Millions of angels fill her path with light
She will not once look back behind.

One day she met a woman who was very kind
"Let me show u the way, I shall not lead you astray." She said
"My dear, you will be amazed by what you can find. Do not hide. No need to get a fright. I have been sent to lead you through the gates up ahead. Where the deepest bottomless hole is your only bet."

"Who are you within?"
Asked the Angel, guarding the eternal life.
His eyes were so passionate, stronger than the hottest fires.
It made her think...What have I been?
With all that I have seen, I will now scream: "I AM THE ETERNAL QUEEN. An describable thing. Hear my voice when i sing..."

She opened her mouth and words of purity filled the heavenly sky, overtaking the dark cold night.
Now she can fly
She will never again cry...
Every thought she has ever had, fills her inside.
Destroying her pride.
Suddenly, she realized.

This is how you die...
Every little thing, gets left behind...

In this journey through the universe, she found this eternal verse.
It is not a blessing, nor is it a curse. 
It heals all heartache, 
It loves through better or worse.
Follow this girl through the gates of the unknown.
Deep in a pit of screams, an abyss of unfulfilled dreams, you will be thrown.
See who you truly are, your lies will be forever shown.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2014

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Date: 10/1/2014 1:16:00 PM
Congratulations on your win Dani
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Date: 10/1/2014 9:46:00 AM
Interesting on the theme of the contest, congrats on thye win, Dani
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