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Now that's a Shame

Tis a gladness found in sadness
mostly pleasure
wince of pain
From an odor round the barroom
none the boys could e'er explain
Like a billowed line of washin'
after gentle fallen rain
Tis the wail of spring befallin'
on a barfly
oh ... the shame
there's homework
I'm the tender
to a list of things that broke
Ere the boss be sharing surely
words no poet ever spoke
Lazy good for nothing boozer
paint the fence and fix the gate
You want a pint ... you must be kidding
Plow the forty ... 'fore it's late
Down the misty path of memories
thoughts of Kelsey's brew appears
In a vision almost godly
round a table rests my peers
And no memory tarries longer
than ol' Kelsey pouring liquor at the bar
I sheds a tear
Summer sadness tans bare shoulders
to replace the winter's shun
And the kids each day
they greet me ... Morning Dad
YOUR IT ... then run
I never knew that Heaven
'twas the place beyond my wall
Till I heard my children laugh
while toasting mallows in the fall
Though breath of Heaven
washed the aftertaste
of Kelsey's from my life
And forever I'll be holding ... dear
new memories
with my wife
I am angered at the sign
that hangs atop ol' Kelsey's door
. . . NO BARFLIES . . .
. . . CASH RESPECTED . . .
His wife now runs the bar

Copyright © Rex McCoy | Year Posted 2014

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Little Green Laughter

Sunlight sweeps above the dale, while shades of Heather lift their veil
Then gentle mist of morning swirls, enhancing dawn with nature's pearls
Songbird's flight encircles glen, to spot late crawler's search for den
Not all that dwells in understory, hides this day... this day's their glory
The songbirds flee... the piper grins
"Far Darrig O'Malice yer at it again"
The silence broke
the wildwoods rustle
from near and far, the wee ones hustle
The songs roll out
the barrels too
the leprechauns abandon shoe
They all break out one piece of gold, to waste before their play grows cold
They barter sheep while lifting hogs
They saddle ... ride ... the farmer's dogs
And all the while they laugh and shout, they never spill their mugs of stout
The Cluricauns with stouter trumpet, descend the town... subdue the strumpet
Spend their purse to chase romance
the quean much slicker, steals their pants
Within the glen with dusk's approach, the smoke gets thick as suppers roast
The music swirls, the echoes sail, the dancers chant an Irish tale
An those with naked butts are taught... they stop, it gives the bugs a shot
Far Darrigs crawl beneath the kegs, they pop the corks and fill their legs
St. Patrick's blessed another year
The sound of snoring
now all you hear

Copyright © Rex McCoy | Year Posted 2014

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Just Because I Said I Do

forsaken place
these bars of time
no saving grace
from whence I came
a fence I face
around and round
no end in chase

Just because
I said I do
I'm seldom excused
when postage due

No-one to share
I stand alone
to cheat despair
I scratch this poem
of matters fact
it finds no home
amid your care
dispense of drone

Copyright © Rex McCoy | Year Posted 2014

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One Wish Granted

Entranced through castle window
arms outstretched ...
but resting on its frame
The only sound that falls to ear
from a pendulum's rhythmic swing
A gentle flame
sends ghostly shadows
that dance to silent notes
Entwined in scents from fireside
inlaid with cherry smoke
They said she would appear this night
as all the stars align
I drank their potion
said the chant
Still dispirited
counting time
The hour's close
near darkest night
a looking glass beside me
hand crafted by the little folk
ornate with sprigs of ivy
Enchanted ... yes ... they cannot lie
my wish they guarantee
Their word's been kept
since dawning time
One minute more ...
we'll see
A deafening thunder breaks the still
as lightning strikes the spires
From gentle breeze
to baleful gale
dare never
to think them liars
The ancient mirror begins to glow
as the clock counts off the trials
My heart explodes
beneath my chest
with the force of a billion smiles
" Take my hand ...
while the clock still strikes "
your voice pleads ... from inside
To my surprise
I reach within
with both arms open wide
Your loving touch
and I'm pulled through time
to your kiss
oh ... sweet embrace
A whirling swirling rainbow ride
as the tears roll down my face
" To the end of time ... I beg of you
Never leave these loving arms "
but there's one more task
you must fulfil
if you wish to win my charms "
With sprawling thud ... I hit the grass
spinning senses in a daze
A newborn sunlight
warms my face
sparkling air
helps lift the haze
Such marvels
this wondrous world
a voice sings with a smile
... " You must catch me " ...
rings your taunting laugh
from a glade
nearly half a mile
July 23, 2000

Copyright © Rex McCoy | Year Posted 2014

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The Freckled Face of a Girl

Dappled grey horses
sweat crusted and weary
hooves drifting dust
lift a day
passing dreary
The harness bells faded
reigned in at the rill
a cool running brook
near the base of our hill
My eyes
I'm a lad
scant older than four
brought visions to mind
full of wonders in store
A wagon decked out
like a big city market
he lifted the side
then he shook out the carpet
Our old kitchen door
screamed out
lack of oil
a kettle
clanged gently
just set on to boil
E'er mother's voice shouted
"I think it's the Pox
the old folks have died
I've been digging their plots"
"My father's in bed
and they won't let me near"
the stranger walked by
with a smile
mussed my hair
Went in with a bag
full of magic he grows
started mixing a broth
made with god only knows
Tip toed on a box
dragged in from the yard
through windows
he folded
gunpowder with lard
The screams of my father
sent tears to my eyes
they rubbed him completely
in spite of his cries
They fed him the broth
a few drops at a time
I climbed off the box
with his horses in mind
"The horses love apples"
I turned with a whirl
peeking out from his wagon
the freckled face
of a girl
In moments I knew her
a lifetime
it seemed
a most likeable friend
who knew all the schemes
As father got better
t'was time to move on
her father
a doctor
a peddler
a con
He'd done us a service
we could never repay
though he sold us an organ
an' stool
by the way
Each year they returned
once or twice
they dropped by
little freckle faced Mary
the girl of my eye
They'd rest a few days
with each visit
it's true
she wrote the best love songs
while I wrote the tunes
Then one night it happened
'neath moon and the stars
consummating a love
that would forever
be ours
He stumbled upon us
but said not a word
in the morning
so early
fading echoes we heard
Ne'er again did we see them
though rumors
of peril ...
my parents expired
to a place 'neath the barrow
Five years had surpassed
isolation and grief
knocked a lamp
from the table
when I'd fallen asleep
The house nearly cinder
an' I felt like the fool
only item I'd saved
was the old organ stool
Just sat there and watched
till the sun broke the morn
in the distance
an echo
I'd heard years before
Then over the rise
sweat crusted and weary
two dappled grey horses
on a day
passing dreary
The horses reigned in
right next to the rill
that sweet running brook
at the base of our hill
A woman climbed down
took a step
to the glade
the dawning day's sun
streaming in to pervade
A light in my heart
jumped a thousand times fold
the smile in her eyes
and the story's been told
The tears
fell in rapture
though nothing was said
now with Mary
she'd returned from the dead
She unhitched the horses
I lifted the side
"The years have been kind"
I said
lifting her pride
"Are you my daddy?"
I turned with a whirl
peeking out from the wagon
the freckled face
of a girl

Copyright © Rex McCoy | Year Posted 2014

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Scattered Thought

Do you follow me...

I've scattered thought
across countless stages of unveiled catwalk
Graced anthologies of rhyme
Watched you
watch me
indulge in second guess
Still ...
seldom circulates
obscured from Elementary 

Fact is... words refrain
as thoughts pile higher
Each ode grows more incent 
from straining to dip the quill
way beyond comfort
to soak in
crisper thought

My only regret ...
a shortage of counterintelligence

Copyright © Rex McCoy | Year Posted 2014

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On Frozen Pond

So icy blue and windy too, the pub looms across the lake
One step forward three steps back, this nettlesome path forsake
So...Climbing upon the greenhouse roof, my drunken shortcut making
The glass beneath me shattering proof, of every step I'm taking
I cut my knees, I scrape my shins, my pants a ragged mess
A few more steps, I'll be across this frozen pond, I guess
A mighty crash, without a splash, the ice gives way too soon
My belt hangs up upon a nail, I dangle above the room
I wave my arms, I kick my legs
There's people under water!
and I'm not even soaking wet, except I relieved my bladder

Copyright © Rex McCoy | Year Posted 2014

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Promises - Promises

If a promise understood the spoken word
would it ignore the roar of devotion's cheer
or disregard
the sight of a despondent tear
it bond the two hearts
than falsify its token pledge
its grasp
just might quell that offensive urge
and thus
defend the heart from tormentor's dirge
the inconsiderate tongues that swell them
Keywords mistyped
in letters dear
where finger strokes
and angry thought combine
so sadly...
that one flawed phrase
and forever storms our minds
If promises could interlace with beating hearts
tears could find defence
from poison darts

Copyright © Rex McCoy | Year Posted 2016

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The Morning After


softly flowing
into a woodland dawn 
Where honeysuckles lift their heads 
from a sleepy
Though all of nature
seems at rest 
neath the fragrance of a flower 
A distant cadence
breaks the still 
this rustic bower
A gentle thump 
and then
A shimmer
parts the years 
Into the glade
a silhouette 
with long thin drooping ears 
The whiskers
upon his face 
show an ancient shade of grey 
A basket
beneath his arm 
he stops
to bless the day 
with a yawn
he disappears 
amid a dazzling sight 
A multi colored kaleidoscope 
that fades
neath Easter's light 

Copyright © Rex McCoy | Year Posted 2015

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Unending Wend

Hiking through a woodland glen 
as mellow shards 
of sunset bend 
to capture 
in waters clear 
from mountains shear 

The silhouette sings twilight's best 

Enchanting beauty 
north by west 

'Twas then my heart 
forgot to beat 
while visions to my gaze 

A gentle sigh 
resets its rhythm 
I step toward this face from heaven 


In twilight's eerie haze she stood 
amongst the tranquil shades of wood 
where timeless paths 
bestow the land 
she beckons 
with extended hand 

hardly seen 

I spring a trap 
laid there 

Then falling deep 
to darkest dread 

Above ... 

the trap 
once more is spread 


I tumble blind through timeless mist 
as things unseen 
tear clothes to bits 

Attesting shrieks 
bare blackest dreams 

When fingers 
they choke the screams 

I'm lifted 
to brink of ledge 

I scramble 
back from edge 

Breath wheezed ... 

lungs filled ... 

sanguine air 

but shadows dance 
to flame's despair 


Perusing cavern round about 
entwined with scents 
of mash and stout 

The shadows fade 
as faces bare 

Their eyes unblinking 
strangely stare 

Just who they be I have no clue 

In cloaks of rag 
bereft of shoe 

A boiling pot 

Aroma wafts 
to pull my nose 


As grumbles strike beneath my chest 
a bowl they pass 

I say my blest 

The taste is odd 
but strangely 

Then laughs 
beneath their hood 

It strikes me now this tale I'm told 
just echoed back 
from memories cold 

the pit 
from beauty set 

Where mortal feet 
with regret 


I sense 
the danger lurking near 

Too late 

I'm thrust 
through worlds of cheer 

Round about 
with no control 

Immersed in love 
then stripped of soul 

Tears of pleasure 
tears of pain 

Round about 
and back again 

Conscious whirling 

Blackness lifting 

Drenched with rain 


Hiking through a woodland glen 
as mellow shards 
of sunset bend 
to capture 
in waters clear 
from mountains shear 

The silhouette sings twilight's best 

Enchanting beauty 
north by west 

'Twas then my heart 
forgot to beat 
as visions through my haze 

A pondered thought 
sends senses reeling 

'tis Déjà vu ... 

I've got this feeling 

Copyright © Rex McCoy | Year Posted 2014