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You're My Inspiration For Happiness

Do you remember the first time we locked eyes,
At first neither of us knew where our future lies.
We both thought the other was going blow the other off,
We both know we didn't start off that soft.

The moment I looked deep into your eyes I saw something,
Your eyes were full of passion, need of love, and determination for anything.
The second we had our first conversation I wanted you,
But I didn't want you in a sexual way, just the positive committed way.

You have that fire in your eyes and the heart of a warrior,
I was the battle and you won the war as a lone soldier.
The battle was for me lacking the ability to love again,
Your victory granted me the privilege to be in love without much sin.

My dear sweet love...I love you for who you are,
Not for what you're capable of or what's in the trunk of your car.
But I love you for the simple things that count,
Cause mostly it's the simple things in life people forget.

My future wife...I promise to give my all to you,
I would never lay my hands on you.
I will never lie, cheat, or break your heart,
And by the way...I already knew it from the start!

Copyright © Darius Knight | Year Posted 2006

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Touched By An Angel

Do you remember how it felt to open the perfect gift on Christmas Day?
Reminisce on the sparkle in your eyes when you didn't have a word to say.
Revisit that exhilarating PAUSE...
These feelings you give me compliments the happiness that gives my world cause.

Your potential power over me is so strong I'm positive you don't really know,
That I appreciate everything about you because your essence makes me want to let the past go.
You're able to turn chaos into the brightest day I've ever had,
What I love the most is how you can make me smile every time my face is sad.

I think of you in the morning and dream of you whilst I sleep,
I can't see your face but this intimacy between us is water well deep.
I imagine the glow on your face when we see each other after so much time apart,
When we embrace and kiss I visualize how hard you'll be pounding within your heart.

Your appearance alone caused the walls around my heart to fall,
The warmth of your halo broke through with the strength of a cannon ball.
It happened so naturally and sudden there wasn't even a sound,
After you removed all restraints my affection for you became so high I couldn't see the

Tell me you can hear and feel these words I'm confessing from afar,
Am I dreaming or are you drawn to me as I am to you just because of the way I are.
Let's not hesitate and act blind of the possibilities that you should be with me,
Living in a world where it consist of you and me would be

Copyright © Darius Knight | Year Posted 2010

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Lost Son

I awaited patiently for months just to hold you in my arms,
You awoke the real man within as your birth was it's alarm.
You stared as I stared back even though you could barely see,
But I saw right then what a blessing you were going to turn out to be.

I was forced out your life but that didn't stop my thoughts of you,
I lived everyday wondering if you could ever miss me too.
You're too young to keep the memories and the evidence is quite clear,
One years old I finally catch you and that cold stare was hard to bare.

Everyone says I'm trippen cause you're not really mine but my response was who else was there?
There for you, and your mom is something a real man did with care.
What I wanted you to know is that you revived a part of me not many people knew,
But that part stayed with you and I pray that very essence is something that carries with you.

One day you'll have your own life and there's something important you must keep with you,
No matter who it is don't let no one make you doubt yourself, be true to you and remember
that you are beautiful.
I named you...I claimed you...I was willing to do what another man couldn't,
You were my are my son...I felt a love that I thought I shouldn't.

You will never go wrong if you keep your influence under God.
Amari---miracle from God.

Copyright © Darius Knight | Year Posted 2011

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Destiny's Child

Watching the world calling my name as I stand at the top of the stage,
The heat of the lights embraces my excitement as I see the fans has no limit of age.
I raise the mic and smile as I hear them scream louder with love,
The peak of my life...a chapter that can be endless...but right before it begins I'll left
my hands and look up to thank the Man above.

...Imagine that...

Hundreds of notch companies...all of them on standby awaiting my voice,
They know as far as promotions go we're the number one choice.
I stand with a head held high as I realize the empire we created,
Reaching a mountaintop...a dream that became a I smile cause the haters said
I couldn't make it.


...Imagine that...


Together we stand to reach the goals of our ambitions to rise,
Soon and very soon this team will gain satisfaction when we snatch our prize.
I scream EntertainMe Promotions to the world for they all will know of this soon to be
Once we reach our foundation these thoughts will no longer be a fantasy.


HillTop...EntMe...never doubt your will and never forget your something worth-while,
Cause through it all as G-Splash has said...don't think about them three girls...WE'RE

Copyright © Darius Knight | Year Posted 2010

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Secret Connection

How blissful is this 'relationship' for you?
What are the intentions of the emotions you put out when you call me boo?
To're a fantasized ideal queen that every Knight dreams of,
You're the very physical essence of what an Angel would be if it came from above.

At first this was a physical attraction but I want you to believe I lust now for what I
believe is mine,
Not much time has gone by but even you have noticed the connection between us could very
well be a sign.
You have the qualities and uniqueness of a woman I've been waiting for,
You have the ambition of a strong woman and that's something I adore.

I see our attraction in my dreams and also in my nightmares,
That's the reason when I get around you I often start to stare.
Though at first it was sexual then later became emotional,
But will we always live a secret life or just become spiritual?

I can't read minds but your eyes and actions tell a lot,
My words are more of curiosity and missing a link than some thought out plot.
I ask of you to tell me are we suppose to be happy in the shadows like my dreams,
Or is the worse yet to come as we split apart like my nightmare scenes.

Honestly sweetheart I'm satisfied with this life of passion,
As The Law of The Universe states...actions equals reaction.
At this moment reminisce when we experienced our first kiss,
Now imagine yourself experiencing a long run of such a passionate bliss...

Copyright © Darius Knight | Year Posted 2011

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Passionate Spirit

I sense a gentle spirit with great notorious instincts,
Naturally caring for life and not allowing the loved ones to sink.
Eye contact alone flushes out any negative waves,
And that smile can bring forth happiness that can last for days.

Your, simply knowing your existence has made my life brighter,
Now that you have a part of my heart the weight on my shoulder has become lighter.
What you do for me is physically and mentally gracing me with the experience of true
What you mean to me is someone who enlightens my soul and breaks me away from my stress.

All the days going by without seeing you...feeling your touch...embracing the joy of your
Causes me to miss you on a level to where the pages in my mind starts to tear.
You have my mind racing across corners I didn't realize I had,
Knowing that without you being around makes my heart skip at times makes me sad.

Should I be more direct and say you should be with me?
I could but the real man within me would rather you decide I'm where you want to be.
The thought of possibly being boyfriend number two is better than not having you,
But the realist in me prefers to be your number one than some sloppy number two.

Better yet...tell me what's going on inside your heart,
I know it's hard but admit to those feelings that's connecting our hearts.
I will prove how much I care for you by leaving this small clue,
I'm willing to give you the power to destroy me but I'm trusting you not to...

Copyright © Darius Knight | Year Posted 2010

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Our Victory

Very refined and also defined as a true woman,
Intense feelings in my heart causes me to cherish each and every moment.
Could it be that your nature kept my heart from being destroyed in the devil's fire?
The looks of it you blessed me with courage to understand I'm not just a tool for hire.
Only the sound of your voice could disintegrate the stress from hard it seems,
Realizing the true potential of your continuing mending heart was well felt to the extreme.
In a fashion the glow of your eyes brought light in this dark world that arose new hope,
After acknowledging this feeling I could never see ourselves going through a grope.

Joyous intensity surges through my body while I daydream about "our" life,
Often I get surprise that my heart and mind never experienced a strife.
Neither of us foresaw the emotions that allowed ourselves to go through,
Every night that I hold you it feels as though our souls are doing a pas de deux.
Simply knowing that I'll always have your love is enough to make me stay true to you like
I already do...

Copyright © Darius Knight | Year Posted 2010

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Thoughts Of Reality

People use to say when it rains it my case when I cry its similar to that,
But are these tears of joy or sadness I'm trying to combat?
I reach my hands in the air talking to God as I stare into the full moon,
Asking for my very own Angel and to my surprise the image that appeared just so happen to
be you.

I pause in my prayer and gaze into the stars realizing you're the source of my joy,
I look down at the liquor bottle and realize it's you that put a glaze in my eye.
I rub the bruises on my chest and realize its my conversations with you that makes me
short winded,
It took so little time to realize that you're the light to allow my heart to be ascended.

I look into your eyes and I see every aspect of what affection is suppose to be,
No one knows what the future holds but I can see there's a chapter just for you and me.
I don't see you enough and it seems I don't really see you at all,
Though you'd be surprised at the glow on my face when I receive your phone call.

You have no idea how it feels to be special in one person's heart,
I wouldn't change a single decision about our relationship even if I was offered a restart.
I can imagine the very moment when we will kiss...time and reality around us will freeze,
But only for that moment and I can guarantee won't be displeased. ;)

Realistically...I pains to admit that we can't be together like we would like to right now,
I'm a patient man and I don't mind waiting for a woman who makes me say P.O.W. (Pretty
Outstanding Woman)
When the time comes my hand is ready to grasp,
But until then I thank God for all I have.

Copyright © Darius Knight | Year Posted 2010

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Love Found...Accidentally

What is this...that's what we whispered after our first kiss,
Ever since that blissful moment our connection became tighter than the world's champ fist.
Accidentally we became closer...coincidentally our hearts became in tune,
Our souls started to gracefully sing to each other while we slept in one another's arms
till noon.

The exhilarating feeling from your kiss honestly made my body quiver,
Without the sensation from your hugs that warm me at night I shiver.
When you gazed into my stare it seemed the world actually stood completely still,
And the very moment we made love...reality itself bent into a sense that felt unreal.

It feels as though God has decided the pain I held onto is irrelevant the day you stepped
into my life,
He blessed me with a masterpiece that he so carefully designed just to rain happiness back
in my life.
Every morning I awake to your beauty I thank Him for the near perfection in a woman I see,
My mind wonders at night right before you fall asleep in my arms if we are meant to be.

Who would have ever thought that you've been the missing link to feeling love,
The very element needed to complete the cure of loneliness, despair, and lack of feeling
The strangest part of this...I can honestly see you being the one for me,
I tried to deny it...ignore it...even run from it...but it's just impossible for me not to

You are a living example of how love should be unconditionally shared,
The definition of how lover's hearts should unselfishly be paired.
You broke through a barricaded...chained...triple steel infused door that lead to my heart,
After doing so, I don't see how we could ever attempt to part.

I adore you as if I'm gazing at the gates of the Heavens door,
I cherish our moments like when lovers share a kiss while it rains and pours.
I care for you like a watchful protector cares for his dark and needy city,
And I want you in a way that only true lovers would express feelings without a hint of pity.

You can look deep into my eyes and believe that everything I say is beyond a hundred
percent true,
Because as of now...without you around my roaring fire would fade before getting a chance
to turn blue.

Copyright © Darius Knight | Year Posted 2010

Details | Darius Knight Poem

Non-Questionable Feelings

I have meet many women in this life I lead and I must admit you are favorable,
In my world you are sensational, lovable, and you have a heart and spirit that is not

You're beautiful, classy, and almost perfect when it comes to being emotional,
I remember it was the thought of you that kept me motivated to becoming more spiritual.
Each moment I spent with you my feelings got deeper and stronger for you,
Everyday I see your graceful face I feel myself wanting to love you.

In ways we are distant as the planets are in the universe,
We are bound in this galaxy and only our constellation can break the curse.
We are on different sides but our hearts are as close as the stars,
If anything else doesn' a comet your voice will reach me no matter how far.

Just tell me how much you want me because I can see it in your beautiful eyes,
Your body language and aura tells me how much you care for me and stop me if it's a lie.
With me willing to give you the world and the best within me...why can't I be your man,
Please...let your heart speak exactly what it cries out for so I can understand.

I can truly and honestly say when it comes to a woman like you I can't say never,
We would be nearly perfect for each other and not just because we look so fly together.
I would be honored for you to be my lady because you and I both know I'd treat you right,
I know I'm ready because getting my heart ready for someone like you was one heck of a fight.

You need to forget those other fake men cause they don't want you or can even come close
to satisfy you like I can do,
Is there any doubt that you should be with me and be my baby boo?
I will tell it to you like this cause I don't want to prolong what I really have to say,
Come and be mine so you can see I will treat you like the Queen you are everyday.

Copyright © Darius Knight | Year Posted 2010