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- Forever and Always -

I look past the stars and moon and space,
past the dark of the night.
Just to look and see your face,
in a ray of light.

A ray of light that gives me hope,
when I am feeling low.
Or just to speed up the day, 
because it's going slow.

I want the day to be over,
so that I can dream of you.
Think about the times we had,
before god came and took you.

My dreams are filled with happy thoughts,
of before you went away.
It's like your still on Earth today,
just in a better place.

I miss you when I see the light,
that brightens up my room.
Then I remember you are gone,
that you left with the moon.

I wish that I could see your face,
just one more time.
Why didn't god take you away,
when the time was right?

He took you right after,
we got in that stupid fight.
I told you to go away,
until another night.

Well now there is no other night,
for you are gone for good.
I will always regret that light
that took you from the world.

Left when the light,
shines into my room.
Back in the night,
when you left.

I used to love the night,
when the darkness filled my room.
Now I always want the light,
So I can't remember what I did to you.

I blame myself for your death,
though you're already gone.
I didn't really hurt you,
but it feels that way now.

I hope you're better off,
in a place far from me.
Just please, oh please,
don't forget me.

I will always love you,
even if you're gone.
I'll never forget you,
until my time is done.

-This is a poem I made for my friend, Shaun. I miss you-

Copyright © Charity Lymmn | Year Posted 2013

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- End of Time -

I followed your every footsteps,
for awhile now.
It's leading me to the same spot,
that it left you, Marcus.

You were my role model,
my leader from the start.
My best friend from the day
that we met in the park.

I was your follower,
you never complained.
You were my leader
all just the same.

But now, I'm starting
to realize.
That all through these years,
I've been following the wrong guy.

Physically, no
I've purposely been following you.
But your starting to do things
that I don't want to do.

I am now the leader
and you are following me.
This is not 
how it was meant to be.

Asking you to stop,
you always refuse.
You say you won't give up 
until you have to move.

We both know very well,
that you will never move.
It's a family tradition
in where you can not move.

I will have to wait 
until I can move.
For I am still to young
and my 'family' chooses not to.

I now have to make a choice,
a huge one on my part.
It's starting to dawn on me
that you like me.

I know very well
that you don't break promises.
Yet, you promised me
that you like me.

The real promise
is pretty harmful.
I can't let you
go through with it.

You said that if I 
don't believe you like me,
you'll commit suicide.
There's one problem with that.

I have dysthymia.

Incase you don't know 
what that is.
It's pretty much low self-esteem
and cutting yourself.

I can't believe people
when they say they like me.
No matter what they do,
I just can't, my mind won't allow it.

So this may be
the end, I really hope not though.
Please don't be serious,

-Yes, this actually happened today (October 20, 2013). I feel really bad that I can't help him. But, I really do have dysthymia and major depression. I have thought about suicide myself, and came pretty close. But I don't want it to happen to anyone else. Especially not Marcus. Thanks..!-

Copyright © Charity Lymmn | Year Posted 2013

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- Broken Inside -

I think about you

all the time,

I just can't let you go.

I try to hide myself inside

but the feelings come out and 

I know that it is over,

you want nothing more from 

But I can't seem to move on,

because you've broken me.

Copyright © Charity Lymmn | Year Posted 2013

Details | Charity Lymmn Poem

- Deleted -

Opening my eyes
to the darkness in my room.
I try not to cry
and look away to soon.

I didn't know what woke me up
from my horrible dream.
But what did I expect
when I wake up at three?

This is not it.

Walking around the mess
afraid to think why.
Looking at the steps,
that's when I start to cry.

The steps, same as my room
are a dark shade of red.
Everything's covered
in death.

I truly wake up.

I cry, just like in my dream
for I know this story all to well.
This was a night ten years ago
when I was to afraid to let go.

That night while I was sleeping,
my mom and dad had died.
What woke me up,
a gunshot.

I was only four,
which is why I'm still alive.
One year older,
and I would have died.

I have that dream a lot,
different parts each time.
They said I was to young,
to remember that one night.

Then why do I still remember it?

After I saw my mom and dad
lying still on the stairs.
The police and ambulance broke in,
and carried them away.

We had a small funeral
a few blocks from that house.
I go there once a week,
to cry over their graves.

I was really close to my mom,
she was like my best friend.
She always will be,
until the very end.

This is also where I 
buried my friend, Shaun.
I'll see them all when I go 
to visit the small pond.

- This is a true story. I would've told you what I found when I went downstairs, but it is something I couldn't have imagined. I never will tell anyone everything I found, until it's not so bad to think about it... Have a good day! Lee< -

Copyright © Charity Lymmn | Year Posted 2013

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- Just You -

No matter what you look like,

doesn't matter who you are.

Everyone is beautiful,

just the way you are.

There's always someone out there,

who wants to be like you.

You may not believe me,

but trust me cause I do.

Everyone is beautiful,

just the way you are.

No matter what you look like,

doesn't matter who you are.

Copyright © Charity Lymmn | Year Posted 2013

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- Sadness -


Stay strong, 
I'm weak
Everyone's beautiful,
Except me.

My life,
Full of lies
Where no one 
Believes me.

They hurt me
But I refuse 
To let them know.

Hiding how I feel
Lying that I'm fine
Feeling very lonely,
But still trying to hide.

Hide behind the lies,
They have said 
So I am 
Exactly how they see me.

I'm ugly, 
A liar,
Many more.

What the say,
It hurts me inside
But if I let it show
It'd prove that I'm weak.

I'm too afraid
To ask someone,
What am I supposed to do?
Too afraid. 

A scaredy-cat,
Mommy's girl,
Total: loser.

I admit, 
I want to die
Everyone hates me
Confusing lies.

All I want,
Someone to believe me
And who doesn't
Pay attention to my flaws.

My trust issues,
Low self-esteem,
All those things.

Just one person,
Who doesn't believe the lies
Loves me for me
And will help me stay alive....

Copyright © Charity Lymmn | Year Posted 2014

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- Starlight -

When I look at stars 
I see a light
Looking for a way,
out of the night.

To bring you up
and take you away,
To go and brighten
someone else's day.

That is a day
far from now,
when you'll leave the world
without looking down.

Don't be shy
to look at the sky,
and think what might happen
after you die.

Just look beyond
the eyes sight,
look past the stars
into the night.

Do you see anyone
that you have known,
looking down at you
never leaving you alone.

Copyright © Charity Lymmn | Year Posted 2013

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- Loss -

No matter on the time of day,
I always think of you. 
After all the years that you've been gone,
I just can't forget you.

Everyone I care about,
left a long time ago.
I miss you every moment,
and I always feel alone.

I hope you had a happy life,
until your time came to leave.
Now I just really wish,
that you could come back to me.

Copyright © Charity Lymmn | Year Posted 2013

Details | Charity Lymmn Poem

- Apologize -

I'm sorry for all the times,
that I have let you down.
I never meant to.

You were always
there for me.
I was never there for you.

I owe you my life,
for all the things you've done.
You owe me nothing.

I cry for you,
you cry for me.
Not for the same reasons.

I cry today,
to show how much I need you.
A lot.

You cried for me
to show that you're there.
You always were.

You were the only person
that was there for me.

Now, I feel like
I need to repay you.
But how?

I can't.

I gave you what you asked for,
but it doesn't seem right.
Not to me anyways.

All you asked for,
a kiss.
Was that right?

You were always there for me,
yet that's all you wanted?
A kiss.

you asked for nothing more.
Yet still helped me.

Thousands of miles apart,
I remember you

For, I love you.

Yes, I said it.
'Cause I really do.
I love you.

You can no longer
be here for me.
Oh well.

All you can do,
is talk to me.
Over a phone.

Now forget about that.

I apologize,
for not being there for you.
  for ignoring you.
    for not crying.
      for never helping you.

I regret all that now.

You always did the
opposite of me.
Which is why I can't forget you.

I'm sorry for everything
that has happened in you life.
A lot.

I apologize,
You lost your mom,
  your dad,
I apologize,
Everyone hates you,
  you've been bullied,
    no one helps you.

Yes, I am sorry
for everything
that happened.

I saw you being bullied,
I was just to shy to help.
I'm sorry.

I remember the day
you were adopted.
I'm sorry.

I remember you going to
all funerals you could find.
I'm sorry.

You were always ignored
by everyone.
I'm sorry.

I could go on forever 
about what I'm sorry for.
Yes, I could.

But just so you know,
I forever and always will
love you.

    Luuk S. & Noah K.
(Best Friends-Both there for me)

I'm sorry.

(This reminds me of Luuk's favorite song...
"Sorry Blame it on Me-By: Akon")

Copyright © Charity Lymmn | Year Posted 2013