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Blood Spilled

I was born in a life unlike yours;
We have struggled in all the years.
We knocked endlessly but all the doors
Have been closed 'coz of the numerous wars.

I could never forget all the cries,
Tears streaming from everyone's eyes
As their loved one dies;
One by one came in their demise.

It was too painful to see
As everyone attempted to flee.
Amidst the battle to be free,
You can hear sickening cries of plea.

Blood from the dead spilled on the ground.
In endless anger we all drowned.
Our minds are nothing more if not unsound
After the bloody battle, silence was profound.

Now the blinding war has ended
Was this how what we all intended?
All hopes now had been expended
Lives taken and ruined how can be  amended?

Copyright © Grushen Guazon | Year Posted 2013

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Land Of The Brave - Philippines

I live in the land of the brave;
Where the people was once held captive.
Where everyone was nothing but a slave,
To those by nature were deceptive.

Our ancestors were brought to their knees,
In their own country -their very own land.
They were treated much like a disease,
And most were executed just by command.

To achieve freedom one must first die.
They had to lay their lives on the line.
Their enemies had an endless supply.
They are traitorous and evil combine.

Each fought for the freedom they desire,
Yet they did not live to see the day.
To the grounds soaked by blood they retire
And deep within forever they will stay.

They fought for their very own freedom,
They died for their children's future.
From the past we now hold the wisdom
Of the asperity that they had to endure.

Copyright © Grushen Guazon | Year Posted 2013

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In A Hotel Room

For a long time there I stood;
Yet another entrance to hell.
Though I already understood,
There's this feeling I can't tell.

Scent of sin present in the air
Reminder of what I must do.
Life has not been all that fair,
Still, I wish today is untrue.

The door to hell is inviting;
Smiling, out the devil came.
His touch had been inciting
But I felt nothing but shame.

There I was, in a hotel room;
Sold both my body and soul.
Flower that will never bloom;
Never again to be put whole.

By him I let myself get tainted;
And I will go to hell and back,
To keep my beloved child sated.
There will be no turning back.

*For the "In A Hotel Room" contest
*Written: February 12, 2013

Copyright © Grushen Guazon | Year Posted 2013

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Surviving Life

The water felt good.
I fell from where I stood.
Knees are both weak;
Been under a spell for a week.
Now that it was broken,
I'm left shaken.
In the water I sunk,
Letting my body get drunk.
I needed some more;
I wanted so much more.
Took the dose
Until I overdose.
It started with one,
Now I'm never done.
It takes everything away.
Leaving me numb for a day.
Forgetting the pain,
Happiness, I hope to gain.
In my mind was a vast space
Couldn't remember my own face.
I felt so very high
Not thinking it was all a lie.
Believed I am free,
That my troubles had let me be.
I took every pill
Until I lost my own will.
A friend is what it seemed
In a promise of bliss it beemed.
I couldn't accept my fate
And for a time I lost my faith.
That night, in the hotel room;
And after, in every other room.
Over and over --
Til I could no longer remember
How it felt to be pure;
Or if I ever was, I wasn't sure.
Touch that made my skin crawl
Stares that made me feel small.
I wanted to forget and not feel
Hoping nothing's real.
I let myself drown in ecstasy
For a while I lived in a fantasy.
Until one day,
In the middle of all the dissarray,
I saw the son I hold dear
In his eyes there's only fear.
I knew then for a time I was lost,
His fears touched me the most.
I had to do something
For him I'd do anything.
I took the easy way out,
This I knew without a doubt.
So I took each pill
Flushed it down as I stood still.
I know I will get better
For my son deserves better.

Copyright © Grushen Guazon | Year Posted 2013

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Poorman's Poem

I came to be in a land 
Where money is a demand.
To the poor it is hard to come by;
Yet the rich has an endless supply.

The government says not to worry,
But the future looked blurry.
Our hopes are now lost
Coz our future has a cost.

What do a poor like me do?
I wish what they say is true;
That they are doing what they should
And hope that they would do good.

Everyday is but a struggle,
Most of us live in the jungle,
Where money and guns make man a god.
They make those beneath do nothing but nod.

Because we are nothing but poor
We have no right to a life of grandeur.
A life which the rich has enjoyed
And left some politicians' honor destroyed.

The gods that they all bow upon
In the gates of heaven will all be gone.
In there, true justice will be served
And their punishment will be well deserved.

Copyright © Grushen Guazon | Year Posted 2013

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After The War

A life that the many once lived,
Where their freedom was deprived.
A war that those in power contrived,
Where only a few have survived.

How can those who remain,
Forget all the trauma and pain.
For those left, how can one explain
That serenity, no one can now obtain.

How can their lives ever start a new
And enjoy the peace that they are due,
When even in sleep the nightmares grew.
Gone are the happy days they once knew.

The war may have very well ended.
The casualties may have been unintended;
Yet there was no mercy that was extended
By those whose conscience had been bended.

The blood of those lives that were taken,
The lives of those remain that were shaken;
To a past of tragedy they have been forsaken,
Yet their hopes and faith had been awaken.

Copyright © Grushen Guazon | Year Posted 2013

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Love Eternal

When today ends
And tomorrow comes,
That's when I'll let you go.

When tonight drifts
And the day begins,
Thats when I'll move on.

When my brain stops thinking
And my pride starts feeling,
That's when I'll forget you.

When my heart stops
And my breath leaves,
That's when I'll stop loving you.

Copyright © Grushen Guazon | Year Posted 2013

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A Night I Regret

A night I will never forget
And I will forever regret.
One cold and lonely night
That was never made right.

Sitting under a giant tree
Talking, just you and me.
You were acting so strange,
I knew something's change.

This is no longer working;
Is it true what I'm hearing?
What was I supposed to say
So that I can make you stay.

I am not easy I must admit;
I've always tested your limit.
Made things complicated,
Leaving you so exhausted.

Things hadn't been perfect,
But this, I never did expect.
Stared at you without a word,
As my vision became blurred.

You stood up after a while
And I forced myself to smile.
Tried so hard to hide my pain;
Tears I made myself contain.

Then you turned your back
And I wanted to call you back;
But my pride wouldn't let me
Within me I just kept my plea.

That very night I let you go
Eventhough I still love you so.
A night I will forever regret
And will never ever forget.

*For the 'REGRETS' contest.
*Written February 11, 2013 

Copyright © Grushen Guazon | Year Posted 2013

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Broken, Taken

My heart has been ripped;
With pride I was stripped.
I felt my heart's last beat
Before it fell at your feet.

There's a hole in my chest
But the pain will not rest.
It kept on digging deeper
Making me feel emptier.

Night has been permanent;
It was a constant opponent.
In darkness my pain grew;
Tell me, what must I do?

I have swallowed my pride
But was brushed to the side.
What do you want from me?
Why wont you set me free?

I have already tried so hard,
Leaving me badly scarred.
Are my scars not enough?
Do you think I'm that tough?

My heart you have broken,
My pride you have taken.
What more do you need?
Do you want me to bleed?

Copyright © Grushen Guazon | Year Posted 2013

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The day's sun has long been gone,
The stars are nowhere to be found.
This day that the moment is done,
When darkness kisses the ground.

Worries has found its way to my bed,
And there it will stay until morning.
Pillows soaked with the tears shed,
Knowing today will be but an ending.

Excruciating pain is in every corner
Hidding won't stop what is meant.
Today's starless sky is but a warner,
For more suffering that is to be sent.

Copyright © Grushen Guazon | Year Posted 2013