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Details | Cindy Lu Poem

The Butterfly You Cannot See

Once a caterpillar between a dream and reality thought she could be beautiful
~so on she dreamed...
Creating a shell to protect
under the bright new moon

The Cocoon~

Inside she wept
A fantastic fantasy of what she would some day be,
The very colors of life upon the the Earth as she struggled to crawl
A slow progression; every day she saw

in a mirrored shell

She dreamed her colors, she connected with divinity
as her memory recalled the sky so blue, the warm sunlight
To the very hope to one day fly
What color? her imagination touched God's heart

One day she emerged through the darkness, the seclusion,
The shell now out grown...she pushed her eloquent wings through
Standing upon a cracked open cocoon,
her wings tested the winds of kindness ~
~ ~
~     ~
Her first flight, she the Miss, fluttering about without direction or care, enjoying the Summer air~ 
   ~       ~
The flowers sent scent to comfort, to rest there, she;
in awe of her wings, the colors, they were just as she dreamed!

God Smiled~

I heard of a human tell of her beauty, then suddenenly became sad
Not for the glory upon, but the time as her flight would expire

Yet, tell me, what is time to a butterfly?

When time itself is calculated by man and the stars...
Yes, she and I know the majestics of God's creation that some take for granted

As the stars shine tonight
I think of the butterfly's flight
I know all is right
I know mans's calculations are right
But, somehow, it is not a sadness 
but courage spilled upon the Earth
of the butterfly's rebirth from a worm

I, in all that I am can relate
I embrace, know her way
Once a worm as I, now my colors motivate my flight

Life is so short~

Copyright © Cindy Lu | Year Posted 2013

Details | Cindy Lu Poem


We are living in a world filled with Chaos
Constantly searching on, violence taught
In books, education; history
Weapons, weapons, 
I declare my misery
For if not taught these things-
instead compassion, caring, subtle things
teach of peace
A brighter day
A new dawn
for a new age
under the sun
Where blood does not flow;
the effects of someones trigger
the innocent at the end of an angry gun
Can we agree when we disagree
that we are humans indeed?
Yes, We all have good and bad in us
Please tell me, my brother will not die for his difference?
Can we come to an understanding as people?
Not as politicians..
Not as Americans...
But blood, bone and spirit freely moving upon this Earth
for greater good
Could you save the world with one word?
I bet the world would be a better place, if you tried.............

Copyright © Cindy Lu | Year Posted 2013

Details | Cindy Lu Poem

The Tree

The Tree

A tree stands tall,
in the forest is blended
I sit and admire it's strength,
simply splendid
For each of us has had time to take heed
Time to be fruitful,
give, and time to need

The wind picks up
I hear it call in a distance
It's the path I once chose,
the one with the most resistance
Oh woe, to my life of trouble and despair indeed...
as the wind redundantly shakes the branch with one last plead

Storms come and the rain soaks into the ground
The lightning, the memories
flash all around
Like a breath, in an instant
the calm sets the atmosphere

Don't look at the storm, what was
look at what has appeared

Some of the branches are left weakly unattached
It's the part to let go,
the part of the past
The sunlight now shines on the tree,
it drinks the rain
Ready to grow, flourish and blossom;
remembering no pain

Copyright © Cindy Lu | Year Posted 2013

Details | Cindy Lu Poem


I am tied to the whipping post
and whipped because I am standing still
because of a conglomeration of thoughts
that require a hint of understanding and will
You close your mind and make your demands
I feel a stripe
I know there is some one who will accept me
but I feel the time is not right
I have absorbed as much as I can hold
now I am dripping with hurtful fragments left in the water
To speak my mind is foul, uncanny, disappointing in view to so many and
misunderstood so why bother?
To err is human and forgive divine
but I am crushed by the breath that curses me and adjusting the moral line
I feel my spirit slip away from grace and human sin appear
I want to go back a step but the sand has covered the tracks,
the path has disappeared
Where do I go and what do I do?
Move forward, look up, seize the moment and push through

Copyright © Cindy Lu | Year Posted 2013

Details | Cindy Lu Poem

The Path

A lighted candle shows the way of the true path
After the storms of life have caused an aftermath
Pride while valiant is the root of destruction
A careless and foolish mind accepts assumption

Constrictive and blocking oneself from harm creates a cold heart
Block by block losing the fear; trusting and loving sends a spark
When you feel your spirit and soul in line with His plan
You know that it is a farce to fear man

In the darkness He is the light for us to all see
Isn't it bliss, with all that I've thought, He could choose me?

Copyright © Cindy Lu | Year Posted 2013

Details | Cindy Lu Poem

Soon I Exhale

Etchings upon my heart, so profound in time
These hues, colored so bright, bringing out an array of light
This love, in healing softened my existence and allowed me to trust 
Yet sad, as we parted for the differences were evident and pained;
pained by the physical was he, as I would watch him sleep
curled up in a fetal, his hidden small frame
Today, no evidence of the cancer, and I thank God for the blessings!
I am not selfish, as he moved on to passionately live
For he needed the things in which I could never provide
Someone once said to me that they had a normal life
and it might be a good thing to try
Yet I find my travels amazing and the people I meet daily in life
I smiled gently, as I refrained my opinions publically
leaving them pacified that yet somehow,
there was a bit of encouragement that they had left me
For in this world filled with filth, money and greed among things
It is something I've always refused to conform to really
Sometimes I wonder about him, as I sleep on this life's pillow made of concrete
For I know many struggles, yet I know the Lord is showing me
The easy way is not always the best but the path less traveled
enriches the spirit
At times my flesh reeks of the sinful spoils, that I cannot deny..
Some look upon the stars and ponder great loves gone by
Some think that true love will just fall out of the clear, blue sky!
I say to you now, love is a verb, indeed, I know this to be so
and sometimes after the valleys, our rotten fleshly ways
I awake in the darkness, at dusk, awaiting the dawn to arrive
In the silence, the wind caresses my skin and I remember a different time
and I breathe in deeply to keep the moment that soon I will have to exhale,
with a somber farewell, as my heart hopes for another moment in time, 
lest I am left with the depth in my soul to carry of loves tragic goodbye
So, these lessons in life are sometimes blessings in disguise
I know not, why God shows us the things he does each day
I find peace, though I am much different than most, I know
One day the Gallo may be requested for me,
 and my more than average, unconventional ways
I merely ask for one thing,
Please do not greet me with pity, along my passing way
~Someone said to me once, they had a normal life and it might be a good thing to try~

Copyright © Cindy Lu | Year Posted 2013

Details | Cindy Lu Poem

A Tree

A tree grows from the ground up
Grows tall with a little luck

It leans on the sunshine,
and soaks up the rain

It sheds its clothes,
then dresses for the Spring!

Copyright © Cindy Lu | Year Posted 2013

Details | Cindy Lu Poem

The Rose

Atop The Table 'an empty verse' and empty hands ~understand~ The glass in hand can drown out ten- thousand and ten; Hearts, ~emptiness~ ' ' looking for ? a f l o w e r '' '' ' ' ' " " , ', ', (Oh, Holy Nights) on bend-ed knee enlightened to see, Ten Drops from the Glass < << < << < << < I ponder great love and then I let it go (Boomerang) Hands, (the) Masters Hand * * * * * * * * * A parade o'er Parodies' "'atop'" "The Table" Inspired by a reply to comment: 3/6/2012 ~ "Slowly Ascending The Steps Unto Once Upon A Times Familar Front Door~ Seems As Though But Yesterday When It's Newness Held Such Vibrancy, Colours & Laughter~ Love Filled The Hallways Leading Into Many Different Rooms; Some Were Hidden~ A Vacancy Sign Now Posted Upon The Curtainless Window; Inside My Heart~ Spring Melting These The Last Winters Remnants Of Snow Left Amid The Blizzard~ Winds Whispering Through The Trees; Flowers Bending In This Their Wake~ With A Single Rose Sitting Atop An Empty Table Past The Glass, Aside A Note~ Time, Beckoning From The Street; Leaving A Bottle Of Champagne At The Threshold~ Wrapped With A Red Bow And Turning To Make My Way; Beyound The Rainbows." Love John!:)

Copyright © Cindy Lu | Year Posted 2013

Details | Cindy Lu Poem

Life is Like Baseball

Focus means everything!!!

Effort.       Courage.

In times of our lives we strike out,

But it's a team sport.

Think about when you hit that home run!!

It really doesn't matter who was there and who was not.

Who applauded and who did not.

Moments are all we have...

Love and the fight for survival continues on....

Copyright © Cindy Lu | Year Posted 2013

Details | Cindy Lu Poem

the sky cries

(Haiku Series)

The sky cries tears now
Loud thunder rumbles the ground
The storm is at hand

Light electrified
A streak on the horizon
Fear sparks in man's hearts

Danger dances strong
In the voice of the wind's song
Singing its fury

Trees bend, leaves rattle
The branches weak are scattered
The storm is going

The sky has brightened
The dim, gray, dark, sky no more
The aftermath shows

So passes a day
Cherish, no matter how bleak
A new season's peak

Copyright © Cindy Lu | Year Posted 2013