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Winters Love

    The winter of my love is here,

her cheek's glisten, in smile's and tear.

    Cold wind's blow, her love to me,

I feel her breeze, her breath i see.

    Her close touch, that keeps me warm,

her soft voice, from lips conform.

    Forever her love, for me will be,

This WINTER'S love, together so free.

    created by johnaarongreen

Copyright © john aaron green | Year Posted 2013

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Never Undone

On this Sunday I serve my Lord His ways are true His love is reward I knew as a boy he saved my soul gave me life made me whole His love is everything my heart has changed In him is forgiveness my future arranged God's plan was perfect His Word was sent to redeem our souls our death to prevent our way to heaven is through his Son, His blood covers all and is N-E-V-E-R U-N-D-O-N-E. Written by John Aaron Green 1-8-12

Copyright © john aaron green | Year Posted 2012

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Together In Love

      This is our season, we still are one,

our time together, under the sun.

  Im sorry again, i have done wrong,

how many times, the nights were long.

  To stay with me, after what i have done,

i will never know why, you just didn't run.

  I dont understand, your faithful heart,

or not wanting to make, a brand new start.

  You said it hurt, and left the room,

could i explain, the scent of perfume.

  I try to change, but in some way,

you kept me close, not letting me stray.

  You took my life, forever in yours,

wanting me to know, it's loving shores.

  Somehow you knew, the future was set,

together in love, as when we met.

Copyright © john aaron green | Year Posted 2011

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Eleventh Hour

 It seems so late,

on your answer we wait.

 Time is just an illusion,

we search for our conclusion.

 As hours turn to ashes,

in love, we see the flashes.

 The final hour is here,

fortold by the seer.

 In that hour we live,

the eleventh hour to give.

 Only heirs know that hour,

for in him we have power.

 In victory we proclaim,

the glory of his name.

by johnaarongreen

copyright 2008

Copyright © john aaron green | Year Posted 2011

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Vision of Love

  I lead myself, to a faraway place,
in dreams I traveled, to find His grace.

  My journey stood before me, when I walked,
his power was released, as I talked.

  The road I was on, was not my own,
but a pathway of life, before His throne.

  To the side of me, were twenty-four chairs,
filled with our Grandparents, all of them heirs.

  The angels were singing, in the short distance,
I can tell you now, of the four Beast existence.

  The sea of glass, for where I was standing,
became a multitude, of His saints landing.

  There is no darkness, in this beautiful place,
for our God is light, with rays of His grace.

  Before me I saw, the judgment of man,
the book was read, and so it began.

  Our Savior was slain, to stand for us all,
his mercy is love, so no one would fall.

  As gifts were given, I fell to the floor,
to worship my Lord, my soul to emplore.

  For my life long journey, I dream of this end,
for I know its meaning, on Him I depend.

      A story out of the bible my greatgrandmother use to tell me,
 as she is one of the heirs in the twenty-four chairs.
  I love you great grandmother,    Gertrude Arends.

          A poem by johnaarongreen

Copyright © john aaron green | Year Posted 2011

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Glory In Heaven

To heaven we are called,
                   his glory for us all.

The meeting in the air,
                   to stand before his chair.

So many of us are shown,
                   the greatness of his throne.

We will praise our loving lord,
                   forever in him we are restored.

Before the sea of glass,
                   his overcomers did outlast.

We see our savior crowned,
                   the trump of God to sound.

From the midst of us he came,
                   the lamb of God was slain.

To take the book thereof,
                   from his fathers hand with love.

So glorious for us to be,
                   his kingdom forever is ours to see.

Copyright © john aaron green | Year Posted 2011

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When i was young, i dreamed of your heart,

to touch your hand, and create a new start.

Our date was short, i understand it now,

but it was your look, for i thought "WOW".

I trembled inside, that day that we met,

to look in your eyes, was so heaven sent.

Of all the moments, in sharing our life,

i wanted you more, to be my wife.

As we were together, our hearts grew as one,

you wanted a family, and said it was fun.

I want you to know, the gift you are,

its being a mother, the best gift thus far.

Copyright © john aaron green | Year Posted 2011

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Satan and Almighty God- Collab

You Suffocate Me with Darkness… ~Satan~ Lawless, deceiver Perverting, accusing, murdering Fallen angel, ruler of darkness, marriage destroyer You stalk, you lie, you destroy, you steal my loved ones’ joy You are the real loser in The End You permeate my life with prisms of warm sunshine… ~Almighty God~ Rejuvenator, love illustrator, galaxy maker, poem saver Shepherding, protecting, sacrificing Prince of Peace, Sea-calmer, our best friend You came, you lived, you sacrificed your life You are the main event In Paradise… Our Lord Written by John Aaron Green & Gwendolen Rix 1-2-11 For Opposites Attract Collaboration Contest~Tracie Indigo Dream Weaver John wrote the first half and believes that our poems will be inscribed into the streets of gold in Heaven which is referenced in the second half-- “poem saver”. Gwendolen wrote the second half.

Copyright © john aaron green | Year Posted 2012

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War of waves

 So deeply lost, in my ocean, 

and even deeper is my emotion.

 It drowns me slowely, in its waves,

relentless for its many graves.

 Fighting to stay above it all,

to tear down its wailing wall.

 My battle is on all sides,

as I swim life's never ending tides.

 Can I endure the rough storm,

engulfing my soul, in its form.

 My struggle is for all to see,

the dark depth, of this dead sea.

 At last I find my heavenly shore,

in him I trust, to end this war.

Copyright © john aaron green | Year Posted 2011

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 Your love is everlasting,

we will be together again,

let your burdens, fade away.

For your waves of passion,

is what, i am dying for.

This is the path, i have chosen,

my sacrifices, my promises,

will my heart ever heal.

You are my desire,

my soul, is in your hands.

As i breath, your lives breath,

i behold the truth,

your passion is my safety.

Our time is immortal,

and i see your face of love,

i cannot, turn back time,

or the words, that i said.

Your love is everlasting,

no regret, take my heart,

as it all falls away, 

just remember,

this love, is immortal.

Copyright © john aaron green | Year Posted 2011