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Best Poems Written by Tommy Dorsey

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Lonely Tear Drops

I twelve brother ten
  lonely tear drops hot closet
             dad gone mother alone

Copyright © Tommy Dorsey | Year Posted 2010

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Killing Me Softly - Husbands can understand this

Trapped feelings. Want to run but responsibility has me shackled and hope is gone. 
Things I need to say are covered in passive kindness. Don't be like those who came before 
you be the timeless.

Stay in the fight till its won. Now, when a opportunity to move forward presents itself I'm no 
longer prepared to grasp one.

Voluntarily gave up dreams for smiles on other's faces and sold fake expressions too well. 
Killing me softly, no magic no spell.

Some say fall to your knees and pray. I've only seen men do what they feel is right. My 
illusions have faded, clear thought present and the outcome is nowhere in sight.

Self inflicted restrictions that bleed daily like infected open wounds. No help, no help, no 
help, doom, doom, doom. Killing me soflty this problem no light in the room.

Institutionalized trained monkey dance, head full of confusion. Because the trip is, what this 
love did is only got you hooked.  

Can't say no now. Stop the flow now. Go to court now. They want the dough now. Same ole 
story, just different names written in romantic books. 

What lies we live, with one life to lead, theorically, clinically insane. Skeletal closets, 
unspeakable knowledge carry those to the grave. Killing me, killing me, killing me, circles 
turned in my bed. Killing me softly traffic light stuck on red. 

Softly speak those loving words. Up early to put food on the table in exchange for open 
black holed hands. When I get a chance to run, ankle braced funds back to where it began. '

The depth of a man, the depth of his measure. How did he fall? Lusting in pain. Messed up 
and snared by fake pleasure, never should have called.

Killing me softly in those warm walls. First all you can hit, then the ring finger, then long 
pause on the draws.

Killing me softly in gentle embrace. Said that the old me was the one who took the cake.

Killing me oh so soft in real time and when reality set in noticed that my diamond was only a 

Killing me, but won't let me die, because what you provide is exactly what they need. Killing 
me, but won't let me live, so shovel in hand, rope round throat and knife to the wrist. Do it 
quickly, all of sudden no blood to bleed.

Killing me so soft, I am tripping on the past that is lost. Killing me simply, death is a 
symphony, noticed the end of me and made it my enemy.

Killing me.

Copyright © Tommy Dorsey | Year Posted 2010

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Swollen belly girl
            Knocks book onto snow filled seat
                       father's head on stomach

Copyright © Tommy Dorsey | Year Posted 2010

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My Heart My Son

Smells of new life blessed
           Sleeps, dreams untold gently moves
                      I kiss his forehead and pray

Copyright © Tommy Dorsey | Year Posted 2010

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Child At Play

Laughter from his room
        Sunshine, the smell of cut grass
             Memories, good life

Copyright © Tommy Dorsey | Year Posted 2010

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So Tired

Tired of these theatrical mask wearing roles. Wolves, smiling faces with sharpen teeth 
waiting for ignorant prey. Tired of seeming interested in conversations that are one sided, 
guided by those that deem themselves intellectuals. Tired of life's stand stills that keep 
skipping back to the same spot like a broken record. 

So tired of the dog eat dog, shoot first, do them or get done, got to get mine constitutions of 
the piece of pie in the sky life. Tired of haters, that hate, just to hate, because hating is all 
they know, all the see, all they be. Tired of fakeness, cakeness, knowing that you can't 
make this, unless it's given to you first. 

So tired of this love affair of how your hair looks, what you wear crooks, got my nail 
appointment booked throughout the year. Tired of the relationships that start and give false 
impressions, with fake expressions, then when it deepens, you end up hating your 
companion. So Tired.

Copyright © Tommy Dorsey | Year Posted 2010

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OMG ... I can't believe it's over
OMG ... I can't believe how it ended.

Feel I offended your heart in some way.
Feel I took a step backward and now I am falling.
Falling into a deep abyss. 

OMG ... You cut me quick.

No communication. No feeling of regret for what we had. 
Cold and heartless.
What about love?
What about the feelings we shared to one another...OMG

Played myself for a fool and learned a true life lesson.
Never again will I wear my heart on my sleeve. 
Never again will I try to find something that's not there.
Never again will I put myself in a bad position.

Figured what we shared would suffice and endure.
No tears from either of us, which was never our style.

Yet, I still see your smile.
Smell you scent.
Feel your tender kiss.

OMG ... Said things I didn't mean.
Said I didn't want you.
When I know I did.

OMG ... I remember how you slammed the door shut.
I thought it would always be open to me.
That is life.
Hurt my pride so.

OMG, OMG, OMGggggooooooodddddd
I miss you.
Wish I could have another moment.
Or press rewind.

I would bring you back to me and never let go.
Did you ever love me?
I will probably never know! 

Oh My God!

Copyright © Tommy Dorsey | Year Posted 2011

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Lovely Day

Blue bonnet field picture taken
        Warm embrace she smiles I laugh
                  Moment in time endures forever

Copyright © Tommy Dorsey | Year Posted 2010

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Rhyming Cinco

I from that Saner, Kiest and SOC.
Where relations is deadly shots.
And your base is basic spots.
And you racially gone get marked.
I have to blast through game.
For something to change.
This life is insane.
Roll an ounce of fire sticky.
Fifth of henny.
Take it straight to the brain.
I'm down with riders that stay riding from N.Y. to L.A.
And if you busters have a promblem let you talk to the gauge.
Flip the script like acrobatics.
Tradegic stories are made.
So how you livin.
Feel me hittin.
Particular women are played.
Like poker the odds are the same.
The focus is getting your change.
I'm simple so leave all the fame.
And ride.
Grab your heater this game is live or die.
Make you breathe like F.A.B.O the left is always right.
Ain't no surprise.
This 64 spinning adrenoline, running on E.
I'm saving nothing, living lavish always reping O.C.
For savage haters, earse'em, encase'em in dirt and no peace, no sleep, 6 feet, i am 

Copyright © Tommy Dorsey | Year Posted 2010

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Rhyming Four - See What's Happenin

See what's happenin. (pause)
The lights are flashing. My time. Ready for action. Get mine just like asassins.
No compassion for niggas that's always slacking. My hunger is everlasting. My foes 
been known to scatter.

And you talk again. (pause)
No one a gentlemen. Quick to go grab your gun again. Beat you just like your mama did. 
Lethal like Mel and Glover hits. Ether like Nas and keep a clip. Hear the applause for 
gettheo pimps. Shining because we heaven sent.

I got the pen. (pause)
Opponents fearing it. Something you not comparing with. Inifite won't amount to it. 
Chop up ya block on twenty wheels. Not gonna stop til people feel, I'm on the mic 
the realest deal. Pint in a Sprite. I pop a seal.

I want a mil (pause)
To stack my benjamins. Lexus with no appendeges. Texas my home away from this. 
Down in the south I got to live. Crown in the cup I got a friend. Bouncing to what 
the deck will spin. Touching on what my hands can feel. A blunt of kill.

Copyright © Tommy Dorsey | Year Posted 2010