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Schizophrenia and Me

Good Morning
My old friend
Nice waking up to see you again
Still doing ok?
Cause I am doing fine
Except for these thoughts,dreams and pains of mine

Do not worry over me
I will make it through
Just if you please could stop showing up out of the blue
Scaring me half to death
Along with any woman I ever met
I would greatly appreciate it
Thank you
Yes I remember back when I tried to do you in
Docs told me I could not be your buddy
You pushed my mother away
To the point it was questioned her love for me
Yet our friendship began

You took me places I have never been
To the edge of life itself and back again
Just was me and you friend
All through school I was the loser
Walking those halls 'o hell
I would never that girl amuse her
Many a boys lucky at most proms
Not me
I was home with you and five dames
For the life of me I can not remember their names

I dreamed a dream of dreams
Entering them asleep and awake
You shown me that no death was in my life to take
Or my existence had no goodness sake
Staring at me from the bottom of that lake

I swear one of these days 
I will find someone
So we can go our separate ways
I am not tired of you pal
It is just I am always alone
Even in a group
With my family at home
Speaking to noone on my cell phone
Copying actors off the T.V. 
Wanting to be somebody I can never be
Trying to seem normal
When I knew I was lie
But you took me and made this empty lifeless shell
So that I would not die

You saved my life a thousand times fold
Even now that I am 42 yrs old
What I can I say to you friend?
Where can I go?
That you have not shown me
Or that I do not know

So many times love came and gone
Til I just stop answering the door
I have 2 twin daughters 
Whose mother used your name on court papers
For my name not to be theirs anymore
But it is ok
We never can win
Even when we do not lose
Because I was never a real person 
And we were never friends

This poem is (ALLEGORY) but it is not in the *poem type* list
So I put free verse.

Copyright © michael whipps | Year Posted 2018

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Where we lived

Rusted golden knob,on the left of a parched 
and partially painted door.
Turn clockwise,close my eyes and push
Screeching,squeaking keeping eyes closed no peeking
Dust,musk and dander fill my nasal passages.(sneeze)
Open my eyes low and behold images flash through my mind.
Hastily and apace my recollections reappear,
While witnessing a single spider falling slowly to the floor.
As I step into this great empty space-just past way of the door.
Looking,seeing a gander rising my eyes to head level,
Piercing airborne gilings and dancing soot,
Flickering rays from the sun infuriate my sight like I am a midnight devil.
Light roaming in and around from a dingy sliding glass window,
A vignette emerges of the old wooden fence in the backyard.

This is where we lived-And that's where we played hard.

Copyright © michael whipps | Year Posted 2016

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My Therapist

Profound in her calm
Ascendant of attraction
Saint of sympathy 

Copyright © michael whipps | Year Posted 2016

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Cut down those opposed
More in how one seeps tea leaves
Harakiri death

Copyright © michael whipps | Year Posted 2015

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Everywhere moving,like waves from the sea
Nothing,No where,No one,memory 
In the hereafter
(Eyes closed)
For eternity

Copyright © michael whipps | Year Posted 2015

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Never touch never see
nor posess must be free
everliving and deathless
not from above or below
yet it exists,all humans know
subsistent through purgatory
unremittingly is its truest form

Copyright © michael whipps | Year Posted 2011

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Reset me

I laid in thought of 
days gone bye.Recalled reasons all 
yet how and why ne'er came.

Copyright © michael whipps | Year Posted 2016

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My dream 14yrs old

Enter to come
Suffer into
So I appeared
Soused in my tripes
A semblance cast
School way in halls
Visage of black
Takes two steps to
I ebb trail back
Forthwith I flashed
In bathroom stalls
Walketh me them
Toward the hind abaft
Descryed my eyes
Two pairs of four
In each latrine
Afoot we passed
Every lot of door

Then in a blink
Afore a thought
I could ere think
A classroom desk
Set I down linked
Swiveled and looked
Surroundings seen
Given I he
Night-goggles green
Peering through stars
In my mind's eye 
Ghastly and fast
Images passed
Dizzy then blurred
Seance of words
Be stilled my core
So stayed a face
From long ago
Adolf Hitler
Low and behold

Painted backgrounds
This classroom was
On the said walls
Bathroom head stalls
Names of nameless
Shapes of shapeless 
A cross in circle
To be a fake
Below I see
Bodies piled up(naked)
Staring at me
Comely at range
Tell of me soon
Addiction born

Two feet of four
Sodom will rise
Again once more
I felt at home
Yet so alone
Them and I knew
Without letters spat
Time was not give
Mission received
We and me realms
To our world spheres(flat)
Returned us back

After and fore
And my minds door
Leaveth he I
Soaked in vomit
Late for school bus
On my room floor


Copyright © michael whipps | Year Posted 2016

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In the dead of night

Moving and going
Up and down the city streets
Entering in
Exiting out of Cafes
Clicketing clicks
On all those high heeled feet

Gleaming sundown atop high rise towers
In this crowded town
Just about sunset now
Keys jingle
Doors slamming shut
With distant chatter, banter
Followed by bouts of eclectic laughter
Echoes through the air
Blues, Greens, Red skirts and blouses of all colors
Blonde, Burgundy, Black Silky Long hair
Flowing around passing by with a scent of living flower
Twitching with a toe and knock, toe then knock, knock

Sun is gone to sleep
Barely a sound in the city
Except for a single soul in an alley scrounging around
Darkness sets in when traffic lights blink into a numbing trance

That is when I saw in the distance
A sort of peripheral view
Cube shaped light and glow
Then a shadowy shaped figure under
Or maybe in the same glare

Shaped like a female
As I draw closer from afar
The square glimmer is now a phone booth
Enclosed and blurred music of a passing car
Blinds me with bright headlights

Focusing on the image of her silhouette 
In my mind 
Blinking my eyes
Trying to see her yonder there

To no avail, I lost the image
Or was I fabricated aloof

I will go to that exact spot in the "mourning"
Just to make sure I get proof

Copyright © michael whipps | Year Posted 2017

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Lament of a Lunatic

Why can't I live?
I do dead so lively..
No one alive is in death
So why should I die alone?

Mommy knows best
She always said to lie
Cause the truth is a liar
Now I know why she set daddy on fire

Daddy had it coming
Had me coming
Then going before the door
Answer it he said
You little whore

Did the Sun say hi?
Or is it just standing by?
Bible words
Shining on the nice ones and the wicked
I like that song
Roller coaster of hell
I wish I had a ticket

Making sure all is in their place
Before mother moon gives her hum
The stars in the notes
I remember my mother
Had a headless goat

I know when to say please
My daddy taught me
So did my mom
She even said it to me
Asking for that pistol thing
Or is that a gun?

Firecrackers were loud in our house that day
It was the day they came
It was the day I left

Copyright © michael whipps | Year Posted 2018