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Best Poems Written by Anthony Nutter

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Pastor Jack

A.W. Nutter

Pounding the pulpit with his fist
Sweat dripping from his brow
Preaching about Gods top ten list
The sinful Jews with their golden cow

Same old messages still in place
Pastor Jack’s patterns haven’t changed
Fear written on the altar boy’s face
A secret meeting has been arranged

Prayers end, the congregation stands
The pastor and boy move outside
Warmly shaking everyone’s hand
Wolf in sheep clothing able to hide

I casually walk across the street
Viewing the church pews now empty
The pedophile has made a quick retreat
Concealed in Satan’s, den of iniquity

Quietly, I traverse the wooden stairs
Listening at the door to the crying child 
Pastor doing damage only God can repair
How many children has this demon defiled

Stepping through his unlocked door
A look of surprise from Pastor Jack
Dropping the naked child to the floor
Realizing his first sin, had come back

Quickly helping the boy get dressed
Time to end his night frights and screams
To Pastor Jack’s head my gun is pressed
The child pulls the trigger ending his dreams

His face aglow with the purity of light
From sending his tormentor to hell
Walking out of the church into the night
Brothers with a secret that we'll never tell

Copyright © Anthony Nutter | Year Posted 2010

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Twins Revenge

A. W. Nutter

Fog from my breath in the way
Temporarily impeding my vision
A small lamp, illuminates my prey
Unaware, of his impending execution

Rons wife, conveniently out of town
Visiting a sick relative, her perfect alibi
She must really despise this clown
I wonder if she kissed the fool goodbye

Staying in the shadows around the house
Dressed in black, invisible in the darkness
Entering their kitchen, quiet as a mouse
Through a window, left unlocked on purpose

From the first bedroom a child moans
Peering at the bed and the sleeping boy
The husband was supposed to be left alone
She'll pay dearly for this unexpected ploy

With the silencer in place I wake up Ron
He dresses quickly picking up his keys
Protesting will endanger his bastard son
He drives us deep into the forest of trees

Removing my mask he views his twin
Staring into the face of his supine form
Before he can protest I commit the sin
Then pray for God to help me reform

Burning the body along with the gun
Quickly driving home to start my new life
Showering, I slip into bed with my son
Real father and mother now husband and wife

Copyright © Anthony Nutter | Year Posted 2010

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Angels Above

Angels Above
A. W. Nutter

At fifteen, I was to young to become a father
At fourteen, she didn’t need to be a mother
We were old enough to have sexual relations
Unable to understand the implications

We cried out in anguish to the angels above
Pleading for their mercy and their love

Parents abusing us for this sinful union
Adolescents fearful and full of confusion
Not able to cope with the adult pressure
The mothers young body goes into labor

We cried out in anguish to the angels above
Pleading for their mercy and their love

My son struggled between life and death
I held his hand as he took his last breath
From my hands his little body was pried
The tears falling like rain from my eyes

We cried out in anguish to the angels above
Pleading for their mercy and their love.

Occasionally the mother and my path will cross
Seldom do we mention or discuss our loss
But every year at nine, on the sixteenth of May
We both agreed, to light a candle and silently pray

To the angels watching from heaven above
 Shower our son with mercy, show him your love

Copyright © Anthony Nutter | Year Posted 2009

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A. W. Nutter

Your beauty greets me in the morning
To your temptations none are immune
Like life, our time together is fleeting
So I visit daily to bask in your perfume

None can compare to your fragrance
Which enhances the hot summer air
Causing thoughts of love and romance
Enjoying the company of maidens fair

Occasionally your dark side emerges
Inflicting pain, by your barbs and thorns
It's always my fault, I hold no grudges
I should never grab you by your horn’s

No other flower has enjoyed the attention
Of poets and lovers, and those in mourning
The versatile Rose is used for every occasion
To express our deepest sentiments and feelings

Copyright © Anthony Nutter | Year Posted 2010

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The Whipping

One of many dark moments in America's History, home of the brave and the free.

A.W. Nutter

“Let the bullwhip sing”
“Stifling freedoms ring”

My sweat soaked shirt
Was quickly torn away
Fears dampening the dirt
I silently began to pray

My arms tightly bound
To a very large tree
No mercy to be found
I will never be free

“Let the bullwhip sing”
“Stifling freedoms ring”

A breeze caresses my skin
The whip will soon follow
His property committed a sin
My screams I try to swallow

The bullwhip slices the air
Skin separates with each lash
The pain more than I can bear
I scream as the master laughs

“Let the bullwhip sing”
“Stifling freedoms ring”

Copyright © Anthony Nutter | Year Posted 2010

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A.W. Nutter

Eyes wide open no light can I see
Darkness completely enveloping me
Movements constrained unable to rise
Is this a dream have I met my demise

My hands perform limited exploring
Tears flow freely as I begin screaming
My hope of escape begin to plummet
Realizing I’m locked inside a casket

Suddenly I hear a very familiar voice
Be quiet darling this was my only choice
 Leaving me alone when I loved you so much
I’d never let another woman feel your touch

Keeping you near under six feet of dirt
Is the only way I could ever find comfort
My life is over, the way I meet my death
Hearing her laughter as I take my last breath

Copyright © Anthony Nutter | Year Posted 2009

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Cain's Son

A.W. Nutter

Trespassing through my domain
Your excursion has become a habit
Sampling your fruit I must abstain
My lustful cravings I try to inhibit

Gliding across the forest floor
Your fragrance filling my senses
Beautiful in your jogging decor
Testing my self imposed defenses

Vows of abstinence I'll rescind
From your virginity I will imbibe
Out of sight, slightly downwind
As I travel stealthily by your side

Wallowing in my lust induced state
The sons of Adam I failed to notice
Resurgence of a long forgotten hate 
As I head toward the muffled voices

The men turn, as I begin speaking
Of death and devouring their hearts
Of  my demons who are gathering
To collect their souls as they depart

I am Cain, destroyer of Abel
Your lives are required this day
The mens courage quickly fail
Their bodies return to potters clay

I gaze upon the daughter of Eve
Realizing she's a direct descendant
The chosen one who will conceive
The destroyer of the covenant 

Pushing down my raging desire
I force my betrothed to dress
She has an unquenchable fire
To feel this demons caress

For now she must be satisfied
In sharing her morning run
With a lover whose life is edified
When she gives birth to his son

Copyright © Anthony Nutter | Year Posted 2010

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Jackal's Son

For years the witches have gathered
Practicing their satanic rites of insanity
How many people have they butchered
Secluded, in this forested den of iniquity

Open fields surrounding the plateau
Making it hard to approach undetected
The going will be arduous, and slow
Foolishly believing they are protected

The moon always seems to be full
A shadow my only friend this night
I step over the warning ring of skulls
Easing toward the campfires light

I see four hags have selected a child
They begin branding his pale white skin
Odor of burning flesh, senses defiled
As the boy screams, my legs weaken

Pulling my broadsword free of its sheath
Slipping quietly behind the four witches
Barely feeling the sharp bite of its teeth
A just reward for practicing their fetishes

Standing beside the child I view the brands
The number 666, adorns his petite frame
Could this be the boy spoken of in legends
Born of Jackal's, heir to Satan’s domain

Gazing into his eyes, lost in the darkness
Aware I’ve saved the stealer of souls
I will not be a part of this evil madness
Raising my sword, one more head must roll

Copyright © Anthony Nutter | Year Posted 2010

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Judas Iscariot

A.W. Nutter

Morning grass laden with diamonds
Reflecting light as the sun ascends
Sleep riddled muscles slow to respond
Fear shoved aside as hunger transcends

Past sins continue to haunt the present
Forever trapped in an earth bound hell
The plague of suffering is heaven sent
My soul imprisoned in a living shell

Born to a sadist, another reprobate
Life a facsimile of countless others
Reincarnation, my preordained fate
Symbolic murders in my thirtieth year

Breeze caressing, naked legs and chest
Involuntarily shivering from the cold
God's retribution, collecting his debt
As this day of torture begins to unfold

My master approaches giving me a kiss
Before he begins carving away the skin
Eons of screams, echoing in the abyss
No salvation offered, no remission of sin

Copyright © Anthony Nutter | Year Posted 2010

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INCUBUS:  A male demon believed to have sexual intercourse with sleeping women.

A.W. Nutter 

The full moon casts a very pale light
Illuminating the demon at your side
His raw scent of nature fills the night
His sexual quest will not be denied

Clothing removed, admiring his prey
As he explores your valleys and curves
Laughing as your hips arch his way
The Incubus claiming what he deserves

Tender hands softly caress your hair
 As he stimulates your erotic dreams
Your soft moans linger in the air
Soon replaced with guttural screams

Gratification arrives with the morning  
Lips of honey seeking one last kiss
Allowing his prey to resume sleeping
As he vanishes with the morning mist

Copyright © Anthony Nutter | Year Posted 2010