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Just a moment of your time

I'll let you go,
In the morning daylight; 
I do have pain 
Yet I don't want to regret.

Time is too greedy
Minute passes as a flip,
You will depart 
When I wish to hold you.

I don't want to be apart,
Yet I don't pester you;
I'll leave you alone 
For a little while.

My heart is too frightened 
To feel the pain of separation,
I'll not tell you to stay,
I respect your dreams.

Eyes stares at beautiful times
I controlled my rolling tears, 
I wish to fill you in my eyes
Stay with me for just a moment.

Just a moment of your time 
Can fill our days of separation,
I just need to fill you in my dreams, 
Spare me Just a moment. 


Copyright © S S Beulin | Year Posted 2020

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Reflection in silence - I am in the woods

I am in the midst of the woods,
With the heart filled silence,
Greeny trees shakes it's branch,
Brook in the woods reflects me while flowing......

Nature played it's own melody, 
I am glaring the woods,
As it's beauty goes in vain, 
With the heart filled silence..... 

Trees with colourful fruits,
Enchanting flowers with dew drops, 
Tries to pluck my wandering heart
Dew drops from my eyes saved my slipping heart....

Brook flows through the meadows,
Reflects my painful face, 
As my Heart is in silence,
My fellow mind started making noise... 

I am thinking of
The day when I left my buddy,
To gift her a special locket...
Forget to mind her precious words,
To make her happy on that windy day....

When I am back,
She is afar waving her hands,
Like a moving flower in the wind,
Her rosy face glanced like a last look.. 

I stood there with a gift to her, 
Looking at her departure....
Rustling sounds woke me to follow her, 
But I was late... 

Without knowing that was her last day,
I waited for her long time..
But she didn't meet me again..
I heard only a news of her departure to heaven.... 

Brooks, trees and birds in the woods,
Whispers her last words to me, 
Which I failed to mind on her last day.. 
Loaded by heart with arrows of thorns... 

In the midst of the woods 
My silence turned to whimpers.. 
As her last words enters my ears

In the midst of the woods,
I want to shout like a heavy wind, 
I wish to hold her hands and answer,
I will never forget you 

Every minute of my silence,
Reflects her last day like mirrors...
Dew drops from my eyes rolls down...
Blowing wind soothes me and embraces me,
I wish It could be you came as a wind... 

I don't know why you left,
I don't know your pain,
If I could go back to that day... 
I would hug you and answer you,
And accompany you while you're leaving..

Years have passed five,
Still It was like yesterday...
Every silence is filled with your presence...
My characters has changed like your 

Chirping of birds wakes me up,
I looked back it was already noon.. 
I walked back to my home from the woods...
Holding a locket which I bought for her, 
With the rustling sounds to break the silence

Copyright © S S Beulin | Year Posted 2020

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My love

My queen!  My heroine! 
Why are you crying, if I am in sorrow?
Why are you caring me,  though I ignored you? 
Why are you waiting,  even if I hurt you? 

My miracle! My life!
Why are you feeding me,  though you don't have food? 
Why are you are not sleeping, while I am sick? 
Why are you guiding me, even after I neglected you? 
Why are you earning for me,  though I am useless to you? 

My hope! My love!
Why are standing by my side, even when I worthless? 
Why are you protecting me, even if I put you in danger?
Why are you garuding me and putting yourself in risk?

My love of my life!
I owe you for giving me a precious life, 
I pardon you for being a hurdle for you,
I salute you for being my wonderful role model! 

My beautiful Queen angel!
I am a coward, who wounded you heart
Still your love has no boundaries !
I beg you Pardon mom.... "My unexpressed love is still only for you"

Copyright © S S Beulin | Year Posted 2020

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Broken pieces of heart

Broken pieces of heart,
On seeing the dried ponds; 
Wilted flowers, dried up lands, 
With fierce sunny beams tore
The broken pieces of heart apart. 

Bare sky filled with beams,
Killed the sprouting plants;
Ponds and flowing streams
Vanished as mirage in the farthest land. 

Puny creatures longed for foods, 
With no helping hands
In that empty woods.. 
Bare legs touched the useless sands! 

Newborn flowers,
Sucked the empty breast..
Dried up trees and roots 
Searched for hope to live... 

Life of hell in the human world...
Deserted life longed for delight;
Longed to satisfy their empty stomach, 
Life of hunger with the empty hands! 

Little strength to express their pain, 
Struggle between life and death 
Expressed their life of vain, 
Yearning for food and water,
Expressed the life on pyre with 
Flying vultures waiting for its feast.

(Sufferings of hunger and drought )

Copyright © S S Beulin | Year Posted 2020

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A brightest star

Painted in silvers and golds to glitter the sparkles of nights, 
Mesmerizes the little eyes with its twinkling lights.. 
Your mere spot is up above the sky,
I can only reach you if I let my dreams fly.. 

Your lights sparkles like the fire flies, 
You are an unbelievable beauty appears like a mirage...
You let my dreams raise up as you fly;
Let me hold my hope in my early age; 

I am like a shooting star, I carry many dreams,
I am clueless as I wander in empty space,
My hopeless dreams burns in the open space;
I want to chase my dream with my sparkling schemes, 
I want to stand upon you my star, As a brightest star. 


Copyright © S S Beulin | Year Posted 2020

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Flowers made by you

Flowers made by you, doesn't have any fragrance,
Your colorful flowers never wither,
But seizes the thousands of hearts,
With its mesmerizing structure of art... 

You are the gift from the heaven for arts,
Your beautiful hands created more wonders, 
You turned us into wonderful sculptures..
Your okra fingers bewitched our souls...

You sown the seeds but we reaped,
Your wonder guidance moulded our hands,
You turned our scribblings to paintings, 
You treated our eyes with brilliant piece of arts;

You efforts showcased in our home,
Your soothing voice heard in every arts,
Painting in my wall mumbles your name,
Fingers embraces the pencil to create a wonder art. 

You became a wilted flower, helped us to bloom
Your hands crafted until your last breath,
Our hands will speak thy name with our crafts,
We mourn with tears with the painful hearts. 

( poem written in memory of my crafts ma'am) 

Copyright © S S Beulin | Year Posted 2020

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They lost their way home

They lost their way home 
Since they were abducted,
As they had no fame 
They live hidden and haunted...

Their life was full of thorns,
Forcing kids to act in restricted form, 
Evil devils with no horns
Let them to work in mines and farm. 

Yet they live the life of harm
Forced to beg for alms, 
Living in chillness with no warm
With broken legs and palms.

They were forced to be labour,
Only with the heart filled hoot, 
No one for them to do favor
Struggling with their weary foot. 

Abducted from their nest,
To crush them for pleasure,
Killed as the mere pest 
Sins of evils with no measure.

Awful sounds from the weary kids
Not heard from the dark, 
Let world hear the voice of these kids
To save them from the deadly shark. 

(Struggle of Abducted and abused children in the world of dark, cruelty of the evil humans with no empathy) 


Copyright © S S Beulin | Year Posted 2020

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Opinion changes

Living emotions and feelings 
In the silent heart,
Creates awful sounds of pain...

Motto of peace bugles 
To the dreadful war... 
As opinion changes to every humans... 

Victory for the nation from the death of humans, 
Sounds scary,
Albeit it is termed as justice..

Colours of the skin,
Determined the values of humans,
Though the bloods cannot be white....

Pains of poor never be heard,
Pains of pauper
Remains unheard, eventhough pains of animals are cared..

Peace from death, 
Respect from colour of skin, 
Unheard pain of poor - sounds scary 
Albeit justified through wealth... 

Weird to hear.... 
But common to humans - cause, opinion changes.. 

Copyright © S S Beulin | Year Posted 2020

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Essence of my friendship

             Essence of the past 
             Filled with fragrant memories ,
             Days till we part 
             Filled without any worries. 

            Colourful days of delight 
            Without any fight,
            With our worried sight 
            Departed like a sparkled light.

           Fought for one ice cream set 
           Wondering on others pet,
           We played under a same net 
           We enjoyed in making bet. 

           We started with caring,
           Spread our love with sharing 
           We did adventure with daring 
           We parted apart with awful staring.

          Days we hanged out with jingles
          With our non stop giggles,
          Shared our foods with smiles
          Melting my heart from away from miles. 

Copyright © S S Beulin | Year Posted 2020

Details | S S Beulin Poem

Fruits for an unknown stranger

My mom planted a tree when I was born,
I crawled under his leaves with my hands and legs,
He grew with me as my unborn twin, 
He grabbed me with his branches, when I was weary,
He cradled me under his shadows with his love, 
He couldn't speak, yet he could express.
I played with his branches, I watered him
And looked his growth inch by inch, 
He was planted smaller than me, 
But he became taller than me, I can't ever reach him. 
He waved his branches with the winds, 
Yet his sproutings didn't bloom any flowers,
He grew taller and taller, 
My twin looked as a scary giant, at the darkest night,
Yet no flowers, no fruits, 
He cradled me in his branches....
I longed for the flowers and fruits,
After longing for twenty years, he bloomed..
My eyes sparkled with the blissful sight, 
I imagined the day, I am holding his fruits;
I enjoyed my dreams with the upcoming fruits....
I stood beside him every day.
My dreams broken into pieces,
When my father sold that land with my unborn twin,
He bid me with his sad symphony of wind, 
My unborn twin stood with lots of fruits,
But not for me, just for an unknown stranger.

Copyright © S S Beulin | Year Posted 2020