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Cinderella New

Cinderella New

Well hello all my name is Cinderella and it’s true,
I do a lot of work for my mother and sister that’s just old news,
I’m getting calluses, cramps and tons of bruises,
Since my family thinks I’m a slave that they can abuse.

Well I think it’s time we have a sit down chat,
‘Cause this Cinderella New is no longer going for all that.
I don’t mean to cause a spat,
But I think some changes are long overdue in this habitat.

So you say there’s no way you’re going to change your tune,
That I’ve lost my mind ‘cause it’s a full moon.
Well let me just let you know,
I’ve got a few changes here that I may now show,
If  my ideas you try to veto.

So gonna put extra starch in when I wash your underwear.
Gonna bake some brownies with Ex-Lax for you so don’t despair.
Gonna put some Crazy glue into that gel you use for your hair.
Gonna put some cayenne pepper in the stew just on a dare.
Gonna find some  bedbugs to place in your sheets so you’d best take care.

Well that’s really all I have to say,
I think it’s time I have my way.
So don’t worry sisters and mom, you’ll be just fine,
Just don’t get me mad next time,
When you’re chicken soup tastes like turpentine.

Copyright © michael lee | Year Posted 2019

Details | Michael Lee Poem

When Batman's Gotta Pee

When Batman’s Gotta Pee

When Batman’s gotta pee,
That’s when it gets a bit tricky.
‘Cause when you’ve got on tights,
And you’re working through most nights,
FIghting crime and running ‘round,
Kinda hard when there’s no bathroom to be found.

So when Batman’s gotta really go,
But he’s busy battling his foes,
What he does to take care of his business is a mystery,
Must be even worse when it’s cold outside and blistery.

I’m guessing maybe his tights have a built in pair of Depends,
‘Cause Batman can’t be looking for a urinal when a city he must defend.
Or perhaps he just uses his cape to quickly fan and dry,
As he’s running and jumping, battling the bad guys.
Or maybe he’s got a bottle in his utility belt to use,
When his pee he’s about to loose.

Not quite sure just what Batman does,
But I’m planning to do an in depth analysis of,
How the caped crusader takes care of business on the run.
But I’m quite certain Batman’s bladder is super strong,
‘Cause it must be tough to hold it in that long.

Copyright © michael lee | Year Posted 2019