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Beyond expression

She: I have no one to shower love upon me. 
He: "I" love you 
She: You are a busy man. You don't have time for anything. You neither wish me on my birthday nor text me ever. You never speak sugary sweet words to me. 
He: I "LOVE" you 
She: I have neither family nor friends, I possess neither wealth nor any riches, I have no education nor do I have any knowledge of the world. 
He: I love "YOU"

Her eyes melted and his heart filled with joy. 

Copyright © Swetha Vangaveti | Year Posted 2019

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Eternal love

Come, dear Krishna!
Fall in love with my love for you.
When my honey- filled glance dips your  unsurpassed beauty, fall in love with my eyes. 
Fall in love with my imperishable ardour for you. 
When my feet dance to the tunes of your flute, fall in love with the music of my anklets. 

You are the colossal cosmos and I'm an infinitesimal splinter
You are the sweetness in a mellowed fruit and I'm the wrinkle on a withered flower.
You are the dream of every soul and I'm a forsaken lonely petal 
But, oh darling! when you assimilate me into you, we become one. 

Melt in the music of my longing for you 
Fill the flute of my desolate heart with your benign breath
Kindle my lame soul with the shimmer of your smile
Let's sing, let's swing and let's dissolve in this darkness tonight.

Copyright © Swetha Vangaveti | Year Posted 2019

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On the other side of rainbow

I stood still on the top of the mountain
Gazing at the nature's colourful fountain
Wondering what's behind this amazing rainbow
I ventured curiously on to every high and low 

The Violet proudly presented the Valiance behind her Royalty.
Indigo proved that Devotion yields Power and Dignity.
Blue demonstrated that Wisdom is the outcome of Stability.
The Prosperity, as Green proved, results from adventure.
The colour of sunshine revealed that Hope fuels Survival.
Orange disclosed the secret behind the joy of Freedom - Commitment.
Red introduced Courage as the guiding force of Self-empowerment.

I extrapolated these rainbow lessons to understand the essence of existence
Then I was amazed to look at every bit of life's radiance

On the other side of the rainbow of mother's love, there was labour.
On the other side of rainbow of success, there was the waterfall of sweat.
On the other side of the rainbow of sweet dreams, there was bloodshed.
On the other side of the rainbow of independent thoughts, there was abuse.

On every facet of life, only one side of colours is typically seen.
But the brushes that paint them are surprisingly umpteen.

Copyright © Swetha Vangaveti | Year Posted 2019

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The Thief

She remained silent amidst the squeaks of the bats
Sleeping on the hostel bed, she dreamt of winging like a dove. 
Her tears were blended with the blood of her chopped childhood. 
Her mother's lap seemed to be the only place away from humiliating world. 

Rain drops never fell on her umbrella and her feet never peddled a bicycle. 
The winter snow never kissed her blanket and her only companion was her mom. 

When she cracked jokes, her back was badly bruised. 
Relishing the taste of her favorite chocolate made her starve that night.
When her friends danced in rain, she feared the thunders. 
Watching her favorite TV show turned her a dark room prisoner.

The telephone in the boarding house never sang her name. 
Saturday evenings never welcomed her into the visitor's room. 
Her honey dipped concerts never sweetened the souls of her beloved. 
Bed time stories never quietened her panicked breath. 

Her questions were unanswered
Her screams were unheard 
Her jokes were uncelebrated
Her pains were unattended. 

Her sensitive heart was replaced by a sensible mind
Her unsung emotions turned into powerful words. 
Her immense thirst for affection ended as she embraced and drank the juices of self love. 
Years of her inner struggle finally endowed her with buoyant wings.

That innocent soul who was once called a thief,
Now stole a million hearts with her ink.

Copyright © Swetha Vangaveti | Year Posted 2019

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Know what matters

No matter what you have gone through,
No matter what you have accomplished,
No matter what you have manifested to the world,
No matter what difference you have made,
they just speak about HOW YOU LOOK
Yes, How You Look.

You must have got Gold to the country
You must have shouldered the wings of responsibility
You must have touched many lives
You must have stood by people in their strives 
Still, they just care about HOW YOU LOOK.
Yes, How You Look.

I showed the photograph of a foreign affairs minister
In a thought that he would talk about her caliber
Thwarting my expectations, he said, "How short she is!"
Whoever you are, whatever you do, their eye falls on HOW YOU LOOK.
Yes, How You Look. 

Met her after a long way in time,
The words she first spoke can't be forgotten in my lifetime.
No 'Hi' and no 'How are you?'
All that she said was, "Jesus. Your face. What is wrong with you?''
It does not matter if you are happy and healthy.
All that matters on the first go is HOW YOU LOOK.
Yes, How You Look.

Cotton on to the fact that
a warm smile is beautiful than rosy lips,
a helping hand is beautiful and not a manicured one,
a loving heart is beautiful than the lustering skin,
a powerful mind is beautiful than pedicured feet.

Your strength defines who you are, not your shape.
Your boldness drives you forth, not your beauty
Look not the skin but notice what's beneath it
Because, when you're in need, it is people not their pomp that comes to your rescue indeed.

Copyright © Swetha Vangaveti | Year Posted 2019

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The rhythm of my body

I dance when my eyes blink I dance to touch your soul with an indelible ink I dance when my heart sings I dance to give a caged bird its wings I dance when my soul sobs I dance to the happiness of the harvested crops I dance when my spine shivers I dance to soothe your nerve tremors I dance when I rise high to the sky I dance to add glister to your gloomy eye I dance when I sink to the bottom of the earth I dance to celebrate the revival of hope on its rebirth. I dance when my head droops in the darkness of enigma I dance to the rhythm of the words that give a third degree to dogma. I dance when my hands tremble in the frozen forest of fear I dance to provide warmth to the icy days of the calendar year I dance when my hair strands race through the waves of the air I dance to the giggles of the roller coaster at the children's fair. I dance when my fate gets flipped I dance to outspread the wings of love that were violently clipped. I dance when your fingers tickle the veins of a flute I dance to digest the harsh reality of a bitter truth. I dance when a mother experiences the baby bumps I dance to wipe the tears of abandoned moms. I dance when success embraces my best friend I dance to drive the dunes of disaster away to their far end. I dance when it rains I dance to turn the barren land into a green belt of grains. I dance to my wishes I dance to my fears I dance to my smiles I dance to my tears I dance to my blood flow I dance to my inner glow I dance when I am low I dance when I lose my show Dance is in Me Dance speaks about Me Dance completes Me.

Copyright © Swetha Vangaveti | Year Posted 2019

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Life's Life

She was dancing to the melodies of her life when she accidentally lost her legs. She then wrote poetry and songs until fate paralysed her hands. She then started singing her story to the world and time snatched the sweet voice away from her. One day, the earth found her dead but her life took life in a million hearts.
P.S. - On this International Women's Day, shout out to all those unbent women. With this poem, I would like to tell you, all the women out there, not to turn and walk back. Go ahead, come what may. You are an amazing child of nature. Spread your magic around. Keep smiling, keep spreading smiles and keep uplifting.

Copyright © Swetha Vangaveti | Year Posted 2019

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The song of my heart

I heard someone singing your name My possessive soul travelled miles to find out who it is Tired, my body rested under a tree In the stillness of the air, I realised that the song is the beat of my heart.

Copyright © Swetha Vangaveti | Year Posted 2019

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Lessons from the jungle

Animals animals all we are
Have come from the jungle that's oh so far!
Happily happily we came dancing here
With many lessons that you all have to hear.

I am the ferocious lion king
The song of Valour is what I sing
Never take a step back in times of peril
Be always a man of pride and virile.

I am the mighty elephant here
I do have an empathetic ear
It's always good to stay grounded
Family turns your life fulfilled.

I'm the little squirrel in the burrow
Unfailingly active in every high and low
Vigilance and resilience are my innate traits
Your effort, I say, opens all the gates.

I am the restless naughty monkey
I am ingenious and witty
Fun and mischief are so vital
In a serious lifestyle for a quick revival. 

I am the curious cub of the bear
My mom is so strict and fair
She taught me the way to make an owlish choice
And to always listen to the clever mind voice. 

Animals animals all we are
Have come from the forest that's oh so far!
Oh dear humans! You're the best of all
Live and let live breaking the wall.

Copyright © Swetha Vangaveti | Year Posted 2019

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Spring time

It was the time, When there was no sign of dawn and dusk Hot summers and chilled winters gave us new tasks Heavy storms and rains brought us holidays In return, we gifted boats of papers and clays It was the time, When days were spent in chanting numbers and rhyme And face was covered with candy grime We never knew why the orange fireball chased us But longed to dine with the moon on a cloud bus. It was the time, When cycle rides were roller coasters And one candy could buy a million kisses Wet summer mud was yummier than cadburies And our cute talks were considered as juicy as strawberries Babyhood is so precious and angelic Don't kill it with a sickle and brick It's the Spring time in every Jack's life Let kids dance and jump to the waves of Fife. Preserve every moment of Childhood Keep the memories alive in every bark and wood.

Copyright © Swetha Vangaveti | Year Posted 2019