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I don’t fear death
I have never had self confidence
I have always felt average
I have always felt unimportant, not good enough
I thought of sex as a necessary evil growing up
I was used and hurt which coincided with alcohol use
I didn’t understand love and tenderness until later in life
I used alcohol and drugs to numb myself for years
I panic at the thought of failure
I feel uncomfortable in social situations
I felt lost at 13 and remained that way for 15 years
I am very spiritual
I am very stubborn
I can be either completely lazy or crazy busy
I feel as though I see things differently than most
I see beauty where most see nothing 
I believe in ghosts or spirits
I feel a great love for animals 
Music soothes my soul
I remember song lyrics from years ago
I can be extremely silly
I can be very inappropriate
I crave frosting and chocolate
I could eat pizza and tacos daily
I enjoy being alone
I believe our souls live on for eternity
I feel others emotions
I am tired most of the time
I’m still looking for personal purpose
I am always grateful 

Copyright © Susan Rigo | Year Posted 2019

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You can’t mistake it, the beauty that surrounds us
Blessings are everywhere
From the bloom of the flowers 
To the voice of our children
God is everywhere

His love is there if you want it
And why wouldn’t you want it
His love is all encompassing
It is palpable; you can feel it in everything you do
All you need to do is ask for it

Look around you
Do you see the glory in the simple things?
Do you understand the love that went into all that you see?

The glory He has created for us is overwhelming
But we must take care of it, nurture it and share it
Don’t keep the glory to yourself
It is meant to be enjoyed by all

The glory will change you
It will warm your heart
It will ease your pain
It is a gift, accept it, share it 

Copyright © Susan Rigo | Year Posted 2018

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Parlor Chair

There is a spot in my grandmother’s home
It is reserved for guests
Older aunts and uncles on a visit, the parish priest, old friends that grandma wanted to impress
I have always wanted to sit in it, if only for a moment

Grandma was a lady
Graceful, warm and loving
She was a beautiful lady, tall and slender
The chair meant a great deal to her
And she let everyone know that it was reserved for special guests only

It didn’t appear to be a very comfortable chair
The plastic that covered the fabric had kept the rose colored petals and swirling green vines so vivid after all these years.
I hoped it would get worn at some point
Then it might not be so special
And I might get the chance to sit in it.

I remember standing behind the book shelves, peering out and watching grandma sit Aunt Marge in the parlor chair
She looked so regal sitting there
The dark wood arms and back held her posture so perfectly
Is it possible that the seat of honor magically made people appear more poised, almost noble?
Whatever it was, I was not allowed to sit there

The chair sat in its same spot, year after year
In the corner of the front room
Where the sun would glow through the sheer curtains 
and rest softly on its arms
I had never forgotten about the chair 
But time and distance kept me from visiting grandma as I used to
It would be 20 years since my fascination with the parlor chair first took hold
This time I would come to visit and hope it was still there
How I wanted to see the rose pattern with the lovely green vines
To see the glow of the sun raining down in the corner of the room 
As it had so many years ago

There she was, much smaller than I remembered her
Her hair completely white, her smile still proud and welcoming
As I walked through the front door, she held me as if catching up on all the years we spent apart
She grabbed me by the arm and led me to “the chair”
She sat me down and smiled, almost knowing what she was doing, what this meant to me

After talking for hours, she took my hands in hers 
She told me how she had always wanted a parlor chair, just like her mother had
Although as a child, she was never allowed to sit in it
She would watch family; visitors and special guests enjoy her mother’s hospitality while sitting in that chair
It meant so much to her

When she married, her mother gave her the parlor chair 
She told my grandmother, that it was hers now, and that she should save it for special guests
Our greatest love is our family; our children
They belong sitting on our laps, held in our arms, not in chairs covered in plastic
Guests need to feel welcomed into your home, a special spot of their own
Knowing that I looked upon the chair just as she had; she felt I would be the best person to care for it

Grandma passed away two years after that visit
When she would visit my home, she would marvel at the beauty of the rose pattern and the winding green vines
Her approving smile let me know that I had placed the chair in the proper area of my front room
Her visits were few as she was getting on in age 
However, whenever she visited my home
The parlor chair was her seat; she was always my special guest

Copyright © Susan Rigo | Year Posted 2018

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Every Now and Then

Every now and then, I think of days gone by
I remember long summer days, climbing in the hills
I remember warm nights, counting the stars in the sky
Things we did as children, not so long ago

Every now and then, I think of you
The eyes that seemed to look deeply into my soul
The smile that would keep me warm on a cool day
The silliness we were able to share without fear
The heartbreaks we suffered through as young lovers do
Things we did as young lovers, not so long ago

Every now and then, I remember those little faces
My children, who looked to me for everything
Those loving faces that thought I could do no wrong
Those little arms that would envelope me at a moment’s notice
The things I remember as a mommy, no so long ago

Every now and then, I remember how we grew together as one
The difficult times when I wasn’t sure we would make it through
The good times when I didn’t know what I would do without you
The tender moments alone, no words needed to be said
The things we did as we were growing older together

Every now and then I miss those days
I feel an urge to run outside in the rain
I yearn to sit up on the hillside and look over my world
For the scraped knees and the broken hearted moments
To swing you in the air and listen to your giggles
To love with reckless abandon

Every now and then I go back and visit those days
Now, we still have each other and with a little luck 
There will be many more now and then moments to share 

Copyright © Susan Rigo | Year Posted 2018

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Simple Things

Life is full of small amazing moments
Do you cherish these, or do you lament?

Regret, sorrow and pain
Will cause the soul to drain

Look at the grass, so green and lush
The bloom on the flower in blush

The chirping sound of the wren
Stop and listen now and then

The warm sand beneath your toes 
The salt water in the sea that tickles your nose

The obvious beauty and the lackluster as well
Take the time, close your eyes and enjoy them all

The simple things can have a big impact
On all you do and what you attract

Open your eyes and appreciate the small things
Then sit back and enjoy what life brings

Copyright © Susan Rigo | Year Posted 2018

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Her Time

The older woman sat alone 
Underneath a breathtaking willow
It appeared to be raining down around her
Weeping, as it’s known to do 
Cloaking her in privacy

Around her is an aura of brightness
She is dressed simply
Her gray hair is loosely pulled up
She radiates a beauty 
Not typical of contemporary measures

Her hands are sturdy
They have seen hard times
Prayed and wiped away tears
They have felt sadness and love
Hands that have held so many
Expressed joy and pleasure
Her hands are full of wisdom and memories

As I watch, her fingers lightly touch the blades 
Offering her story through her touch
She doesn’t see me
This is her time

I am unable to turn my gaze
Feeling drawn to this woman
Imagining her story
Wishing to be a part of it
Sharing in the beauty of her existence	

Copyright © Susan Rigo | Year Posted 2019

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A cool wind is making the trees breathe in a slow melodic way
The wind moves the leaves on the ground, making a path for itself

Is the wind trying to get my attention?
Trying to tell me to slow down

I go outside and stand in the open path where the leaves once settled
The feeling is calming, soothing, trance inducing
I let the breeze blow my hair, and caress my arms
The feeling is so wonderful, I smile

It feels as though my heart is warming 
The cool breeze is embracing me 
I am welcoming it with open arms

As the breeze slows to a whisper
I feel myself letting go, allowing calm to enter
I will hold onto this feeling until the cool wind beckons me again

Copyright © Susan Rigo | Year Posted 2018

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Wishes of Hope

Wishes of Hope

I wish, first, for the gift of listening 
Not merely to hear the words, but to feel them
To feel the meaning and emotion behind them
To listen with your heart 

I wish for the ability to impart peace and healing with touch
To calm their pain, to ease their worry
To give others the gift of tranquility 
With only a touch on the shoulder or an embrace

Lastly, to think before words leave our mouths
The reasons behind the words we choose
To understand the consequences of our choice 
To stop hurtful words before they wound

Copyright © Susan Rigo | Year Posted 2018

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My girl

She is funny and smart
Sensitive and caring
I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful heart

She will not be treated unfairly
Carefully, she guards her heart
If you wound her, she will take you on squarely

Her dreams are in her hands
Your child is in charge 
All you can do is sit back as she lands
You marvel at this beautiful child
Your heart warms with joy as you watch her
She is a part of you always, your heart has smiled

Copyright © Susan Rigo | Year Posted 2018

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Wishing You Were Here

Wishing you were here

It’s been so long since I have heard your voice
So deep and commanding
So strong and comforting
I would give anything for one more conversation

We could talk about life, love, misfortune
Even a scolding, if that were the only choice I had

If I never told you, you were more than my Dad
You were my first love, my protector, my GPS, my conscious and above all, my hero
I believed you could do anything
Loving me through rough times, was an amazing feat, but you did it

Thanks to you, I learned the true meaning of unconditional
Hopefully I have passed some of your wisdom along to my own brood
Who have tested me, as I tested you

Times have changed, but basics have not
I’m sure you are keeping tabs on us all 
Guiding us from afar, leading us gently
I am grateful and patiently waiting for another memorable bear hug 

Stay close, keep watch, I still need you and always will
I will love you for the rest of my life

Copyright © Susan Rigo | Year Posted 2019