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World War Poems

These World War poems are examples of War poems about World. These are the best examples of War World poems written by international poets.

And this your gift for our bounty
And this your gift/ For our bounty…

“Wake up to reality, 
nothing goes as planned in this accursed world”— Madara

Is it religious for a prayer mat...

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Categories: war, anger, change, conflict, confusion,

Cursed Korea of the North
Once the green land of morning calm and high serenity
Soon waved the blood red flag, stained with the false words “We will soon be free”

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Categories: war, dark, history, political, sad,

Premium Member The Atlantic Campaign
  When anarchy consumes a barren soul,
your destiny lies tethered to forte,
for only faith and stamina control
your choice of being predator or prey.

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Categories: war, world war ii,

Premium Member Isolationism
  All unity is destined to dissolve
as gluttony concedes to avarice.
‘Twas but a blunder, pressing to involve
a giant fast asleep in paradise.

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Categories: war, world war ii,

Premium Member A Faraway Bouquet
Written: September 23, 2023

In a faraway land, as the sky hits the field,
Amidst a land of shades, a country concealed,
Realms of anguish wrapped around the...

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© Sotto Poet  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: war, analogy, angst, appreciation, conflict,

Premium Member Any Poem 2 - My favorite true story of all time
Huddled in muddy trenches, the soldiers heard an eerie sound.
Troops were English, French & Belgians, and as they looked around,
The sound was coming from the...

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Categories: war,

Why Die for Peace
Beaten ships sailed in through the fog veil, 

Decks groaning in pain like dying soldiers. 

Grinning faces, still dirty, still pale. 

Their burdens had lifted...

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© josh hill  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: cry, military, world war

World War 3
Tension in the air, 
Weapons preparing to launch, 
Tempest in the chamber, 
Tranquil night but intermittent slumber. 

Each day is clouded by the unknown, 

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Categories: death, war, world,

World war III
Comrades,Wars are the deadliest conflicts in human history                 ...

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Categories: war, 10th grade, 8th grade,

Premium Member World War 3
        The world is 
         at the tip of

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Categories: war, anxiety, men, perspective, truth,

Third World War, 
Who forget the main causes of the first
 and second world wars? 
If all the eyes still on African natural resources 

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Categories: 12th grade, africa, war,

Premium Member World War 3

  World War 3

                 Basic instinct of human...

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Categories: war, love,

Premium Member Papua New Guinea
Australia looks like its being used?
To be the tip of a wedge is my peruse?
Warring groups and outside interests
World impacters are maybe the UN-guests
Mineral rich,...

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Categories: war, christian, conflict, education,

Premium Member World War III

We have had nightmarish experiences, 		
Of fighting two worst world wars already.
Both wars involved military alliances		
Between different groups of countries.
The first one was fought against...

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Categories: 5th grade, war,

Premium Member WAR
What plays 
the world's guitar
nations' hearts
turning minds
against life?
US wants money
Russia land
mindless of tears
and blood shed
China sneezed 
Covid out
muzzling mouths
distancing hearts
by silencing sounds 
of laughter and...

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Categories: world war i,